Mystical Kitsune Warrior

Author's Note

A five Year old story that I quickly abandoned after not finding much to do with it. I'm older and much wiser now and I am much better at writing. With new information and appreciation for characterization I have finally gotten back to this and can now add this to my collection of stories.

For those of you who have waited over five years for me to continue this story, don't worry I'm not like the others. Its back and its going to be better than ever lol.

That's right I'm going back to my stories that predate my community and series. This is one of the original stories, one of the first ever written by yours truly brought back from the dead.

Story Start

I'm not sure where to start. With each passing day I've began noticing something different about my friend since Pre-K.

Ron Stoppable, my best friend forever has been keeping secrets from me.

I know I may sound paranoid right now but after putting the pieces together from what I've been observing it makes sense.

People tend to wonder how polar opposites like us tend to be so close.

He not only displays a lack of ambition, but also sarcastic at times and views the world in an odd, different sort of way. It was like he had a crafted persona for each situation.

The first being his usually cheerful and upbeat self. He never seems to go with the fad, and is largely unconcerned with appearances as well. Then there is the 'sidekick' mode as it's called in which my extremely loyal best friend tens to ''trip over his own feet'' or lose his pants during dangerous missions.

He means well and despite his clumsy nature I find solace in him always having my back. The final piece of the puzzle was the fact that he's a Highschool Underdog that doesn't excel in school or sports. To the point of where his lack of focus has made it hard for him to grasp basics thoughts instead of a lack of inert ability to understand the subject itself. Even considering all this one would wonder why I'm so suspicious is that subtly hints and changes caught my eye. From a young age he had always been quite thin, a bit pudgy but I've been starting to notice he was growing and maintaining a build.

Whenever I tend to had caught him by surprise during this initial process I could have sworn his eyes were different, sharp as one would say. Ever since the early days of this suspicion he's seem more guarded to the point I can hardly catch him doing something that's not typical Ron. The first substantial incident was when Dr. Drakken, an evil scientist and my arch enemy was yet again trying to pull off another scheme. This plot was going to require us to go to Tokyo meaning I had to call in one of my many numerous favors from people I helped over the years. To think this who saving the world business began all because my website was chosen by mistake.

I was thrown off my attention to study Ron to satisfy my own suspicions when we got into a small argument of whether Drakken was trying to take over the world or steal Christmas. It was a normal occurrence and dismissing the past few days as me being paranoid so I didn't think about things too much. Though after the dance which Josh accepted my invitation of course I didn't see Ron for most of the night and when I did he was talking to a guy I've never seen before. When I asked him about it he changed the subject.

The next incident was at Camp Wannaweep. When he was freaking out and acting crazier than usual I didn't pay too much mind to it. Though that one thing he mentioned about the evil squirrel that snarled at him. That's something you never forget and file that away for later in a possible list of things your friend might need possible help in. I don't even know how to start on the whole Ron's old camp buddy was mutated into a fish-like mutant by the lake due to it being a dumping ground for toxins. It was the first time I've witness Ron being truly brave and quite crafty in how he dispatched Gil with two Ls. With the police showing up and Gil being carted off I couldn't be more proud of Ron then I was now.


''Its a Nostalgic sort of feeling...reminds me of old times.'' He faintly mumbled with a hint of fondness in a manner completely different then his own. People seeing the solemn look on Ron's face and the sharp change of his body language was wondering if this was the same guy.

''You were really brave Ron...sorry I've doubted you, even if it only was for a moment.'' The Platinum blond cheerleader by the name of Tara said and kissed him on the cheek.

Tara Strong(No relation to the voice actress), a beautiful cheerleader was considered a cutie with the potential to grow up to be quite beautiful. With sea-green eyes, a fairly impressive chests not to mention leggy she was rather popular for a younger student.

Ron lightly blushed in response from the intimate gesture from the pretty blonde. ''Tara...I...''

''If you ever need someone to talk to then you can always find me at school, kay'?''

''Yeah...I thanks.'' he responded with a grin.

''You know, it's not like you're not still, you know, you. But it would really stink if that jerk had turned us into mutants. And you were kinda brave and all.'' This comment came from one Bonnie Rockwaller, the school's up and coming fledgling queen. The Brunette was known for her catty behavior and ability to shred reputations with her sharp tongue. She was also a bombshell with amazing legs, thin waste, wide hips, and easily being one of the bustiest girls as school. Bonnie was a girl that made use of her brain and beauty to get far when it came to being popular in school.

Ron just smiled, ''You're welcome Bon-Bon.'' he said as Bonnie growled menacingly. Normally she would have berated the team's mascot, but decided that she would allow him to get away with it just this one time. 'He did beat that sad excuse of a swamp monster after all. I guess hanging out with Kim for the better part of the decade meant he was going to have to pick up a skill or two.'

"Fantastic work, Ronald,"Barkin thought with a smile.

"Now I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who wants to...'' The smile from Ron's face dropped as his eyes harden. Three objects whizzed from the tree heading towards the cheerleader.

''Look out!'' Being the only one who experienced danger on a near dayly basis resident heroine Kim Possible was able to easily dodge the projectiles while Ron tackled a few cheerleaders to the ground. They cried out in dismay but silence soon followed as a dark chuckle echoed throughout the woods. Everyone from the cops, ambulance drivers, to high school students were placed on guard.

A figure dropped down from the trees, with bluish hair and a pretty boy face.

''So it is you have been hiding like a coward, U-zu-ma-ki Naruto.''The man sneered.

''Rokusho Aoi...'' Ron's eyes narrowed noticed his features. ''I didn't think I'd ever see you again. I wonder who went to the trouble to bring your sorry ass back alive? " Not to mention how he got here as well. "If you're thinking about getting revenge it's foolish. I beat you as a loud mouth and foolish Genin with only a few techs under my belt. It's been so many years since then it's laughable to think you stand a chance now. ''

''Don't get cocky boy! Slacking off in a world like this for years could only mean you've grown rusty! That won't stop us from pounding you into the ground. I'll look forward to giving you a sizzling funerals.'' A second figure said emerging from the forest.

''You think bringing Raiga would help?'' Something isn't right! Their aura is way too hostile and the look in their eyes! Their not only too confident bt the hatred in them doesn't make sense! Whoever brought them back musn't have done this them! I wonder how they're related to that mysterious shade?"

The slightly older brown haired shinobi responded. ''I've got new eyes now...don't underestimate me as I still was one of Kiri's Seven Swordsmen.''

''Same people, same results...Futon: Daitoppa!'' Ron swung his hands at the two swordsmen, a huge gale of wind burst from Ron's palms, blasting both men backwards, knocking them into the water.

This wasn't like with Gil. He had to take them out quickly and he wasn't going to risk people's lives to maintain a secret. Forming the hand seals he created several identical copies of himself.

"All of you, finish cutting the rest of them down from Gill's trap and get everyone out of here!''

"Ron you are notleaving me behind! Now what's going on? How are you even doing this?" Kim asked, her green eyes flashing with concern. While super powered beings were known to this world they were extremely rare and seeing her best friend having these powers was mind boggling.

"Sorry Kim, there's no time to explain and don't argue with me on this. I'll explain everything later, but if you and all the others are here my focus will be divided.''

"But..." Kim stopped after seeing the look Ron had in his eye. "Alright, I'll hold you to that."

No sooner had Kim finished speaking the clones had finished cutting everyone down from Gill's gooey muck, and the figures of Aoi and Raiga burst from the water.

"Well, I hope you're happy Uzumaki, you have officially pissed me off. Now you and your little friends are going to die!" Aoi said with a sneer on his face. Aoi then charged at Ron and the girls, with the Raijin in hand.

Ron was momentarily stunned as he was pretty damned sure he destroyed that blade. Biting his right thumb and swiping the blood soaked digit across the top of his left hand. With a faint poofing sound, a blade materialized. The sword itself looked like fairly high-quality, even the cheerleaders could tell just by looking at it. The blade was almost twelve feet in length, and 1/3 foot wide. The blade itself looked razor sharp, and was a deep blue, almost a sapphire color, with various Kanji running up and down the blade. Ron then grasped the blade in his right hand and with a quick swing, Ron blocked the Ame-nin's blade, lashing out with his foot as he did so, knocking him on his back about ten feet away.

"What are you all still doing here? Go! The last thing I need is to divide my focus between fighting them and keeping you girls sage! All kagebunshin with them. Now GO!" Ron said, raising his blade just a little higher.

Startled out of their reverie, the civilian turned and stared to run to the bus with the bunshin in tow. Raiga attempted to follow, swords in hand, but was quickly blocked, courtesy of Ron's blade nearly taking his head off.

"Sorry, but to get to them, you'll have to get past me. I'll take you both on! So bring it, mendo no baka!"

Ron then flashed through several one-handed seals, ending in Tora. "Katon: Dai Enden!" As he blew, a moderately sized fire ball came flying out, nailing Raiga in the face. Raiga dropped his swords, clutching at his burned face. Quickly turning around with his sword in tow the blond warrior took off Raiga's head with a single swing. He grimaced as he felt the muscle in his arm tense up.

He then sprinted to where Aoi was just getting up, and as he neared his target, the former Konoha ninja started flashing through seals, ending with Tora.

"Suiton: Sueijinheki!" Aoi spat out a torrent of water, and then quickly used an Doton Jutsu to move underground and get a little space away from him. He then reappeared above ground about a quarter mile away,

"Damn, maybe challenging him like this wasn't such a good idea." Aoi said, panting.

"You may be right. But suffice to say, attacking like this is not something I can forgive. Your second life ends here. Celestial Slash!" A large crescent beam made out of pure white energy lashed out, heading straight for Aoi.

''Electrify, Raijin!" A surge of energy burst from the blade hitting Ron in the chest, knocking him down, as well as dispelling the red blast. When Ron stumbled to his feet what he saw shocked him. Whereas earlier, the Raijin sword could have been mistaken for a kodaichi, now could easily been confused for Momochi Zabuza's Kubukiri Hochobo. a foot and a half in length, while about eight inches wide, the sword seemed oddly out of place held in Aoi slender frame.

"Taking it up a notch, huh? Well then, I will too. Rain down, Raigeki!''

After Ron finished speaking, a flash of blue light burst from the sword, and when it faded, Aoi gasped in surprise. Held in Ron's had was a pair of katana's with a black hilt, each about a foot and a half in length and about three inches wide.

Ron then charged the traitor, catching him by surprise with two quick jabs, both of which were blocked by Aoi's ridiculously large sword. Ron then swung one katana, aiming to take Aoi's head clean off, which was again blocked with Aoi's sword. Ron then jabbed the other katana piercing through the ribs and hitting him in the lung. Aoi hissed in severe pain, and dropped his sword. Ron swung his sword, and decapitated the nuke-nin, letting his body fall to the ground. He pulled out a scroll, and sealed Aoi's head inside then rolled the scroll together, tied it, and placed it in his back pocket. He then sealed the Raijin sword, and burned Aoi's body. Then he went over to Raiga's body, and repeated the process.

"Well, this is just great. Now I'm going to have to explainso much shit I'd rather not have to. Well, better get over there, before they decide to send the army after me," He thought to himself.

As Ron walked into the clearing where everyone was waiting for him, he couldn't help but feel a sense the impending headache that came with explanations.

"Ron, everything is over, right? If that's the case you are going to sit down and tell us everything." Kim said with a stern look in her eye.

"All right, just let me set a few things up, because this is a verylong story." He walked over to a small tree, and got some kindle, and then used wind manipulation to make firewood. Then he put the firewood into the pit sitting there, and lit it with a basic Katon Jutsu.

"All right", Ron began, "This goes back to many years ago. Back to before I was Ron Stoppable. To put it simply it all began when a boy by the name of Uzumaki Naruto...''


Chapter End


I have to say, much, much, much better than the original Product by far. I have fixed so many errors and this story is going to be much better.