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Chapter 1: Capture

Just like the sun, life comes and goes. It rises and sets. Children of God are born and they die. Every day, a new life is introduced to the world and every day, a new life is taken from this world. For this couple, a new life was to be introduced to the world for them. They had been waiting for almost four months for this day to come. It had started back in the early summer and was now early fall. The weather was warm enough since it was nearing summer by now. The grass was green, the sky was blue, and the jungle in Africa was at peace. Life could never be better for this young couple.

The young lion of about 3 years old finally woke up from his evening slumber. Walking out of his cave, he felt the bristly grass brush against his sharp-clawed paws. It was a damp morning in September when the lion finally let out a proud roar to welcome the morning and the children of the east African jungle. The lion moved his big head, which had a big, hairy, brown mane around his neck, and checked out the wild savannah. There were gazelles trampling through the grassy fields. Elephants were getting their morning baths over by the lake cleaning themselves and their young. Giraffes and Zebras were feeding on leaves from trees and below the trees. When the lion turned his head, he noticed that the cave was empty. His mate must've been out hunting.

She was indeed hunting. Every day, she would go hunt three times a day to catch the prey to feed the proud couple. His furry lips curled into a grin as he watched his mate of beautiful, pale tan fur and bright green eyes, trot over carrying the corpse of a wildebeest that she had caught on her hunt. The lioness of 2 ½ years old dropped the carcass at her mate's feet and sat down right in front of him. She also smiled at him proudly and looked down at her stomach that was quite rounder than it should've been. The lion came over and sat next to her. He nuzzled her neck and then her stomach a bit. His mate leaned over to his ear a little bit to whisper something.

"It's almost time." She said. "I can feel it. Can't you, Haru?"

"What should we name it, Sarafina?" Haru asked.

"If it's a boy, I like Mheetu. But I couldn't think of a girl's name."

"How about Nala?"

"Nala? Well, maybe. I think we should count on Mheetu. I have a good feeling it's gonna be a boy. Is that alright?" Sarafina asked as she gave her mate a kiss.

"You're carrying the cub. It's your choice. How much longer do you think?"

"At least one to two more days."

The couple was indeed expecting a baby. It will be kind of tough for the new couple. Leo was already king of the jungle, so it'll be especially hard for him to stay home and raise a cub, but with his queen beside him, their family will be complete. Sarafina tapped the meat for the morning in Haru's direction. He licked his lips and began to rip some of the meat from the dead carcass. The expectant parents enjoyed their breakfast in peace watching all of the other animals do the same. Or at least, they did at first.

Haru's ears twitched and he jerked his head in a different direction. Many other animals' heads jerked the same way. They were all staring out into the direction that the sound came from. Haru began to sniff what was going on. Whatever it was, it didn't smell very good to him. He began to growl and moved in front of Sarafina. The other animals of the savannah began to dash in the opposite direction of where the sound came from. Haru directed Sarafina in the direction where all of the animals were running. The two of them began to run with the rest of them. Haru, however, dashed ahead of everyone to guide them all to someplace safe.

While the chase was on, everyone was safe. At least Haru thought everyone was safe. Well, not everyone was safe. He stopped in his tracks and looked back and saw something hanging from a tree. It was a net. The net wasn't that important. What was important was who was inside of it. It was Sarafina! His mate had fallen into a trap. Haru dashed back to where Sarafina was dangling from a tree roaring for help. The whole time he ran, he thought about the safety of her, the jungle, and his new cub that was on the way. Without a doubt, he was going to save his mate no matter what the cost was.

He made it to where Sarafina was. Haru stood up on his hind legs with his front legs balancing himself in front of the tree. He looked up at Sarafina with worried eyes wondering if she was okay. With one of his paws, Haru tried cut the net, but the plan was ruined. There were humans running over towards him with spears, guns, and torches. He crouched into a defense position and began roaring at them. Instead of running, the humans started shooting at him with their guns and threw their spears at him. One of them kept Haru busy while the others cut the net from the tree and began to carry Sarafina in a cage through the jungle.

Haru made a run for them to find some way to set Sarafina free, but as he did, he felt a sharp pain go into his arm. The jungle king fell onto the ground hard. His arm was numb and he began to pant a bit at the pain. It only got him in the arm, so Haru was alright enough to be alive. While the other humans ran off to catch up with the rest who had Sarafina, Haru focused on standing back up on all fours to continue on. With one of his arms still numb, the lion was able to regain his balance and start running again. He wasn't as fast as he was before he was shot, it'll have to do. He took off as fast as he could.

As he ran through the tree branches and bushes, they kept on smacking him in the face. Every time that happened, Haru groaned. His leg was really starting to feel painful, but he wasn't going to let these men take away his mate and cub. Haru ran through everything and saw the boat that was at the port at the ocean. In his mind, he was thinking that he made it and everything was going to be okay, but the truth was, everything wasn't as okay as he wanted it to be.

When Haru got to the port, the boat was already leaving. It was too late for anybody to get on now, but it was never too late for Haru. He stepped back a few feet and began dashing over to the edge of the port. When he had his feet just right at the tip edge, Haru leaped off of the port over the ocean and to the boat. The boat was a good twenty feet away, so he barely made it over. The exhausted lion stood there panting also at his leg, which was still numb after the shot. Haru heard footsteps coming toward him in the same area he was in. He looked up and saw the same men that shot him holding up a gun aiming at him.

"Haru!" Sarafina called out to him from inside her cage. Receiving the warning, Haru jumped out of the way of the gun that was fired at him. He roared at the men trying to scare them off.

"Well, waddaya know, men! We've got ourselves a vicious one!" The man holding the gun said back to the other men with other weapons. "Here kitty, kitty, kitty!" Haru responded by roaring at them again and jumping on the man who called to him.

"Joe! Are you insane?" One of the men called out to the one who Haru pounced on.

"I think so!" Joe responded out of fear. He was shaking with major fear as he stared into Haru's big eyes. It looked like this lion was about to kill Joe. Haru's glare calmed down and he stepped off of Joe, but grabbed the gun in his mouth and threw it away from him.

"Haru! You came back!" Sarafina called out to him happily.

"Sarafina!" Haru ran over to the cage. "Don't worry. I'll have you out soon." He began to yank the lock on the cage. "Damn, this thing is on tight."

"Look out!" Sarafina screamed at the top of her lungs. Before Haru had time to look, Joe stabbed him in the back.

"There! Now we'll finally get the female to the zoo without any trouble!" Joe said laughing like a maniac. "Steve, Ben, Sam, go get the incinerator ready so we can dispose of this body!" Joe left the deck and went inside of the boat leaving the dying king of the jungle with his mate alone.

"Sarafina, I'm not going to make it." Haru said weakly lying in front of the cage.

"Haru, you have to! I'm carrying your baby! Please, don't die!"

"If our cub is a girl, name her Nala. That's all I ask of you." The dying lion requested stretching his paw out towards Sarafina. She stretched out her paw too.

"Nala? I will!" Sarafina's eyes began to water.

"At least…I got to see you…one…last…" Haru said his last words before he passed out into a lifeless sleep.

"Haru!" Sarafina cried.

Sarafina began to sit inside her cage and cry. Out of sadness, she lifted her head up and roared. Her mate was dead and now she had to give birth to their cub without him. Unfortunately, none of the other animals back in the jungle will ever know about Haru's death. There won't be another ruler of the jungle for a long time either. Sarafina had a sudden thought flow through her mind. How will she tell her cub that they'll never get to meet their father? It was going to be hard, but she'll have to.

Joe came back out onto the deck to collect Haru's dead body and took it inside to burn it. Sarafina was still crying at the moment. Just like his cruel boss would do, Sam took the whip and whacked Sarafina as hard as he could. She cried out in pain and started roaring at Sam. He freaked out and dropped the whip as he stood back. Knowing that he feared her, Sarafina continued roaring at him until she heard a gunshot. It turned out that Joe had fired his gun out into the sky, not at her. Sarafina had closed her eyes when the gunshot was fired, but then she opened her eyes realizing that she was still alive.

"Hmph, that oughta shut her up!" Joe said putting his gun away.

"What the hell? Why don't you just kill the damn thing? She's useless for all I care!" Sam asked looking at his boss in shock. "Besides, you killed the male. Why not kill the other one?"

"Because Sam, remember, Boss needs a little 'expansion' on his African lion habitat. And how do you expand a species? You reproduce. And how does a lion reproduce, it mates with a female! So, this female is going to be the answer to a massive reproduction in the habitat!"

"Are you sure that can even happen? This female was already with a male. As far as I'm concerned she could've already given birth or is pregnant. If that's happened, she'll probably reject the male back at the zoo." Sam asked in a thoughtful way.

"Then, we'll destroy her then!" Joe and Sam walked off with Joe laughing like a maniac. Sarafina watched sadly as the men went back inside the ship with the dead body.

"Haru…" Sarafina said softly looking up into the bright, blue sky.

Sarafina roared one last time before Ben and Steve came out to roll her cage into the ship. Inside of the ship, there were many other animals that had been captured before Sarafina was. A mother Wildebeest was caring for her sick baby while a baby warthog was shivering and hiding behind his mother. There was even an old hippopotamus that looked like he was ready to die any minute, yet the men still captured the poor thing. The tired lioness planted herself at the bottom of her cage and rested her head on top of her paws.

While she rested, Sarafina thought about everything that happened today. She thought about what will happen in the future. She thought about how she will have to raise her child in a zoo instead of the wide open jungle like she pictured. The sun was getting higher as the morning soon turned to afternoon. Sarafina decided to shut her eyes and get some sleep to pass the time it will take to get to America.

She woke up only to find that it was late afternoon and everyone was still on the boat. Sarafina looked through her cage and out the window. She sighed. Starting to feel a sharp pain in her stomach, Sarafina lay down and relaxed herself again.

"How long have we been traveling?" Sarafina asked herself.

"Five hours." The wise hippo replied in a cage next to her. "It will be a long time before we reach America. Days, even weeks as far as I know."

Sarafina sighed. "I have to get to land. I can't have a baby on a boat. Who are you? Have I seen you before?"

"My name is Khalfani. You're King Haru's mate, Sarafina, are you not?" He asked.

Sarafina nodded in reply.

"I thought so. I knew Haru's father. We were great friends when we were youngsters. Haru told me you are expecting a baby. I congratulate you. Unfortunately, now's not a good time to be celebrating. We are all being shipped off to a zoo in America. The men who captured us keep saying that one of the zoos don't have enough creatures for their habitats. So, they're taking creatures that they need. But not just any creatures. They're capturing ones of the opposite sex that they already have.

"They can't just capture young creatures and raise them. The ones they have already are too old to mate with the youngsters. So, they're capturing older animals that can continuously reproduce two-three times a year. If they reproduce too much, they either sell those unneeded or destroy them to use as stuffed animals for the human children or sometimes they even use them as furniture for housing.

"My father was taken away when I was just a youngster. They wanted his skeleton for an African exhibit in a museum in Spain. Humans are always a problem in the jungle. They're trying to destroy our homes for their own selfish needs. Whether it's money, or land, or any other useless crap. And because of that, many species have now become endangered. Before we know it, we'll all go extinct. The only thing left of us will be fossilized body parts, molds, or imprints."

Sarafina gasped as she started really getting into this story. "Is that what humans really use us for? To make money or just for plain cruelty?" She began to tear up.

"Yes. The only other thing they use us for, is for entertainment like movies." Khalfani replied looking down on the ground.

"No, I can't let that happen to my child." Sarafina said softly to herself. She then started ramming herself against the iron barred cage hurting her shoulder in the process of it.

"Easy now." Khalfani calmed her down. "We can open the cage, but you could get killed trying to swim across that ocean. We'll reach South Africa by tomorrow. Our good elephant friends over there will yank open the cage for you with their trunks and then you can go wherever you want."

"Oh, thank you, so much." Sarafina teared up.

The young lioness lay down in her cage looking out a window at the clouds that were passing by. 'Tomorrow,' she thought to herself, 'you and I will escape, little one.'

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