A/N: This story was in my head for awhile now and I've been trying to put it into words, but it wasn't easy. I hope you readers like it.

Story summary: Itachi desperately tries to make Hinata love him in his own way. He even goes through a lot to pregnant her, but some how she won't fertilize his seeds. After all, he did force her to marry him, against her own will, why would she bear a child for him. Now she hates him more than she could ever hated a man. Not only this situation, there someone trying hard to destroy the Uchiha to gain power over the throne. Will love bloom, or will it shatter? What about the traitor who manipulated people within the Castle?

Title: Malice and Benevolent

Declaimer: I do not Own Naruto.

AU: Alternative Universe

Brief Summary: A King who love his Queen. The Queen who rather die than bear a Prince. The Prince who laughed at his Jester who laughed as the Prince cried for the Queen who died loving the King.


Time has stop and night had appear with it sparkling little dancer. Glimpse of tiny stars spread, never ending its road or direction. No one could be more amaze of its feature than the people who worship the night light, perhaps the beauty was too lovely to avoid. Than again, it is the night, and the night simply catches a lot of attention from so many curious eyes, especially from one particular female.

I glance from the chamber and gave a faded smile. I don't blame the night for my pain, nor expect it to comfort me when I'm being expose to the man that I'm marry. No. I fear the night. I never want it to approach the day, or any other time of the sun. You see, almost every night, I'm force to give myself to the devil, the devil which I call, 'Husband'.

Though it wasn't my choice to marry him, I proceed on with it, and I regret it. In fact, there was no better option. Force against my will and voice. He took the one special thing that I love, the one thing that came close to my soul and heart. And for that, I can never forgive him, nor forget the gruesome faiths that endure my sorrow and tragedy. It all happened in just two days, it was well enough to put me in my place and to collect his property.

I arrived back from my long venture from the field, picking up vegetable and fruit for our next meal, until they appeared out of the shadows and kidnapped me. I thought they were refuges or bandit, taking whatever they could put their dirty hands on and vanish, but I was terribly wrong.

After I was taken away from my secret home and placed in a dark room they finally revealed themselves. The black and red knights, servant of the Fan Kingdom, one of them presented himself in front of me with a light bow. He did it to respect my position, after all I was still the first born from the Great White Kingdom, the Hyuuga.

He spoke to me in a gentleman tone, "Lady Hinata," which was my royal name but I changed it after I runaway with the man that I chose to stay with forever.

"Do not fear me or my men. We were only following orders," he assured as he level his eyes with my.

"Wh-What orders? Why am I here?" I asked desperately. I knew I should have been worry about my safety, but it was my love's safety that I feared than my own.

I faced away in unease, until 'He' appeared from the darkness behind them. I slowly rolled my naive eye to face the devil's vengeance, and there he was. He wore more than just royal suit, he wore the suit of tainted blood. The one you get when being offer from Hades' deal. From there, he couldn't take his hazel eye away. He did more than just stare, he saw more.

"Leave us," he abruptly spoke to his guards without staring away from me. Within a signal order, they disappeared in the darkness that their Master arrived from.

Once they vanished, he said, "I asked..... once to stay...... we me," his shadowy eyes twitched.

But I didn't care what happened in the past, at that moment I was more concern of my love, "Wh-Where is my Husband?" I changed the subject, which trigger his heinous character.

"Why you speak of him, when you know perfectly clear tis' I should be your 'Husband'. Not some pathetic man that call himself a knight," he glared down at me once he approached close.

"Do not speak of him in that sense. He is-"

"...a deadman,"

He startled me. I could hear his foot steps approaching near. Like always, the man wear black silk boot with special made leather and rubber. This is just the start, he love it when I'm in pain, to make me suffer. This is just the beginning.

He's coming closer.

"No..... please don't! Please don't! I beg of you," I begged on my knees with my forehead touching the cold hard ground as my hands grasped his boots.

"No word will convince me to stop the execution. Soon, he'll have his heart rip in front of him, than his arm chop as he watch gruesomely-"

"NO! No,no,no,no....." I cried for my love safety and for his humanity to be alive, "D-Do n-not d-d-do t-this. I-I'm b-begging you," I desperately crawled with my knees as a pathetic peasant with uncontrollable tears, "P-P-P-Plllleeeaaassseeeee,"

"Why you do this?" he asked solemnly, "He's nothing but a weakling, a peasant that took advantage of your innocence. He has no feeling toward you or your future. He only wanted you because of your position. Do not beg for such a useless boy, for God sake!" he forcefully pulled me up with his aggressive arm, squeezing my arms as he hatefully stared at my tearful eyes. For just a glimpse, for a second, I thought I saw hurt. He was hurt. Or just regret.

"P-Please," I moaned from the pain that tightened my bone, "L-Let m-me t-take his p-place....." I lay my right hand on my chest.

"You. You may not!" he shook me twice. I guess, he thought I was losing my mind, but he was wrong.

"No. K-Keep m-me, f-for e-exchange, for h-his freedom," I whimpered.

"What?!" he had his eye widen but in agitation. He freed my arms than took a big breath from his nostril, and had his fist on his side, "You think this is a sacrifice. You give up your life, for him, well......" he paused, "You will never see him, this I guarantee. I swear deep in my burning soul that I'll see to it he'll never set your eyes again!" he hurl around and began walking to the door as a controlled puppet, but he immediately stop with a stomp. I never left his back presence once he spoke in the darkness, "Come tomorrow, at sunset, you and I are going to Husband and Wife……..With or without your answer. This is final," he vanished out of the room, leaving me as a torn being.

I could hear his boots, by now he's just several doors away from the main bedroom, which is 'ours'. Here, I wait patiently for his arrival, as usual the sound never seem to comfort me. The noise warns me like an alarm dog in search of a cute and innocence squirrel. I simply adjust my arms in search of some kind of warmness before being my 'Husband' torture toy.

Looking at the narrow aisle with white flowers, dozen of painted angels and many unfamiliar faces, I faced my final sanctuary and gateway to freedom. All pieces that I thought would make me feel better, became his instrument. He had control of everything, including my will to move toward him.

I wanted to stop, to turn around and run, but he forced my body to obey his every will, and it did. That demon!

Once I made it to his side, he became unsatisfied of my running tears that ruin my make-up. He secretly spoke to me on the side of my ears angrily, "Wipe out those tears," he demanded.

In his command I obeyed and he was please with a smirk. Though the tears were gone, the uncontrollable sadness within my sorrow heart pounded like never before on that day. With each word the Priest spoke, I whimpered. I ignored his words, but the sound of his mumbling stabbed my aching heart, I thought about my first love and husband. It was he who I'm suppose to wed, not this demon. This ceremony was for our happiness, for our dream to come true, to better our future.

At that moment, I saw my future, and it wasn't I expected.

"...... do you, King Itachi Uchiha, take Lady Hinata Hyuga, as your wife, as your Queen. To have and to hold, for better and for worse. Through richer and poorer, through health and sickness, for as long as you both shall live, until death do you part,"

"......" he was silent at first but I heard his answer, "I do," I stared down, away from his conniving expression, sobbing, awaiting my answer though it did not matter if I did answer.

"And do you, Lady Hinata Hyuga, take King Itachi Uchiha as your Husband, as your King. To have and to hold, for better and for worse. Through richer and poorer, through health and sickness, for as long as you both shall live, until death do you part," the Priest waited, along with many other people that I never catch a glimpse at when I entered the Holy Church.

My hands were held by his, and he tighten a little, being impatient with my answer, so I sobbed a little more, spending more time. It was clear of my answer, so why wait? He didn't waited any longer, not even for a nodded, so he spoke for me.

"She agreed, commence the ceremony," he commend, and it did.

The rings were given, the circle flowers were placed around us, connecting us as one, than the blessing of future richest, and than our first kiss that ended the hateful nightmare.

It began.

From there, I never forgotten how he treated me since our first night together. He took me, and I had no choice but to allow his erotic play. I became his wife that awful night, and the rest of the unwilling nights.

It's silence, but in mere seconds, he will walk from that carve door and expect me to embrace him, as it should be for a husband and wife, but I won't. If I chose not to, he will certainly be unplease and aggressive during our sex act, it always has.

The silent breaks, and the door open semi, than he enters. I shutter from the cold breeze that blew from the entrance than shut. I could hear him approaching to the bed, there I sat down, facing the window with my back directing him instead of my eyes that he wishes. He walked around the enormous bed and came ever so slowly to my side. I shiver with every inches he was close to me, not taking off my gaze at the stars, which he disapprove since our first night. He hated being second best, that's why he was jealous of the stars, including all the men that ever talk to me. Those in the castle were forbid to set a few second glance on me because of my 'Husband' stupid jealously.

Here he comes.

His hand made it to my shoulder, which always get the first touch, than the other. Oh how it burn. The man felt like fire, a very lethal element that I have ever encounter, but he insist of burning my skin every night. But that wasn't the worse part.


Oh God why? His kisses taunt me, it hunts and scares me. It makes my whole nerve stiff and tremble as he proceed through my whole neck to venture up for some lips acceptances. I shut my eyes as he began to undress my night gown and faced away, but he lightly force my face back for the kiss he wants. As unwilling I was, he brought my depressing facial stare into his eyes. There it was. He saw my unwillingness, my hate for him, and the unloving wife that he didn't wished for. I don't want it. I don't.

He was solemn, silent, than back away to block the bright moon from my view and stood there with his high demand. I could predict what he's going to do next, and I won't like it. I never did, but he's going to do it.


It hurt. The abuse hurt, his slap, wipe, hits and every insult he put on me. It hurt physically, and mentally. I was still standing, thriving to make him not get what he wanted out of me, searching for a way to make through until he throw me away and banish me. Or kill me. It doesn't matter, whatever the consequences are, I will take, just as long I was out of his life, forever.

Than the prediction of mine came next, it was time for his seductive and sexual satisfaction. Though he force me against my will, he never force me to love him. Not now, not ever.

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