Chapter Twelve: Something Unexpected

Just like Patrick had said, Katie did indeed fall in love with his parents the second she started talking to them. His mom was a sweetheart, listening to her plight and giving some words of advice to her without judging her. His dad was just like Patrick, witty and full of hilarity. She even got a chance to meet his brother and sister as well. At the end of the night, it was evident why Patrick loved his family so much. They were as close-knit as could be.

As they crashed in his room, Patrick looked over at Katie and smiled.

"So, what do you think?"

"I love them!" She chuckled. "You have a great family, Patrick. And I can see where you get your insanity from."

"Oh, yeah. My dad," he laughed along. "He's just as crazy as I am. Leave it to him to give me that gene."

Katie sighed and leaned back against the headboard. She still didn't want to go back home. She would rather be with Patrick's family than be with her own family, as sad as that was. Apparently, Patrick felt her sentiment and spoke.

"You want to spend the night here?"


"I know you don't want to go home," he pointed out. "Maybe it's best if you spent a night away from them and just stayed with me and my family. Is that okay?"

"Only if it's okay with you."

"I wouldn't want it any other way, Katie."

Katie smiled at the tone of his voice. Soft, caring, and thoughtful. There was no doubt in her mind that he just wanted to make her happy and do what he thought was best for her.

"Okay," she smiled. "I'd like that."

"Here," Patrick handed her his cell phone. "You better call them and let them know so they don't worry."

As Katie made her call, he went downstairs to alert his family that she was going to stay the night. Afterward, he went back up into his room as she was finishing up the conversation with her mom.

"No, I'm off work tomorrow. I'll be back home, mom. Don't worry. Okay. I will. Bye."

"So, are they okay with it?" Patrick asked as he sat back down next to her.

"Yeah," Katie smiled. "It's cool. As long as they know I'm safe."

"Well, unfortunately, we don't have a spare bedroom, so you're going to have to crash with me tonight."

"No, I can sleep on the couch," Katie spoke.

"You're not sleeping on the couch," Patrick shook his head as he went to his closet for some extra blankets. "You're sleeping in my bed, and I'm sleeping on the floor."

"Don't sleep on the floor. This is your bed. You sleep here."

"No," Patrick stopped her as he placed the blankets on the bed. "You need the bed more than I do."

"I hate to see you sleep on the floor," Katie admitted. "With your back problems, it probably won't be good for you."

"I'll be alright."

"No, Patrick, sleep in your bed, I insist," Adrienne got up and stopped him from making his bed on the floor.

"Katie, I'm fine. You need the bed. I don't."

"Yes you do."

"Katie, don't argue with me."

"I'm not arguing with you. I'm telling you. I'd feel better if you slept in your own bed."

"Well, I'd feel better if you slept in my bed and I sleep on the floor. Katie, please."

"Patrick, please. Just listen to me for oneā€¦"

The dispute ended when out of nowhere, Katie felt Patrick's lips lightly brush against hers. She stood dumbfounded as he pulled back and smiled at her.

"I knew that'd shut you up. You, in my bed. Me, on the floor. End of story."

Katie didn't know what came over her, but to her surprise, she found herself lean into him and kiss him back. Several seconds later, she pulled back, but as soon as she did, Patrick pulled her back in. His hands met her face as he planted soft, delicate kisses on her lips. She returned the favor before finally pulling back and speaking.

"I'm sorry, Patrick."

"No, I'm sorry," he lightly chuckled. "That was my fault. So, what are we going to do about the sleeping arrangements?"

"Well," Katie bit her lower lip as she spoke, "I guess it wouldn't hurt if we shared the bed."

Patrick smiled.

"I guess not."

With that, they both got into bed. Turning out her light, Katie turned to Patrick and spoke.

"By the way, I snore. So don't be alarmed if you hear me doing so."

"I won't hold it against you. After all, I snore as well. But anyway, you better get some sleep."

Katie nodded and smiled at him before turning over and going to sleep.

With the click of his lamp, the room became dark. Katie sighed deeply and tried to get her brain settled for sleep. As she did, she felt Patrick turn in bed and suddenly scoot over to her side. She held her breath as he unexpectedly wrapped his arms around her and kissed her on top of her head.

"Goodnight, Katie."

Katie smiled as she quickly felt herself go to sleep.

"Night, Patrick."