This here is a small idea that came out of a particular set of pictures that I've seen on DeviantART. If you've frequent DeviantART, you'll probably be able to find this story there as well. However, I've decided to bring that story to this site, as the idea is too big to remain on one site. So enjoy the prologue to one of the... most audacious undertakings that I have ever done.

A BLU Haired Medic - Prologue

"Schnell! Go get them!" BLU Medic commanded, his Ubercharged Heavy charging forward into the RED base in Badwater Basin, the bomb cart not far behind being pushed by BLU team's Scout, Demoman and Sniper. Glowing Blue, the Ubercharged Heavy and his Medic charged through as the RED team tried their best to stop BLU team from pushing to cart to the end of the track and into the pit of explosive barrels hidden in their base. A RED Engineer's Sentry fired hopelessly away at the BLU Heavy, the bullets and rockets being deflected due to the ubercharge, the distracted sentry and engineer now a prime target to the BLU Demoman, who fired off a barrage of sticky bombs underneath the two enemies, the Engineer too distracted to notice and soon both Engineer and Sentry were nothing more than a pile of parts.

After the Sentry was dealt with, BLU's ubercharge slowly began fading, but before the rest of BLU team noticed, BLU sniper fired off an arrow from his huntsman, the arrow piercing through his counterpart Sniper atop the balcony and pinning his now lifeless body to the fence behind him. "Nice Shot!" The Heavy said, giving his ally Sniper a thumbs up before proceeding forward, minigun spinning and Medic using the Heavy as a shield as the Bomb Cart quickly inched closer and closer to the destination. As the BLU below focused on keeping their bomb moving, the rest of the team was focused on harassing RED. BLU Solider and Pyro kept close watch on the respawn gates, firing rockets and fire to anyone foolish enough to stick their head out. BLU Engineer had placed his Sentry and Dispenser in the overhead room overlooking the final area, smiling to himself as he saw the bomb cart inch closer and closer towards its goal. Finally, BLU Spy was simply smoking cigarettes, chuckling a bit, seeing that the game was soon at an end.

BLU Pyro continued to keep watch on one of the respawn doors, looking back towards Soldier who was still doing the same thing, the Pyro prepared to spray flames at anyone who foolishly went out. However, as soon as the gate opened, they quickly closed, seemingly no one getting out. The Pyro could take no chances and began spraying fire everywhere, and soon an invisible being was ignited by the flames. "Fire, fire, FIRE!" Red Spy shouted, trying to flee back into the respawn room, but soon the Pyro pulled out the axtinguisher and with one chop, sliced the RED Spy in half, the Pyro soon playing the axtingusiher like a guitar to insult the RED team, giggling like a little schoolgirl.

Soon, the bomb was mere inches away from the opening, both Heavy and Medic pushing as well after clearing the area of visible REDs. "The Bomb is nearing the final terminus!" The Announcer shouted through the speakers rigged throughout Badwater Basin, the Announcer giving a wild laugh as the covering protecting the pit full of explosives opened up and the Bomb cart began to tip over; it was time for them to evacuate the area.

"Raus, Raus!" BLU Medic shouted, every BLU in the area nodding in unison. Soldier quickly launched himself with the rest of the BLU team down below with a well-timed rocket, Medic using his Medigun to patch up Soldier as Pyro ran towards the building Engineer was in, as Spy flicked his cigarette to the ground. Slowly the Bomb Cart finally tipped over into the pit and after a resounding thud, a giant explosion ripped through the hole, sending bits of metal and concrete everywhere, BLU team cheering at their victory.

"Victory," The Announcer said, the BLU team laughing in joy as they charged back into the base, entering the respawn rooms to finish off any survivors. Soon, the sun was setting in Badwater Basin as BLU team made their way back to their base, leaving RED to pick up the mess they made for them. "Last one back to the base is a lardass!" The Scout said as he began running back, the rest of the team laughing as they broke their strides into a full run, following the train tracks back to their base. Scout soon made it to the base, laughing at his victory, but before he could gloat, Scout saw a note attached to the main entrance of their base. The rest of the team soon caught up and saw the note as well.

"Oi, was this here before or was I too drunk to remember?" Demoman asked, holding his bottle as the Spy came forward and pulled the note off the wall.

"No… zis note was placed sometime after we left…" Spy replied, looking through the note, mumbling through what it said, "…next supply train… something more…" and the Spy then stopped, the rest of the team wondering why.

"What is wrong? What does little note say?" Heavy said, hoping that Spy's response didn't mean something bad.

The Spy then showed everyone the note, pointing towards the part that made him stop. "BLU team should be expecting a new recruit to arrive on the next supply train."

I'll be updating this until I've caught up with DeviantART's current number of chapters.