"A Favour"


"Boys." Amanda Landers enters Charlie's room to find Charlie and Jason battling it out on Hero Rising.

"Boys, I told you ten minutes ago, it's time to shut the game off and go to bed. You both have school in the morning." Charlie and Jason don't even look at her.

"Mom, didn't you take away the bed times when we were like, twelve?" Jason asks, still keeping his eyes glued to the screen and moving his fingers like lightning, on the controller.

Amanda purses her lips. "Yes but that was with the condition that you both went to bed before two o'clock in the morning!"

Jason laughs. "Very funny Mom, I checked the clock a few minutes ago and it was 11:12." He turns and looks at Charlie's clock…it's 2:10 am. Jason looks innocently at his mother. All of a sudden, he notices his avatar "Terminus Mag" falling on the ground in defeat. "Aw, Mom! You just allowed Helix to kill me with one of his mutants!"

Charlie laughs. "No, actually with you just standing there I was able to use your avatar as a distraction so I could defeat Helix's mutants." Charlie stands up. "And once again, Aaron Stone, is the number one best player of Hero Rising! And the crowd goes wild!" Charlie makes pretend cheering noises. Jason rolls his eyes at him.

"And you're mother is going to go wild if you do not shut this game off for the night and go to bed this instant! Come on, Jason." Amanda heads for the door. Jason starts to follow. He stops at the doorway and turns around and points at Charlie.

"I demand a re-match." Charlie grins. "Sure…but you're still gonna lose." Jason grins back. "We'll see about that!"

"JASON! Do I have to tuck you into bed?" Amanda Landers calls out. Jason takes off while yelling out, "I'm not a baby, Mom!"

Charlie laughs and walks over to screen and is about to turn it off when something appears on the screen. "Skye Smartie has requested a chat with you. ACCEPT or DECLINE?" Charlie reads. He puts his headphones on and clicks ACCEPT. An avatar appears, a girl, with bright pink hair, nothing else really got Charlie's attention, the hair was just so bright and long.

"Hello, Aaron Stone." The avatar speaks. "I have a favour to ask of you, I can't really explain everything on here, but just know that I mean you no harm. And I am just sending you this message to tell you that, tomorrow I will appear on your doorstep, and I will fill you in on my favour, I live about an hour away from you so I will not mind taking the bus back here, if you choose not to help me. But I hope that you will find it in your heart to help. See you soon, Mr. Aaron Stone." The avatar smiles and then disappears.

Charlie isn't sure if he really saw or heard all that for real. Maybe he is just really tired from it being so late. Charlie shuts the game off and heads off to bed. "I'll just sleep this off." Charlie replies as he snuggles into his blankets.

SO this is my first attempt at an Aaron Stone fan fic, also partially my first attempt at a properly written story, (I used to write in script form). Please go easy on me, but tell me what you think, I know this is not much to go on so I will do my best to have another chapter up as soon as possible.