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Chapter 0: Prologue

NiGHTS and Owl flew as fast as they could, Lilium doing her best to make her wheelchair catch up with them. "You won't get away this time, NiGHTS!" Reala hissed through his fangs, loud enough for them all to hear. "You're all going back to Nightmare!"

"Only if you can catch us first!" Lilium replied, sticking her tongue out before grabbing something with one of her six invisible hands (vectors). Then, she hurled it at Reala.

BAM! Reala got hit by the flying object but flew towards them again. "Is that all you got, Dreamer?! That didn't even tickle!"

"Than maybe this will!" NiGHTS shouted at Reala and spun around, immidient charging into a Drill Dash towards Reala.

"As expected," Reala smriked and held his position. It may have seemed like Reala was just going to float there and take the hit but at the very last second, he dodged! "It's going to take more than your Drill Dash and speed to beat me now, NiGHTS! This time you're not getting away!"

Not wasting a second of his time, Reala paralooped around NiGHTS! "GAH!" the Nightmaren screamed before breaking away.

"Reala! You monster!" Lilium screached and had her vectors attack him.

"Honestly. Can't you think of something more creative to call me?" Reala asked boredly, dodging simply by moving from his spot.

"What about, Loser!" NiGHTS yelled behind him, delivering a well deserved upper-cut in the chest.

Reala doubled over in surprise. "What in the-That was so dirty!"

"You should now, huh?" NiGHTS glared.

Lilium's vectors penetrated Reala's body but had not harmed him. "Give up. One movement will result in death," she warned, Owl by her side in worry. An unmistakable growl left Reala's lips, knowing that he had indeed been beaten.

Meanwhile, in Wizeman's chamber, the Control Freak-

Wizeman: I am NOT a Control Freak!

Be quiet! You are too!

was watching the entire thing. "Reala. You have failed me again," he muttered. "I guess I have no choice." He waved six hands at his magic mirror and left.

"So, will you give up?" NiGHTS asked, but was then distracted by a loud noise.

"Hoo, hoo! NiGHTS, Lilium! We must leave!" Owl paniced.

"Leave? But we finally caught Reala!" Lilium retorted with anger, her face sank when she looked behind NiGHTS. "Oh, Diocl- NiGHTS! Let's go!"

"What?" NiGHTS pipied up, turning to what they both saw but whatever it was had already gotten the four of them.

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