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Number. 01

"This is Miley's decision to make, not yours! Stop manipulating her!", Lilly grabbed Jake's shoulders and pushed him away. She was seething, mad with rage and ready to punch him in the face.

"Shut up, Truscott! Miley is my girlfriend and I do whatever I want with her! And she doesn't need a pathetic, lesbian freak who only wants to hump her and then throw her away!", Miley was shivering in the corner where Jake had left her. She was sobbing quietly.

"Miley is not your property! She is your girlfriend and you should love her with all your heart! All I see you do is brake her soul!", her fists were shaking and a vein was rapidly beating on her neck. She wanted to make him pay, make him pay for breaking her best friend, the woman she loved.

"You don't know what you're talking about!", he went to get Miley, but Lilly grabbed his arm.

"Don't you dare touch her. I will not let you hit her again.", her voice was calm, yet murderous. She would not let him, she would not let him touch her precious Miley again. "Before you talk to her again, you will have to answer to me first."

She needed to protect her.

"What are you?! Her watchdog?!", he pulled away from her. "Miley is mine! She doesn't need you!"

"Obviously she does!", Lilly pushed him back once again and crouched down next to the brunette, wrapping her arms around her and rocking her ever so slightly. "You will not hurt her again. I won't let you." Miley buried her head in Lilly's shoulder and cried.

Lilly gritted her teeth.

The blonde tomboy knew why Miley put up with Jake's behavior. And she knew why she never said anything about the cuts and bruises and the pain. But Lilly just couldn't understand her best friend. She couldn't understand the reason at all.

Miley didn't love Jake. She never had and never would.

"Miley! Let's go!", Jake reached for Miley, but she just buried herself a little bit more into her best friend. Jake's hands were trembling now and he bared his teeth to Lilly. She didn't flinch. She wouldn't show him any weakness. Because when it was about Miley, she didn't have any. "Miley, I want you to leave with me! You don't need her!"

"Yeah...", Lilly froze. Miley just couldn't have said what Lilly thought she said. She couldn't possibly... No. "Yeah, I do need her. I need her more than anything." The brunettes hands came from around her body and embraced a dumbstruck tomboy. "Because... I'm in love with her."