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The Dilemma & The Proposition

I watched in total fascination at the male creature sitting across the cafeteria. The deep guttural laugh that started deep within his abdomen and made its way to his throat made my sigh in awe, the way his fingers ran through his silky hair making it tousled and unruly. How I longed to be those fingers.

"Bella's in love." I heard a high pitched giggle beside me snapping me back to the cruel depths of reality.

"I am not."

"Uh huh. Then why is there drool hanging on the outside of your mouth?" My evil observant pixie friend Alice chided.

"I have to get back to work. Clinic duty. Patients to see." I said as I stood up and emptied my tray into the nearest garbage can.

I had made it to the elevators and was almost free of the pixie. Too bad she knows how to run. Fast.

"I don't see what the big deal is, Bella. Just ask him out already. You've been pining over him since he started six months ago. Grow a set. Take the bull by the wiener and make the first step. What's the worst thing that can happen? He says no? You move on knowing destiny has another plan in store for you." She gave me a pep talk as we stepped into the steel cube.

"You've been reading your horoscope too much. If he says no, I'll be humiliated. I wouldn't be able to show my face around him or this hospital again. It's better to love from afar. Besides, I haven't been on a date in…eight months. I'm not prepared for –"

"Bella! You haven't been on a date in eight months! Good Lord! When was the last time you had sex?!"

"Ten months, five days, and….fourteen hours. Roughly." I answered matter-of-factley looking at my watch.

"Bella. Sweetheart. Even if you don't have dates, you need to have sex. Do you realize what you're doing to yourself by depriving your lady some loving! Do you at least…you know…mas-"

"Alright Alice, that's enough. I'm not having this discussion with you anymore. It's my problem." I said as the metal doors opened and I walked to the nurse's station, grabbing a handful of patient charts.

"What problem would that be, Bella?" I heard a smooth voice behind me.

Only two words came to mind…oh shit. And Edward Cullen.

"Bella's having boy problems." Alice said as she smiled sweetly at me.

"What do you want, Cullen?" I gritted through my teeth.

The guy was hot. He was gorgeous even. Bronze wavy hair, jade green eyes, full kissable lips, sharp angular jaw. H-O-T. But the fucker was an arrogant womanizer. We have personal differences. He saw me as a piece of ass. I saw him as an ass.

"Is that anyway to greet your favorite attending physician, Swan? I might be able to help you with these boy problems Alice speaks of. If you ask nicely." He smiled innocently. Too bad I knew how Cullen's brain operated.

"You know Cullen, maybe if your dick was as big as your mouth, I might be interested."I said as I patted him on the shoulder and walked down the hall to the first exam room.

"Hi Mrs. Denali, I'm Dr. Swan. What seems to be the problem?" I introduced myself to the elderly woman sitting in front of me. Her perfect blonde coif was a major contrast against her wrinkling skin.

"Please, call me Tanya. My family doctor said I should use a suppository for my hemorrhoids. I did and now they hurt worse! I'm in so much pain when I bathe or when I have a movement."

Of course I get stuck with the butt patient…

"Alright, let me take a look at you. Put this gown on. I'll give you a few minutes to get changed." I told her as I handed her the oh-so-fashionable hospital gown.

I closed the door behind me, walking into the bustling hallway of staff and visitors. That's when I saw…him.

"Hi Bella." He smiled that charming smile.

My heart just melted. So did my panties.

"Hi Dr. Black." I swooned.

"Call me Jacob. We're friends, right?" He chuckled.

I could only nod in a lust induced stupor. Tall, built body, deep sunkissed skin, dark eyes. I think I need a panty change.

"Bella, I was wondering…would you like to…maybe sometime…have dinner? You know…with me?"

Fuck. Me.

"I'd love to!" I all but screamed in excitement.

"Great. Look, I'm on call all this week but how about…next Friday?"

"That'd be wonderful. Next Friday." I repeated like an idiot.

"Great. See ya around, Bella." He smiled one last smile and continued walking down the hallway.

With a big ass grin on my face I walked back into room with my awaiting patient.

"Alright Tanya, lay on your belly. Just relax. I'm going to make this as quick and painless as possible." I reassured as I finished putting on my latex glove and gently pulled her gown aside.

What. The. Fuck.

"Uh, Tanya? When you put the suppository in, did you remove the foil wrapper?"

"The directions didn't say to."

I wanted to smack her and call her an idiot. Carefully I removed the foil remnants and applied cream to the cuts.

"That should do it. No more foil on the suppositories when you insert them." I said as I placed her gown back in place.

"Thank you so much. My family doctor told me since it is cold and flu season; I should take 400 milligrams of Euthanasia. What do you recommend?"

I slowly placed my hand on my head and gently massaged. She was giving me a headache.

"I think you meant Echinacea not Euthanasia. Big difference. If your doctor said to take it, I say go for it. It won't hurt." I replied walking out the door, giving her privacy while she changed.

After pointing her to the general direction of the pharmacy, I walked the halls with a big grin on my face in search of Alice to let her know of my date. Until I walked into something...or rather, someone.

"Sorry. I didn-Oh. It's you."

" I heard you have a date with Black. Does he have anything to do with these boy problems the pixie spoke of earlier?" Edward said as he casually put his hands in his pockets.

"Why do you care, Edward?"

"Because the pixie also mentioned you might need a little tutoring. In the bedroom."

I'm going to fucking kick her little ass from here to Alaska.

"Damn Alice and her big fucking mouth. So I haven't had sex in almost a year. Big deal."

But it was a big deal. What if Jacob wanted to get to home base on the first date? I wasn't exactly an expert in the art of love making.

"Well Swan, since you haven't jammed out with your clam out in awhile, you might want to get reacquainted with a penis before you jump into an awkward situation."

"What are you implying? I don't know how to have sex?"

"I'm saying do you even know what a penis looks like? Or what to do with it? How to use it?"

I blushed and looked away.

"I didn't think so. I'm offering my services to you free of charge. Take it or leave it. But just know Jacob has a lot of friends here at the hospital. He is also male. Males like to talk about their sexcapades with said friends. Just be prepared to be the topic of discussion."

I liked Jacob. A lot. I couldn't believe he would be one of those guys. Regardless if he was though, Cullen was right. Men do talk about that with their friends. If Jacob was going to talk about me in bed, I want to go down in history as giving him the most mind blowing sex in the history of mankind. I want him to come back screaming for more. I want him. Period.

"Alright Cullen, I accept. My date is in seven days."

He ran a hand through his messy display of bronze locks and his green eyes locked on mine. In a serious tone he said, "That's enough time. I'll come to your place tomorrow after work."

"I just want to throw a standard disclaimer out there that this is casual, meaningless sex. Don't try anything sneaky and don't get involved emotionally." I exclaimed as I laid down the law of the bedroom.

"Fair enough Swan. See you tomorrow at seven." He smiled a panty dropping, mouth watering smile.

As I walked down the hall, contemplating ways to murder Alice without getting caught, I couldn't help but think to myself…What the fuck did I agree to?

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