Mystical Kitsune Warrior




Story Start


''Kim!'' He cried out to the girl as the figure appeared behind her.

"Die!" was said as he swung his blade horizontally, attempting to cleave the girl in two.

''No!'' Naruto roared as he also swung his blade. He blocked the blade and allowed Kim enough time to move from her position. At that moment several shadow apparitions materialized.

The edge of his blade tore through each of the apparation. ''Kim! Run!'' In a matter of kick movements several Kagebunshin were created. While the shadows would have been easy to destroyed it would required if they could be hit.

''I'm not going to leave you behind!'' She said, snapping out of her stupor as she prepared to fight.

''Stay back! You'll get yourself killed.''

''One thousand needles of death!''

The senbon like ice shards materialized in the air above the red head. They began to rain down as the cheerleader dodged, flipped and spin out of the water of the frozen showers.

Naruto was forced to turn his attention back to assassin as his blade tore through another one of his Kagebunshin. They were down to three now and at this rate he would have to focus his full attention on the assassin. Though doing so would leave Kim to certain death. That attack could have only belonged to one person. Haku. Kim may have been good, better then good in this world, but against someone of Haku's power who didn't have the handicap of her kind nature and unwillingness to kill it would be a slaughter.

The mist started to quickly thin out as the Assassin did a series of hand seals. The mist had turned to water and formed the form of a water dragon. It shot towards the blond who called upon all the chakra he could and quickly countered with a Wind Dragon. His powerful affinity for wind was just enough to allow a stalemate against the Assassin's beefed up Water Dragon.

The back lash sent him crashing back as the water drops of the dragon fell to the ground.

Using a quick replacement jutsu with a tire from a nearby car he once more escaped. No time to gather chakra for Senjutsu and no telling the effect using his Jinchuuriki abilities could have on him in this state. He used far too much chakra for a few kagebunshin used to distract the Assassin and not to mention there still was Haku to deal with.

''Naruto!'' Kim cried out as she found her self trapped in a dome ice. She couldn't defeat a opponent she couldn't touch let alone she could see.

''Ki...aagh!'' The edge of the blade cut into his back causing him to fall down. His senses and responses had dulled as well. He spat out blood as the Assassin drove his foot into his back sending him crashing into the ground. He spat out more blood as the Nuke-nin ground his heel into the blond's ribs.

Though that was nothing in comparison to hearing Kim cry out. Haku's senbons piercing into her body in a blink of the eye. His heart stopped as he watched the girl, his best friend of over a decade sense he began this decade fall to the ground. Any hope of her survival had been dashed because of the knowledge that that thing. It made have had Haku's shape and memories but...His blue orbs quavered in anger as they slowly transformed into crimson fury. Fury at himself for allowing himself to become so weak, fury at the shape for taking Kim from him, and fury at the person responsible.

The siloutthe of the Kurama that had long been abandon when they made piece once more surrounded Naruto's form. In that one instant a roar filled the street that could chill the souls of even the hardened veterans. Once more the beast had awoken. Swatting the Assassin away he shot forward and tore through the ice barrier. He hoisted up Haku before she could even react and formed a demonic Rasengan in hand. The swirling of the demonic violet/crimson Rasengan filled the area. Before he could end the 'imposter' in front of him the words spoken stop him.

'Forgive me...Naruto-kun...please...kill me.'

His heart nearly stopped upon hearing those words. Neither shape had spoken during the assault. 'Haku?' He was so convinced that the Haku before him was a fake because of the girl's unwillingness to kill. Looking into her eyes he could see the turmoil and inner conflict. Someone was forcing her to fight.

Cutting through the side of his neck a whip like weapon caused the blond to be startled. Another object, one of massive weight crashed upon his head sending him to the ground and leaving him stunned. Two figure appeared, he barely got a climpse, one with short blond hair and the other with crimson hair kep in a high ponyail and he had tribal tattoos. The look in their eyes, they were like Haku's, but far more hollows.

As fast as they appeared they disappeared taking Haku and the Assassin as he presumed with him. His eyes suddenly widened as he went over to Kim. He checked her vitals and breathed out a sigh of relief that there was a pulse, but it was faint. Picking Kim up in his arms he rushed over to the Possible Residence. It was touch or go for a moment, but Kim would make a full recovery. 'Not again...' He promised himself as he realized just how much catching up to his old power he would have to do.

" Four days had passed since the incident and four days Naruto had been avoiding Kim. She got hurt because she was close to him. He knew it was cliche, often used in fiction, but in this instance he could forgive the circumstances considering his potential hunters were dangerous.


Naruto stopped in mid-stride and nearly bumped into a passing crowd.

''Watch it Stoppable!''

''Yeah, like look where you're going.''

''Have you lost it?'' 'Ron' hissed as he turned around to face Kim. ''Don't just say 'that' name out so casually in public.''

''Well if you weren't avoiding and ignoring me I wouldn't have had to. Aren't you the one that's always pointing out how idiotic it is to keep people at a distance for their own protection when it can help?'' Her question was a reference to the many movies and cartoons they watched.

''That's fantasy and often cases the other person is in danger anyway. This situation is different Kim. If you had the potential to help me that would be different, but the gap in power is just too big."

''And I'm supposed to stand by the side and watch you get killed? Let me help you?''

They made it outside and found a secluded spot at the Quad. ''You aren't strong enough Kim. I'll doubt you'll ever be. Shinobi arts isn't something like your Kung Fu or gadgets can compare to. We're talking about beings that can transform into mythical legends and have the power to nuke cities at will. I know you want to help and I know you want to understand but you can't.''

''So that's it. Ten years and you want to cast aside everything that we are? Our friendship? You made a promise...we made a promise to be friends forever. Didn't that mean anything?''

Naruto sighed and clutched his hand. There was no point in trying to sway Kim away. She was far too stubborn. ''Kim...if more people like me show up. Then please run when I tell you too.''



Kim bit her bottom look, the look in Naruto's eyes was of complete seriousness and no matter how much she wanted to say no. His hand reached out and clasped her cheek, causing her face to heat up at the touch. She knew it was important to Naruto and even if she wanted to help him...once more she was helpless against one of those shinobi. She was going to have to become stronger so next time she wouldn't be some damsel in distress. She wasn't one before and she didn't plan on becoming one now.

Her eyes soften as she said, ''Okay...but only if you can handle things. If it looks like you're about to die I won't run and leave you behind.''

''I'm only agreeing because I don't plan on finding myself in such a positon. I have to go now.''

''Go?'' She asked as more questions formed on the tip of her tongue. ''Go where?''

''Training...I don't have all that much time to goof off anymore. I need to continue getting back in shape.

"I'll see you later...'' He said as he took before Kim could stop him. As her hand reached out to him a image of Ron, her Ron came to mind. The smiling, goofy, good natured Ron. It was as if he was disappearing.

But at the same time Naruto was serious, powerful, and confident. While Ron was her best friend and she cared for him he was like how many people referred to him. A sidekick...but Naruto...he seemed to be the opposite. But at the same time, her cheeks once more went red as she thought back to his touch. To just how different and fit he seemed to be. He was visually appealing and Kim couldn't help but being a bit attracted to him. Two sides of the same coin...but Naruto and Ron were the same guy. Naruto had been Ron? Was? Is?

Kim felt an unfamiliar pang in her chest. Would it had been better if things had never changed? If Ron had never revealed himself as Naruto? Ever since then things had gotten far more...serious. Kim had been starting questioning her own mortality more and more. Against that Ice Shinobi she thought she was going to die.

But then was Naruto truly happy as Ron? Would he find it fit to ever confine in her? Every step that was taken seemed to lead to three steps back. The saying was two of course, but that wasn't the case here.

She was attracted to Naruto, but emotional invested in Ron. Mentally she just didn't know who it was she was important to. She couldn't decide which blond was the real blond, her blond. Though she did know one thing. No matter how long it would take she would find out. Until then she was going to focus on getting stronger.

Meanwhile Naruto arrived 'home' and to his surprise saw a Black cat waiting at the doorstep. ''Why hello there?'' He said as the Black Cat looked up and meowed. ''Maybe I take a small break.'' He said as it robbed up against his leg. ''What should I call you?'' He said as he picked up the cat in one arm and searched through his pocket with the other. ''Yoruichi?'' He shook his head and chuckled. ''Where the hell did that come from?'' The name had jumped out of nowhere. Taking out his keys and opened the door as he entered. He noticed his 'mom' and 'dad' weren't home as he went through the house. ''I guess I should find you a saucer of milk...'' He said as he entered the kitchen.

''I finally found you...''

Naruto froze and looked around. He listened carefully and sniff the air. unwanted scent or sounds. The only thing that he learned was the cat was female apparently, but her scent was so familiar. Which was wierd considering the only cat he personally interacted with was that damn Tora from his previous life. He shrugged his shoulders as he rumbled through the fridge for some milk. Starting tommorow some things were going to change.


Chapter End


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