You are married less than a month later.

It is a lavish affair, befitting the King of Ferelden, and for as much as the pomp and ceremony of it all make you cringe, the grin you wear on your face does not falter the entire day. And now, he twirls you around the same banquet hall in front of the court and you laugh in his arms.

Taking a break from the revelry, your eyes meet Teagan's across the room. He smiles to you, raising his glass in a show of support and you mouth the words "Thank-you."

Hopefully, your meaning is understood. Without him, without his support and his honesty, you don't think you would have ever been able to reach peace within yourself. And without that peace, being with Alistair would have been impossible.

Idly, you think someday you should probably tell your husband of the part Teagan played...

Somehow, your grin widens.

Your Husband. Your King. Your Fellow Grey Warden. Your companion in nightmares, your rose-rescuing comrade in arms.

Your Alistair.

And in turn, you are his. Irrevocably, endlessly his.

Darkspawn take anyone who dares disagree.

A/N: And we're done! Just a couple of quick notes. I want to thank Bethany and Teija for nourishing my ABSOLUTE RAGE after my first landsmeet, since it turned into this fic. And because they essentially beta'd every chapter. Also a huge thanks to all the supportive reviewers, ensuring this didn't turn into an abandoned WIP. And thanks for induling my crazy need to write this in second person, present tense and avoid naming or describing the PC's apeparance in any way. So really, I hope this was cathartic for everyone who got their Cousland's dumped after The Landsmeet. You've all been super sweet!