Hero of Konoha

A/N – Here is the new chapter… and a long one at that. Now a little look at Naruto's Abilities. It's a scale on 1-10, ten being the highest and one being the lowest

Taijutsu – 10

Ninjutsu – 10

Genjutsu – 8

Kenjutsu – 7 (Sword Skills)

Senjutsu – 10

Intelligence – 8

Fuujin – 10

Space/Time – 7

Sensing – 9

Medical – 6

Chapter 5: Insanity of Sephiroth

One month pass and the ANBU team under Naruto grew more powerful than they originally thought. However Naruto's mind was on the Chuunin Exams. He could sense his team moving in place around the arena. Orochimaru was sitting next to the Hokage as was the other three Kage's. The Godaime Mizukage was still beautiful though she was still new to her position. The Tsuchikage still looked like an old geezer. Then there was the Raikage… menacing and powerful as ever.

"I'm Shiranui Genma… I will be the proctor for the Finals of the Chuunin Exams… before we begin… take a good look at this chart… the arrangements have changed." Genma stated as he pulled out a sheet.

Naruto received a shock when he was paired up with Uchiha Sasuke. Kankuro would be fighting Hyuuga Neji. Gaara would be facing Shino and Shikamaru… well it looked like fate was against him and paired him up once again with Temari.

Naruto looked towards the Hokage's box trying to figure what was going on.

"Since Uchiha Sasuke isn't here… the match will post pone until further notice." Genma stated. Naruto turn to leave.

Neji and Kankuro were left standing in the arena. Naruto eyed Kankuro as he was looking nervous. Just as Naruto thought, Kankuro gave up. Next was Gaara vs. Shino… Shino pulled a bug close to him and seemed to be in deep conversation with it.

"I give up." Shino replied as the match start.

This made the crowd rather restless as no one was fighting. Naruto however eyed Shino and couldn't help but wonder if Shino knew what Gaara was.

Temari open her fan and floated down. Shikamaru was thinking about giving up because he had to fight a girl. Naruto however gave a slight push and Shikamaru fell down into the arena floor.

"Damn you Naruto." Shikamaru mutters.

Naruto turn his head towards his ANBU team. The Chuunin Exams were cutting too short… the other ANBU teams and the Konoha Barrier Division needed more time to pin point the enemy's location. He would need to drag out his fight as well.

Naruto turn back to the fight to see Shikamaru hiding between the trees. Temari's jutsu ended and Shikamaru's shadow rushed forward. Temari smirk thinking she was safe. It was only at the last second when Temari realized the shadow pass her line and she jumped back to avoid it. She landed a distance and the shadow stop just inches from her own.

"You dodge that too…" Shikamaru replied.

"You weren't hiding. You were biding time. When the shadow of the wall grows so does your range." Temari stated.

"You got me." Shikamaru replied smirking. Yet Shikamaru didn't release the jutsu.

"That girl is a fool." Naruto replies.

Kankuro glared at Naruto only to turn back to the fight. It was only when Kankuro realized what Naruto meant.

"Temari! Above you!" Kankuro shouted.

Temari looked up to see Shikamaru's jacket tied to a kunai. Her eyes open wide when another shadow was forming in front of her. She leaps back and the chase began again. Shikamaru shadow moved so close towards Temari yet, Temari kept her distance true and far from Shikamaru's shadow. The little chase ended with Shikamaru's shadow failing to touch her.

"You even dodge that." Shikamaru replied.

Temari panted, unable to believe she was nearly caught.

"It's over." Naruto replies as Shikamaru recalled his shadow. Temari formed some hand seals. As she got to the last seal her body was frozen.

"What?" Temari hissed when she couldn't move her body.

"Checkmate." Shikamaru stated. He stood up as did Temari.

"How…?" She asked.

"I'll show you." Shikamaru replied as he turns his head. Temari saw another shadow connected to her from the other side of the wall.

"You're shadow…? You can…?" She replied.

"That's right… as long as there's a shadow… I can control it. That tree has my jacket and kunai in it. I put some of my chakra in it before I used it as a parachute. It landed on the tree and gave me control over the trees shadows."

'Too think he plan this so far… he must have used it to lure me closer to his shadow trap and further away from him.'

Shikamaru walked forward as did Temari who was trying to regain control of her body, but to no avail. Shikamaru stop mere feet away from Temari. He raised his hand as did Temari.

"I give up."

"Huh?" Temari replied in shock as did everyone else.

"It's too troublesome to continue and I'm nearly out of chakra. Besides, one match in the Chuunin Exam's is good enough for me." Shikamaru stated as he released the shadow.

'Still no sign…' Naruto thought.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, please feel free use have a thirty minute break." Genma called out.

Naruto around and went outside and rested on a tree.

"Any word from the search teams"

"None. They are still searching the area." Rin replied above Naruto. His team was standing around him.

"We have to move before they do. The element of surprise will go to who ever strikes first. Thus granting victory." Naruto replied.

"The evacuation is nearly complete. Several of the civilians were confused but immediately began to corporate when they realized the Sandaime Hokage order it."

"How long until it's complete?"

"About an hour…"

"That may be too long. See if we can increase it. Once Konoha is empty instruct all Jounin's and ANBU to perform ambush techniques. Don't be in the open." Naruto replied.

"It's going to be a ghost town here." Tenzo replied.

"That's what makes it easier to fight. Let's just hope we don't end up destroying our own homes." Naruto stated.

"What will you do during the invasion?" Yugao asked. Naruto looked at Yugao.

"I will fight Sabuku no Gaara, Sand Jinchuuriki. If I can prevent him from harming the village, then victory will be ours." Naruto stated.

"Sand didn't send many ninja's so it's only reasonable that they would rely on their Jinchuuriki to win this battle." Kage replied.

"Neko… is something bothering you?" Naruto asked.

"Sorry, teichou… I only found out last night… Hayate was killed." She replies looking away. Naruto remembered the guy from the preliminaries.

"Where you close to Hayate?" Naruto asked.


"I'm sorry, if I had known earlier… I would have stopped it." Naruto replied.

"You knew!" She gasped.

"Yes…" Naruto answered.

"Why… why didn't you say anything?" She demanded. Naruto couldn't see through her ANBU mask, but knew her eyes were red and puffy with tears.

"Because I've changed so much. If I went and changed this who knows what could have happen, the invasion might have happen sooner if I interfered. There is still so much I haven't told you guys or the Third. The reason why is because it's dangerous. If I change too much, my knowledge because useless." Naruto replied.

"But…" She replied. She couldn't finish the sentence.

"You must have gotten over his death sometime soon. Because you weren't like this when I met you. You're beauty was your strength as your enemies would say. Even I couldn't help but be afraid of you." Naruto replied with a small smile. He got up and put a hand on her shoulder.

"It's hard to accept a love one gone. But it's harder to stop the pain. Only through friendship and love for others, will you be able to overcome your loss." Naruto stated as Yugao didn't move at all. "I'm sure Hayate… would have wanted you to be happy and move on with your life instead of punishing yourself over his death." Naruto replied and he left.

"Teichou… why are you leaving her?" Tenzo asked as the rest of the team followed Naruto.

"She needs some time alone. I really had no idea she and Hayate were close. If I had known I would have done something, but Hayate's death was also need to prepare for Konoha's defense."

"You used him."

"I didn't want to. Sometime you have to do things you don't want to, in order to help the village." Naruto replied.

"There are still something's you won't tell us. Is there?" Tenzo asked.

"Yeah, because it's too dangerous to know. If I change too much, then things may not happen. As for what happen to Hayate… I really am sorry for his loss." Naruto replied.

"Let her calm down. If she wishes to reassign after this I won't stop her." Naruto stated.

'Despite his harsh way of thinking, he actually is worried and sorry for her. Almost as if…'

Naruto return to the arena and went to the middle waiting for Sasuke to arrive.

"Well it seems that Sasuke isn't come so…"

"Neji… let's warm up the crowd." Naruto called out. Hyuuga Neji merely gave a 'humph' and jumped down.

Sakura was sitting next to Choji and Ino and was eyeing Naruto. He wore a blue shirt that seemed to a little big on him. Naruto also wore sleeveless gloves that reach his elbow. What caught her eye was the customize sword on Naruto's belt. It hanged loosely on his lower back and the hilt was high enough to touch his elbow. Sakura couldn't help but wonder where he could have gotten such a nice sword. (His sword is position like Uchiha Sasuke's in Shippuden)

Hinata sat next to Kiba next to some Chuunin who were commenting how unlucky Naruto got to fight a Hyuuga. Hinata glared at them but Kiba was smirking at them when he too commented how he used to think of the same thing until Naruto defeat Lee.

"Alright, Hyuuga Neji vs. Uzumaki Naruto, begin." Genma shouted.

Naruto pulled out some kunai's and fired them at Neji. Neji grabbed the first one and deflected the other two… when he deflected the third… he was force to move out the as the last kunai cut through the last one like it was butter.

'How is he doing that? How can he simply channeling chakra into his kunai and they cut through anything?'

Naruto smiled. He knew Hyuuga's pride themselves in close combat; however… he was a close combat specialist. Naruto rushed forward throwing a punch at Neji's face, who was barely able to dodge. Neji counter with a palm thrust but Naruto kicked Neji in the chest who flew back, trying to block out the pain.

Naruto dodge the shiruken Neji fired at him with ease and fired with several of his own punches. Neji, was only able to see them coming thanks to his Byakugan.

"Kage Bunshin no Jutsu" Naruto called as five clones pop into existence.

Naruto had the close attack from all sides with chakra in their fist. Neji realizing he couldn't dodge in time, spun around at a rapid pace.

"That's…" Hiashi replied as Hanabi had her eyes open.

"… Kaiten…" Hinata said with her eyes open wide.

"Oh… the Kaiten technique that Hyuuga Hiashi made… I'm surprise you mastered it to this degree. Then again, seeing how you're a Hyuuga genius, I'm not really that surprise. It seems, when it comes to close combat… I'm better." Naruto remarked and, just as Naruto expected Neji grinned his teeth. Neji only need a little push and he would lose control.

"Well… seeing how you're a second rate loser, who is apart of the branch family, I really shouldn't be expecting much of a challenge. Perhaps your teammate Lee is a better shinobi than you could ever be." Naruto remarked and Neji was looking furious.

"It's such a shame fate doesn't seem to favor you because you don't have any strength to control it…" Neji lost it and charged forward screaming like a mad man. Naruto vanished and Neji was on the ground with Naruto's sword pointing at the back of his head.

"You genius always think you're ahead of everyone else. I'm glad I'm not like you. I know there are always going to be someone stronger than me. Neji, you cannot hate something that was beyond your control. You must first overcome your weakness and turn them into strength." Naruto replied coldly. Neji turn his head so his eyes could see Naruto. "Fate doesn't decide how you live your life, every action; every decision… is base on your decision and your decision alone. As for what happen to your father, was not Hinata's fault. It was your own fathers…" Neji looked incredibly mad at Naruto. "If you want the true story… ask Hyuuga Hiashi… he will tell you. It's not my place to tell you."

"What do you know?" Neji asked.

"More than you think. This will be the last day I appear as a Genin, and I wanted to help some of my fellow Konoha shinobi's out before I leave." Naruto replied.

"You're leaving the village?" Neji cried in alarm.

"Not really…" Naruto responded.

"If you leave the village then you will…"

"I'm more than aware of what happens to shinobi's who deflect from their village." Naruto replied calmly. "And no, but I can't tell you… so don't worry about me." Naruto responded calmly. Naruto however was frowning.

'These chakra signatures are…'

A crash near Genma brought everyone's attention towards the new comer who appeared to be a young girl around Naruto and Neji's age. Her black hair was long and beautiful but her face and body was covered in blood. A figured appeared in front of her, holding a long sword. His hair was longer and silver.

"Quit running around and just accept defeat." He replied as he swung his sword. The girl was cut open from the chest as blood exploded. He smirked as the girl died. However frown when the girl and the blood turn out to be a shirt.

Naruto reappeared on the balcony in the stands with the girl in his arms. He was shirtless and the girls who now saw him were close to having nose bleeds and their eyes had hearts in their eyes. Naruto was well fit and looked great. The only thing that seemed off about him was a bandage; that was wrapped around his left shoulder and upper forearm.

"Aoba-san, take care of her…" Naruto replied as he handed the young girl towards the Jounin known as Aoba. He merely nodded and took the girl. Naruto's eye open wide and half drew his katana blocking a blow form behind. He turns around and stared at pale green eyes of that pale man face.

"Sephiroth!" Naruto shouted.

"It's been such a long time, Naruto…" Sephiroth replied. Sephiroth attacked again, launching Naruto into the air. Naruto did a back flip and quickly recovered. Sephiroth threw his sword into the arena floor and launch himself towards Naruto. Naruto soon had his body covered in seals and moments before they disappeared and the two engaged in a heavy taijutsu match in the middle of the air.

Only the Jounin's and ANBU could keep up with these two. Everyone could only see fast movements the two warriors preformed. They were moving at high speed and every attack seemed to hold a purpose. It finally ended when Naruto kicked Sephiroth to the ground and Naruto followed. Naruto's hand rested on his katana that was still sheathed. Sephiroth grabbed his sword and smirk. He thrust his sword straight towards Naruto. Naruto thrust his body sideways and pulled out katana. Deflecting the sword attack and sliding down it too. Spark flied as the two metal collided. Naruto kicked Sephiroth in the face before he landed on the ground.

"Naruto is not fighting at Genin level…" Kurenai remark as she watched the fight. Her eyes were open wide at Naruto's performance.

"I agree, not only is his speed at Gai and Kakashi's level… the way he used his katana not only to block that guys' attack but use it as leverage to get a good kick at him. I don't even think Kakashi could do that." Asuma agreed.

In the shadows of the stadium, Naruto's ANBU team was watching the fight closely. They were shock to see their captain use his opponents own attack to help himself. This was truly a fight worth learning from.

"This reminds me… of the old days when we use to fight, don't you agree." Sephiroth replied as he wiped the blood from his mouth.

"I could agree with you on that." Naruto replied as he pulled out his katana and pointed it at Sephiroth.

"Once again you rush to the aid of your little maiden. You really do have a habit of getting in my way." Sephiroth replied smiling.

"Well… it's what I do. You should hear my team… they always want to know when they will get the big guns." Naruto replied.

"That technique you used earlier to save her… was that your special substitute technique… Hansha was it not?" Sephiroth asked.

"Yeah…" Naruto answered.

"I always hated that technique. It's what also allows me to love and admire it at the same time. I only wish I knew it…" Sephiroth commented. He charged forward as did Naruto. Their sword clash and both attack each other head on. Each sword thrust was perfect as Naruto not only countered perfectly, but struck with such great timing. Sephiroth was the same. Though he had a longer sword, his sword thrust was more dangerous than Naruto's.

Naruto dodge the tenth strike to his head and moved to the side, swinging his sword towards Sephiroth head. Sephiroth easily deflected it and Naruto jump back.

"As expected, you're better than me in kenjutsu." Naruto replied.

"True… the only thing that prevents me from killing you is your speed. Senkou…" Sephiroth replied as he swung his blade to remove Naruto's blood on it. Naruto was panting as he held his lower neck. The wound wasn't deep but that attack was nearly close enough to take his head off.

"I find it strange though… are you holding back on me? Because you seem so weak from the last time we fought." Sephiroth commented.

'This is true… I have yet to release my chakra containment seal. Fighting him at twenty percent strength isn't enough like I thought it would be. He shouldn't be this strong without having a Bijuu power resting inside his chakra. Yet… he is fighting me at this level when I originally thought it would be enough to defeat him.'

"Let's see how weak you really have become…" Sephiroth replied as he vanished. Naruto brought his sword up but it was too late. Naruto received a huge cut across his chest. Naruto stumbled backwards as blood slowly began to leave him.

"Odd… you should have been able to dodge that. I would have never hit you before with that type of speed." Sephiroth replied slowly narrowing his eyes.

"Are you wearing weights? Or a weight seal?" He asked.

"I took those off when I was in mid-air at the beginning. This is my current strength." Naruto answered with a small smile.

"Yet it's odd. You were much faster and stronger back when you were an ANBU. It seems odd that your skills have degraded so much."

"AN….ANBU?!?" Several of the Jounin's cried out.

"I really hate you. I should have killed you when I had the chance…" Naruto remarked.

"Yet you choose to save your comrades lives rather than take my life. That's what makes you… Konoha shinobi's… so… weak." Sephiroth replied with a nasty smile.

"As usual, you don't understand the meaning behind a Konoha shinobi. Our bond is our life. Breaking it, is impossible. As we grow we learn to depend on each other rather than our own strength's. We learn to defend the king of Konoha and not the mission. The mission is always place second compared to our comrade's lives. That is the Konoha way…" Naruto replied.

"Truly, then let's see it…" Sephiroth replied as he vanished. He reappeared and kicked Genma straight into Naruto, causing both of them to collide into the wall. Sephiroth rushed forward and thrust his sword into the girl. Sephiroth grew an angry face when he realized he merely stabbed a bandage.

He turn around to see the bandage from Naruto's left shoulder gone. On it, was the symbol of the ANBU. For some of the young Chuunin's, Genin's and the civilians… remained confused at the symbol on Naruto's left forearm. The Jounin's however… had their eyes open wide.

Naruto used his left arm to hold and grip tightly around the girl. As if he was protecting. He was also panting heavily holding his sword in his right hand.

"Tifa… you should be thankful your boyfriend keeps getting in the way." Sephiroth replied as he pulled his sword out of the sword.

Genma was getting up and realized his senbon was gone from his mouth. He looked at Naruto and narrowed his eyes.

'That boy took my senbon from my mouth and used it as a replacement without my knowledge. He is good…'

Naruto was shaking and trying not to collapse or fall unconscious. Everyone could tell he was tired.

"He's not my boyfriend. I don't even know him…" Tifa shouted. Clearly annoyed.

"Yes you do… this is not… the first time you two have met." Sephiroth replied as he reach for something inside his shirt. He pulled out a mask and toss it at Naruto's feet. It was an ANBU mask with red stripes on the right side of it. Tifa open her eyes wide.

"You're returning my old mask back to me… you're too kind." Naruto replied in a mocking tone. He reach in his pouch and pulled out another. "Shame for you I got a new one." Naruto stated as he put it on. It was a white mask with red lines running down his eyes.

"That doesn't suit you." Sephiroth replied.

"I guess…" Naruto replied as he pulled it off. Naruto stepped on his old mask and destroyed it.

"I thought the identity of ANBU members were supposed to kept secret. Why aren't the ANBU in the stadium trying to kill me?"

"Well, my ANBU team is going to go public. Our identities are going to be released. I'm sure you know why…" Naruto answered.

"I guess… however, you seem unusually tired. It seems that technique you made, was originally design to work against doujutsu users." Sephiroth commented.


"You still fear him I see…"

"I would be foolish not to." Naruto remarked.

"Completely understandable. After all… he is the one… who taught you the meaning of fear. Something you have never felt before am I wrong?"

"Tifa… get behind me." Naruto whispered. Sephiroth however vanished and his sword struck Naruto. Naruto collapse as he looked at the sword stuck inside him in shock.

"Why do you hold back against me? Did you really think I would come here on a empty stomach? I already had my filling." Sephiroth replied and Naruto's eyes open wide.

'The only bijuu that's roaming free is the Sanbi. Don't tell me… shit… no… Kyuubi… don't heal me… no…'

Red chakra leak from Naruto and Sephiroth smile darkly. Naruto seemed paralyzed as the red charka started to leave him and enter Sephiroth.

"This feeling… this chakra… it's beautiful." Sephiroth whispered loudly.

"What's going on?" Tifa shouted as Naruto fell to his knees.

'Stop sending me chakra… stop it… I'm fine… I don't need to be healed… Fur-Ball… you hear me… stop sending me your chakra… stop it…'

Tifa who was still in Naruto's arm couldn't help but feel Naruto's strength leaving him. He was growing weak by the second. With his chakra leaving him by this madman she had to act quickly. Pulling out a senbon she stabbed Naruto just above the heart. The red chakra vanished and Naruto fell on the ground. He looked exhausted and weak. Sephiroth pulled his sword away and let it hang loosely by his side.

"You stop his chakra flow by putting a senbon near his heart and into the eight gate area… not bad…" Sephiroth replied.

"What did you do to him?" She asked. Naruto wasn't moving and his eyes looked like there were a ghost eyes.

"Oh… you mean you don't know… I would have suspected you would have figured it out. But it seems you have never seen us truly fight before. Though the amount of chakra I stole from him was the largest I ever have stolen from him. In his arrogance… he thought he could defeat me at his current level and he believed me to be weak enough to be defeated. It would have cost him his life if you hadn't interfered."

"My team… gave him a nickname." Naruto replied as he slowly started getting up.

"You recovered much faster than I originally thought. But at your current chakra level… you don't have the strength or the power to defeat me." Sephiroth remarked.

"What nickname?" Tifa asked.

"The Jinchuuriki Hunter." Naruto answered. Those who understood what Naruto said had their eyes open wide. Even Tifa had her eyes open wide.

"How many did he take…?" She asked as she slowly backed away from Naruto. Naruto looked at his hand and flexed it.

"By this feeling and judging at his chakra levels… I would say he stole six from me…" Naruto answered truthfully.

"How many do you have left?" Tifa asked. She was scared… Naruto could see it clearly. He didn't blame her.


She did the math and she was back away from Naruto in total fear. Her eyes showed she was more afraid of Naruto then Sephiroth.

"Sephiroth… has the ability to steal Jinchuuriki's chakra… if he steals it all then the jinchuuriki will die and he will be able to hold its power for as long as he wants. He doesn't become a jinchuuriki nor a bijuu… he is a hollow who is merely a holder of the bijuu." Naruto answered.

"In other words if he steals the other three from you, you will die and he will have it's power under his control?" Tifa finished.

"That's right… that's why we called him… the Jinchuuriki Hunter. Any Jinchuuriki who fights him is guaranteed to face defeat and death." Naruto answered.

"Then that means you're a bad match for him. He stole so much of your power…" Tifa began but stopped when Naruto began to chuckle. "What so funny…"

"He may have stolen my tenant's power… but he can't steal mine. As I've told him many times… I am the only person who has tamed the heavens… all of heaven is my power…" Naruto raised his right arm.

"Ten no oogoe" Naruto suddenly burst with silver blue chakra… erupting high into the skies. Tifa covered her face as the amount burst open from Naruto. Sephiroth looked shocked.

"So you were bidding time. I knew you were stronger but I didn't think you were saving so much chakra for this… however… I'm still stronger." Sephiroth replied and his chakra exploded. The two massive chakra's collided together creating shockwaves and the earth shook violently. The air become much harder to breathed in as the two power houses stood across from each other.

Sephiroth moved first, moving as fast as lighting. Naruto then vanished.

"Joushouryuu" Naruto cried as he and Sephiroth reappeared. Sephiroth received a powerful upper cut from Naruto; that hit him under the jaw. Sephiroth was launch into the air.

Sephiroth quickly regain his balance to see Naruto in his face. He swung his sword but realized Naruto already launch a kick towards his face.

'He is faster then I've ever seen him…'

Sephiroth received the kick going higher than the arena. He soon could see all of Konoha. He looked up to see someone blocking the sun. Naruto was there with three rainbow circles around his arms.

"I thought… I would be able to defeat you without using this power. It's something I don't like using. However… with you at your current level… I have no choice… and to answer your remark from earlier… no… I'm not at full power… even now… I'm not at full power. How this technique works… I'm not going to tell you. Good-bye, Sephiroth… go back where you belong… into my memories." Naruto replied as he looked so calm. Tifa thought he looked like an angel.

"I will… never be a memory." Sephiroth replied as he started forming three hand seals.

"Saigo Tenken" The rainbows all gathered into Naruto's right fist and he give a powerful punch straight into Sephiroth who flew straight into the ground creating a huge crater.

Naruto was panting as his chakra vanished.

'Now I get the feeling I shouldn't have used Heavenly Cry…' Naruto replied as he started fall head first into the ground.

Naruto always like the feeling of the wind rushing pass him. However, if he didn't do something soon, he would be killed. Just as he was about to it the ground he was in the arms of his ANBU team. The shunshin back towards the back of the arena; where everyone was watching.

"Can you…"

"I can… teichou… why would you used your Ten no Oogoe? Why not remove your chakra containment seal? You could have defeated him like that." The female ANBU replied with brown hair.

"Too stubborn I guess…" Naruto replied with a small smile.

"You still are refusing to go to full power! Why? At full power, you could have defeated him with ease…"

"I won't go to full power… not until tomorrow at least. As long as I'm undercover… I won't go to full power…"

"Well, you're not undercover anymore…" She replied.

"You won't change a bit will you, Rin-sempai…"

"Oh… I'm your subordinate… just call me by my name…" She replied as she began to heal.

"Captain… you said you would explain the ten no oogoe to us…" Kage replied.

"True… to put it short… I mix my element chakra with my natural chakra and open all eight gates…" Naruto answered.

"WHAT?!" They cried.

"That's why I didn't want to tell you guys sooner…" Naruto replied as Yugao slapped him upside the head.

"What was that for?" Naruto snapped.

"Why would you create such a dangerous technique…?" She barked.

"Well be glad I'm not training you guys to learn it." Naruto snapped.

"Is it really that dangerous?" Tenzo asked.

"Yes… even I have trouble surviving the effects of that technique. That's why I don't pass it on. The risk are too high… a simple mistake and you will die." Naruto answered as Rin was using her medical chakra to heal Naruto's mess up body.

"I have to agree with the captain… his insides are completely destroyed. I'm amazed that he is still alive after using that technique. You should be dead…" Rin responded as he scanned him.

"So it's a double-edge sword…"

"For me… no… if I was at full power I wouldn't be like this… however, with most of my current chakra gone… it turn on me…" Naruto answered.

Naruto lies still for a few moments as Rin healed him. Tifa stood not to far from the blond shinobi. She was unsure what to make of him. She knew he held the Kyuubi inside of him, yet… she couldn't understand why he did what he did. He saved her life twice today… and who knows how many times in the past. He was odd…

Naruto stood up as Rin finished.

"Yo… Naruto…" Kakashi replied as he and Sasuke made their presence known.

"You're late, Kakashi-sempai…" Naruto responded.

"Sempai?" Sasuke repeated.

"Well you see… Sasuke forgot his smile and we had to go get it. On the way we cross a black cat so took the long way. When we tried to rush here an old lady was having trouble with some groceries and we decided to help out." Kakashi replied with an eye smile.

"You never were good at making good lies about being late, Kakashi-sempai." Tenzo replied.

"Tenzo… I see Naruto has been good to you all…" The four ANBU stopped and shuttered at the thought of his training. They all nod their heads like they were intimidated. Naruto laugh.

"Yeah… I can tell they love my training programs." Naruto replied smirking and his ANBU took a step back.

"Teichou… um… you're a great leader, it's just…" Rin replied.

"What?" Naruto asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Nothing." Yugao called out.

"Yeah… maybe I am a little harsh when it comes to training you all…" Naruto responded.

"How's your chakra…"

"its fine… give me a couple of minutes and I'll return back to twenty perfect fighting strength." Naruto responded. Everyone's thoughts were interrupted when a red flare suddenly pop the sky. It burst open and burn brightly despite the brightness of the sun.

"An attack flare?" Kakashi replied.

Several more attack flares pop open in the skies… a total of fourteen of them.

"An invasion?" Naruto responded.

"Why are we worried? It's just as you predicted Teichou." Tenzo replied with a smile behind his mask.

"I know." Naruto replied. His childish manner vanished and he sounded like a person in charged and a season shinobi.

Several loud explosion could be heard from the walls of Konoha.

"Well… let's get to it." Naruto replied as he gripped his Katana. His team also grabbed theirs and leaped into action. Naruto merely smiled and moved forward towards the hidden enemies.

A/N - Well I enjoyed this chapter as Tifa and Sephiroth make their debut in my story. Sephiroth was killed in this chapter but I promise you all my readers it's not the last time we will see him. As for Tifa and her 'memories' It will be explain later on, in either the next chapter or the chapter afterwords. This time, Tifa is more scared than happy that Naruto has saved her from certain death at the hands of Sephiroth. What will be the outcome of Konoha and what is the defensive strategy that the Third created? You will find out next time - The Great Will of Fire

Hansha – Reflection (This is a special kawarami no jutsu of Naruto's own creation. Similar to Yoruichi and Byakuya ability. Like their use, Naruto leaves behind a piece of clothing that temporarily leaves an image of the person/'s standing there moments later. Naruto originally created this technique after mastering the Shunshin (Body Flicker) technique)

Ten no oogoe – Heavenly Cry (The silver blue chakra from Naruto is his elements water and wind. Using the eight gates his power rises three times greater than he orginally had. It mixes both chakra and elemental chakra together, giving him a greater power than he orginally had. Though if the person who uses it is gravely injuried, there is a deadly side effect. The eight gates after effect does not apply as the user can still be alive and well and will not die. Though is risky if used incorrectly and the user will die even if trying to open the gates.)

Joushouryuu – Rising Dragon (Simular to Street Fighter Ryu and Ken's super uppercuts)

Saigo Tenken – Final Heavenly Punishment (I took this from Tifa Lockhart and gave it to Naruto, though I've never seen it. Created the effects simular to Yu Yu Hakusho spirit wave)

Teichou – Captain