Basically, I was toying with this idea for a while. There are a couple of reasons I decided to.

1. It seemed like an interesting idea to have Saito SO close to being home, but not quite being there.

2. The nobles can be quite obnoxious, and it seemed funny too have them clash with super heroes.

3. My favorite non-cannon couple is Saito and Siesta, and being able to show her what his home world seemed like the perfect way for them to hook up.

4. A severe lack of love for Siesta. Seriously the poor girl gets no stories on his website.

Non cannon type Fanfic, and I've only seen season one. So in typical comic tradition, we're having the bastard behind all this has been screwin' with time and space. And so Wardes is around. Thank you comic book bullshit.

Obligatory "Where are we Chapter":

Saito stirred himself. He was lying on something rather soft. But what? Last he remembered Siesta was saying…

"Saito… I have a day off tomorrow and I was wondering I you'd like to have lunch with me."

Right… Then Kirche got involved and the usual over exaggeration of her own chest followed. I couldn't help but get a bit distracted by her and then Louise turned the corner and saw us…


Then the whipping started. And… nothing. I'm suddenly here. Laying on a rather warm pillow… a warm pillow that smells like… flowers…

Saito struggled to his feet and looked at what he was laying on. He blushed, and turned away as Siesta began to stir. It seemed he'd been resting his head on the pretty young maids body.

"What… Saito?" she said as she stood up. "W-what happened… The last thing I remember was having to watch Ms. Françoise start whipping you…"

"I honestly have no… is that a dumpster?" Saito said suddenly.

Siesta gave him a confused look.

"Um… A what?"

"It IS a dumpster! Oh! Uh… it's a container we use to put trash in here."

"Ugh!" she gagged, "It stinks!" she was rather confused as to why in the world Saito would be so happy over a box full of garbage.

"Siesta! I… We're… This…" Saito tried to get it out but couldn't utter it…

Louise held her whip in her right hand, ready to strike again. But there was no one to strike. And she herself was in a completely different place.

"Hello? Saito… Kirche! What are you doing here!"

Wardes twitched slightly. He shook his head and did his best to stand up. Last thing he remembered, he was in a war zone, chasing after Gandlfr, and…

"What in the world?! I should be dead! I… Fouquet?"

"SAITO! PUT ME DOWN!" Siesta cried. Saito had leapt at her, pulled her into a tight embrace and lifted her off the ground.

"Home! Siesta! You have no idea…! And your home too! This is earth! We're… We're…!"

He kissed her. Siesta suddenly stopped trying to get out of his tight embrace out of sheer surprise. She had just gotten over the shock, when Saito pulled away. Much to her disappointment.

"Oh god… I wonder where we are…" Saito said. He ran off, noting that they appeared to be in some kind of alley. Then he realized what he just did, and froze, casting a glance at Siesta.

"Um…" he said nervously. "S-sorry. I got a little excited."

They were both quite for a moment. Then they heard a massive explosion.

"Is Miss Françoise trying magic again?"

"If she's here… What on earth happened?"

They both ran to where they heard the explosion… What they saw confused and frightened Saito.

"What is that strange man?" Siesta asked curiously looking at the white faced man in front of them.

"What is he? Well dear girl that's not a very nice thing to say. I suppose I'll simply have to have Harley dearest teach you a lesson in manners. And by teach you a lesson, I mean BEAT some manners into you! WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!"

A woman in red pulled out a comically oversized base ball bat. Saito moved in front of Siesta, only to be hit square in the jaw, and knocked to the ground.


How could he understand us? Wait! Why am I thinking about that NOW of all times…

"Since you don't know The Joker, I'm going to assume you also don't know the meaning of a PUNCH line."

Siesta looked up with tear filled eyes.

The Joker pulled out a gun with a punching glove mounted on it. On the glove were brass knuckles. If that thing hit someone, it was going to hurt.

"Say toodles to your boyfriend. He's not going to be picking you up for the movies any time soon. Heh heh heh!"

He pulled the trigger. Out from the brass knuckles spewed some green gas. Saito pushed Siesta away immediately, and then started coughing.

"Well if you two don't know where we are, what makes you think I will!" Louise said annoyed to Kirche and Tabitha. Then she heard laughter. Laughter that sounded like…

"Darling!" Kirche declared. "Wait for me! I want to know what's so funny~!"

"Stay away from my familiar!"

Tabitha followed quietly.

When Louise first saw the scene she was enraged beyond words. There was Saito, laughing his head off, with his head in the lap of… that… maid! She gripped he whip more firmly. But the closer they got, the unhappier Siesta seemed to be… this worried her, and she loosened her grip slightly. When she heard Siesta was trying to convince him to breathe, she tossed the whip aside, and ran to the two.

Siesta had given up trying to talk to Saito, and was in hysterics.

"HELP!" She screamed into the sky with tears in her eyes. "PLEASE! SOMEONE! ANYONE! HELP!"

"What happened," said a new, calm, cool, collected voice. The group looked behind Siesta. There… stood a man. A man in a Bat suit.

"You're not from Gotham are you?" said the strange bat man.

I get the feeling Saito would know WHO the Joker was, and maybe have a BASIC feel for what he was like, but not necessarily be a comic book expert. So what do you think?