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Author's Note: This scene occurred to me while writing Of White Coats and Straightjackets. Both fics operate on the premise that Harley worked with another theme criminal before Joker, but Truth wouldn't fit in there for various reasons. Hope it's fun. :-)


"When's the last time you were kissed, Jonathan?" she asked, as if it were only a natural question.

"That," he replied coldly, "is none of your business."

Harleen leaned forward on the table that separated them in each session, her expression pensive. "Never, huh?

"You're putting words in my mouth again, Dr. Quinze—"

She took no more than a moment. She tasted vaguely like licorice. He stared at her.

"Well, that's one question I know the answer to now isn't it?" Harleen's smirk was casual, but that tone spoke volumes.

"Your lipstick is smeared," Jonathan observed.

"So is yours."