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Chapter One:

Bella's POV

The bell for 4th period had just sounded. This was my lunch period. I usually just spent the hour in the library far away from the cafeteria and the "popular" kids as possible. Today was my unlucky day as the library was closed and it was pouring rain outside. I thought about eating in my truck but I'd forgotten my lunch at home and realized one day in the cafeteria couldn't be that bad. It was a new year after all and I was finally a Senior. I had been lucky the last year and a half if you could really call it that, nothing more than invisible, even the rumors had died down now, and everyone just thought of me as a nerdy loner instead of that girl. That's the way I like it, I could focus on my grades and getting into a good college. Today on the other hand, I didn't get by so easily. A couple of boys were passing the football back and forth to each other in the hallway, and of course since I am a magnet for things like balls in the face I tried to duck out of the way. Of course that only landed me face first into someone's locker door. Of course it was Lauren Mallory's.

"Watch it you ugly bitch" Jessica sneered as she stood next to Lauren. I haven't had a run in with them in since the middle of Sophomore year, right after it happened. I still can't believe that my best friend would take his side, that was the darkest night of my life.

Mr. Greene stopped me as a was heading out to my truck after school. "Miss Swan, would you be interested in peer tutoring after school? We are are in need of a couple of tutors this year. No one has really signed up yet, and with your grades I thought you could help us out?" He sounded hopefull but could tell that I wasn't that excited about it. "It would really look good on college applications." Of course he had to throw that one in. I knew he was right and I needed all the help I could get, not in the grade department but having outside activities. I wasn't into sports and needed something. I was hoping for a scholarship somewhere so I could afford to actually go to college.

"I suppose so" I said. Mr. Greene looked pleased as he handed me some information. I drove home and was upstairs looking over what Mr. Greene had given me when I heard the front door open.

"You home Bells?" I heard Charlie calling from downstairs.

"Yeah Dad, be down in a minute." I hadn't realized it was so late. "Sorry about dinner, I lost track of time."

"No problem honey, listen we can just order pizza or something."

"Are you sure dad, I really don't mind fixing dinner." And I didn't, I really enjoyed cooking it was sort of any escape for me.

"I don't mind honey you deserve a night off. Why don't you go out tonight, you know hang out with some of your friends?"

"Um, you know dad I have a really big paper to do and I am kind of tired, I think I will just go to bed early tonight." I said hoping that Charlie would just let it go. No such luck.

"Come on Bells, its Friday night go out, have some fun" Charlie tried to sound enthusiastic.

"Really Dad, I'm fine." I tried to sound as normal as possible but my voice cracked a little.

"You're always alone these days, I used to have to beg you to stay home and now you never go out at all. Why don't you call Jessica? You two used to be joined at the hip and now I never see you with anyone"

"I know dad" I sighed

"Are you ever going to tell me what happened?"

"I already told you dad, it's nothing. Sometimes people just change." Just then the doorbell rang; I looked out the window to see Harry Clearwater. "I am going to go do my homework, good night dad."

"Goodnight Bells" he sighed.


"No getting out of it Emmett!, a bet is a bet and you lost" I couldn't believe Emmett fell for it again. "I told you I never make a bet unless I am sure I will win, now pay up"

"Fine" Emmett handed me the money. We sat at our usual table, my two best friends Emmett who is also by brother, and Jasper and their girlfriends Rosalie and Alice. Alice was also in the family, our dads are brothers. That was one of the reasons our family came to Forks last year.

"Hi Edward" Jessica Stanley said as she walked over to me with her lunch. "Hi Jessica" I said with a disinterested tone, that made her keep walking.

"Edward what's wrong with you man, she's hot!" Emmett said she he got a slap on the head from Rosalie.

"Yeah but I already went out with her last year, why would I want a repeat performance when I could have anyone I want?"

"Oh please Edward could you be anymore of a pig?" Alice said while glaring at me.

"Alice I am not a pig, I just call em like I see em."

"You are so full of yourself! While most of the girls around here seem to be under your spell, there is no way you could have anyone you want. There has to be someone out there smart enough to stay away from you." Rosalie sneered.

"Oh please, you just wish you could have some of this!" I said motioning to myself. With that both Rosalie and Alice got up and left.

"You know she is right." Jasper finally spoke up. Before I knew what I was saying I opened my mouth. "I bet you I could have anyone here begging for me." Right then I looked up to see a sparkle in Emmett's eye.

"You're on, $500.00 says you can't."

I couldn't believe I had actually opened my big mouth. Hadn't I just said to Emmett that I didn't bet unless I was sure I could win? Ugh! Now what was I going to do? I knew I couldn't back down now, but at the same time I really was a little unsure of myself, I mean sure most girls liked me, and I did date a lot, but not for the reasons Emmett and Jasper think. Really I just never found anyone I was interested in having a relationship with even though that was something I really did want. Though I would never tell them that. They seem to admire my "player" status much more than I did. But, I knew I had to do it because I really couldn't afford to pay the $500.00 I seemed to just bet on, not to mention I would never hear the end of it.

"What are the rules?" I asked not really wanting to do this at all.

"Okay, we get to pick the girl and you have until the end of the semester to get her in bed." Ugh!! what did I just get myself into.

"Who then?"

"Um..... I know, Bella Swan." Emmett just grinned and Jasper shook his head.