Hero of Konoha

A/N - I found this story in my old folder. So I posted it up. Hope you all like this. This is a time travel fic. Slight Final Fanasty fic too... Hope you enjoy the first chapter.

Chapter 1: Return of the Hero

Naruto woke up in his bed. He got up and looked around. He was back. It seemed kind of odd to be back. He got up and looked at the calendar. Now he was cursing himself as he looked at the calendar.

"Damn, I was hoping it would be the Genin Exams, not the Chuunin exams. Damn, I'm going too late." Naruto shouted. Naruto put on some standard chuunin pants the third bought him and a white shirt. He ran towards the store and immediately bought clothes his size. He couldn't get a katana but he was able to buy better shirukens. He arrived to his team, about two hours after the assign team meeting.

"Naruto! Why are you so late?" Sakura screamed. Naruto blink before he answered calmly.

"I'm only late if Kakashi-sensei is late. Seeing how he always arrives two hours late, I figure to arrive when he just arrived." Naruto answered calmly. Sakura stared at Naruto dumb fold. Unable to believe the logic in his sentence.

"Naruto-no-baka. You are supposed to arrive when sensei tells you." Sakura screeched.

"But I also thought you would like more alone time with Sasuke." Naruto responded back. Now Sakura was staring at him in amazement. Sasuke looked at Naruto in hatred and shock.

Kakashi appeared causing Sakura to scream at Kakashi for being late. Kakashi looked at Naruto and his eyes open wide.

Naruto's orange jumpsuit was gone. He wore black shinobi pants that were common among the ANBU and a blue sleeveless robe. Naruto also seemed different.

"Well, today you have the Chuunin Exams, good luck to you all. I'm proud of all three of you." Kakashi replied as he vanished. Naruto sighs and walked towards the academy.

Naruto enter the academy not caring if Sasuke and Sakura were following. He just kept walking. Sasuke feeling like he was being left out shoved past Naruto and took the lead. Naruto said nothing but stayed silent.

Sakura was half ready to shout at Naruto if he yelled at Sasuke for making himself known as the better one. However, Naruto remained unaffected by Sasuke's behavior. In fact, he seemed more bored than annoyed. He was silent and kept walking. If Sakura had one thing to say about Naruto, it was that he was bored; not irritated or annoyed at Sasuke's action.

Naruto walked the other way from the gathers leaving Sakura confused by his actions. She however walked with Sasuke-kun to see his impressive skills. Naruto however approach some Sound genin's.

"What do you want?" Dosu asked.

Naruto implied two kunai's in Dosu. He fell to the ground dead.

Kin and Zaku turn to Naruto in fear and anger. Zaku moved his arms up but Naruto was too fast and held Zaku by the throat. Naruto grabbed another kunai and slit Kin's throat. She too, fell to the ground dead.

"Doing this… is an act of war…" Zaku stated stupidly.

"Don't try and buy your way out of this. I already am aware of the Sound-Sand alliance act to destroy Konoha during the finals of the Chuunin Exams." Naruto stated. Zaku eyes open wide. He tried to look to see if anyone was around to help him but they were alone in an empty hall way. Naruto crushed Zaku's wind pipe and he fell to the ground dead.

Naruto left a note on the bodies so the Chuunin would be able to bring it to the attention of the Sandaime Hokage. Danzo's plan of destroying Konoha for a massive take over was going to receive a massive headache.

'Tifa… will I ever see you again?'

Naruto quickly arrived to see Sasuke get beating by Lee. Before Lee could deliver that deadly kick to Sasuke, Naruto appeared just in time grabbing Lee's foot; just inches from Sasuke's face.

"That's enough. The exams are starting and it's not a good idea to show off so soon. We are leaving." Naruto stated as he let Lee go.

'I never realized Naruto was here. He just appeared out of thin air.'

Naruto walked away from both Sasuke and Lee in silence. Lee was shock that someone was out there as fast as Gai-Sensei. Sasuke was shock that he couldn't sense Naruto at all. Sakura however, looked angry.

"Naruto! How dare you interfere Sasuke's moment of glory! If you hadn't interfered…" Sakura stop talking as Naruto was holding her by the throat and she was dangling her feet in the air. Sakura soon was turning blue.

"Why don't I just kill you if the only thing you can do is run your mouth." Naruto stated coldly. Sasuke and Sakura looked at Naruto in shock. Even Lee was shocked. Sasuke could only stare as his teammate was now different. He was cold and merciless.

"You're worthless… trash." Naruto replied as he tosses Sakura aside. Sakura crashes on the ground gasping for air. Sakura looked at Naruto in fear. His eyes were no longer blue, but crimson red with a slit straight in the middle.

"You're weak… because you have nothing worth fighting for." Naruto replied. Sakura open her eyes in fear. This was a Naruto she has never seen before. "If you fail us or cause us any trouble during this exam… I will kill you." Naruto stated. Sakura tried to back away but her body was paralyzed in fear. Naruto turned and walk away.

"Naruto-kun, has changed." Lee replied as he stared at Naruto's retreating back.

Sasuke said nothing. Naruto was now heartless and merciless. Just like Itachi. He had a sneaky suspicion that he had enough of Sakura's treatment towards him and something snap inside of him. Now that he thought about it, he always hid his feelings through that smiling. It was when Sasuke finally realized Naruto was suffering and he was completely alone.

Sasuke followed Naruto with Sakura, still shaken made an attempt to follow them. Though she would do well to stay out of Naruto's arm reached. Naruto walk ahead and straight pass Kakashi into the room of the First Exam.

Naruto walked into the room and wanted to snort at the amount of Genin's in the room. Barely any of them had the potential of being Chuunin's let alone shinobi.

Naruto notice Gaara and his siblings in the back of the room, Gaara turn to look at him and Naruto immediately hit him with a small burst of chakra. Gaara eyes open wide. Then, he started to grow a very nasty grin. Uzumaki Naruto was very interesting.

"Sasuke-kun! How are you hunny?" Ino shouted. She jumps on Sasuke's back, much to Sasuke's annoyance. Naruto half wanted to strangle the girl right then and there.

"Ino-Pig! Get off Sasuke-kun now!" Sakura shouted. Ino merely stuck out her tongue. Shikamaru and Choji walked up and started talking to Sakura and Sasuke. Soon, team 8 arrived and started boosting about their abilities. Well, Kiba was doing the boosting. Shino and Hinata were quiet.

Kabuto walked up and started to talk with the enin's. Naruto ignored him and study the room calmly. As he expected the other guys were watching them. Naruto half smiled as he plotted Kabuto's death. The forbidden forest could be very unforgiving.

Naruto turn his attention towards the front of the room as Ibiki and the Chuunin's arrived.

"Sorry for keeping you all waiting. I'm Morino Ibiki… you're first processor of the Chuunin Exams. Now, every get a number and take your seat." Ibiki replied with a sly smile.

Kakashi lean back as the other Jounin were getting settle down.

"You're Genin's giving you a hard time?" Asuma stated.

"I'm worried." Kakashi stated.

"Don't be…" Asuma stated.

"It's not about the exams… it's about Naruto. He seems… different. When I approached my team today… the chakra coming from him… had changed incredibly. The chakra, felt older and more powerful than anything I've ever felt. I was also watching my student Sasuke spar Gai's star pupil… Naruto appeared before them without making a sound or making his presence known. He has changed… in more than one way… I'm worried about him. He is also distant. He doesn't talk much and is moving further away from our team. He doesn't speak to Sakura and chase her around. He also doesn't get into fights with Sasuke like he use too." Kakashi stated.

"Didn't he always get into fights with Sasuke? Why the sudden change?" Kurenai asked.

"I don't know… but I don't like the feeling of his chakra."

'His chakra wasn't that of a child's. Even one for a Jinchuuriki… it was that of someone who's been on the battlefield many times in their life.'

Naruto eyed one person for nearly thirty minutes before the said person put down his pencil and yawn. Naruto formed some hand seals under the table and darkness immediately spread around the room.

He could only imagine the panic people where feeling. Naruto went up to the person's desk and immediately switch papers with him. Using his chakra, he switches the names on both sheets. Naruto returns to his seat and release the jutsu. Everyone look around wondering what was going on before they return to their papers. Naruto smiled when number 12 screamed in shock. His paper was blank only with his name on it.

"Something wrong? Number 12?" Ibiki asked.

"Someone stole my paper!" He shouted.

"Seeing how I didn't see anyone steal your paper, you can just re-answer the questions." Ibiki stated.

Ino eyed Naruto who was looking at his answer sheet. At first she wanted to use Sakura… but Naruto already looked done.

'Naruto, you should be grateful for me. That I'm using my family jutsu on you…' Ino stated as she formed the hand seals and enter Naruto's body. Ino's body went limp but Naruto now was fighting off an intruder in his mind.

Ino open her eyes and looked around. She was in a damp sewer.

"Where am I?'

"Little girl… come here…" A voice replied. Ino followed the voice which seemed to be a light. She followed towards it. Ino was wondering, why she couldn't take control of Naruto's mind.

She stopped before a huge caged. There was a piece of paper on it with the word seal.

"Kid… come closer… I can't see you…"

Ino moved her legs but something told her to be afraid…

Before she could dodge, huge claws appeared nearly inches from her face. She screams and falls face down scared.

"I would devour your pathetic human soul… but this seal keeps me at bay… be thankful to that so called Yondaime Hokage." The beast replied as his head appeared; glowing with red chakra.

'What… what is this…genjutsu'

"Kai…" Nothing happen.

"Are you under the impression your under a genjutsu? Foolish mortal… you are the one who decided to enter the mind of a shinobi. Which may I add… wasn't very smart…" The beast stated. Ino could only stare in those red eyes as they mock her with death.

'Move… move, god damn it. Why won't I move… move…' Ino screamed to herself. The beast opens its mouth and shot forward straight towards her. Ino screamed and closed her eyes. She brought her arms up to shield herself from the attack but she knew it was useless.

Ino wondered how long until the beast would attack. Finding some courage she opens her eyes. Naruto was standing before her, his hair was longer and he was wearing a modified ANBU armor with a white cloak on it. He also looked older and more mature.

"Why did you stop my attack?" The beast asked glaring its eyes at Naruto. Ino looked to see Naruto's hand was stretched out, only inches from the beast mouth.

"Naruto, this monster can destroy you…"

"She won't harm me…" Naruto stated calmly. Ino looked at Naruto in shock. "Because she knows if she harms me she will only be harming her own future. Besides, she needs me alive and well for her own safety. That is why… she won't attack me." Naruto stated.

"You got a lot of balls talking about me like that."

"Go back to your cage and stay there." Naruto replied as the red chakra burst and started vanishing.

"Naruto…" Ino replied. Naruto turn around and looked at Ino. Ino gasp when she looked in Naruto's face. His eyes were like ice. Cold as ice with no life inside of them.

"Ino… when you return to your body… you will mention this event to no one. If a single soul finds out… I will kill you and your family. Understood." Naruto replied. Ino nodded in fear. This wasn't the Naruto she knew from the academy. Something has changed in him and it wasn't a good change.

Naruto hand came up to her face and she felt herself being pulled back into her body.

Naruto didn't like using threats. But to insure his secrets he had to enforce them. He also had to prevent the war from starting… though he knew it wouldn't be an easy task. He looked back at the Kyuubi who was glaring at him.

"Who are you?" The Kyuubi asked.

"You should know… you felt the presence of my soul when I came through the warp tunnel. I'm the older Naruto… who came from something like another dimension. I'm only here to prevent the world's destruction."

"Now I see… your memories are clear to me now… so it really got that chaotic that my other self sent you here as a last resort. Very well, play your game… but remember… when you meddle in one affair… another will work against you." The Kyuubi replied as she vanished in the caged.

Ino woke up with a start looking around.

"Oh, you finally woke up, from your 'little' nap… hope it was wonderful." Ibiki stated at Ino. The windows burst open and a woman appeared behind a sign.

"Ok gaki's! No time to celebrate! I'm the second examiner, Mitarashi Anko!" Anko shouted.

Everyone stared at her in shock. Naruto however barely paid attention. He merely began to make plans for Kabuto's death. He also wondered what to do with Orochimaru in the forest.

Naruto rubbed his left forearm. He managed to seal away eighty percent of chakra into a small seal he place on his forearm. He just hope it would be enough until after the Chuunin Exams.

A/N - The new Naruto is colder, dangerous and more powerful than ever. With Eighty Percent of his chakra sealed away in a special seal, can Naruto over come his enemies and defeat them.