A/N: So! 124 days until the new episode of Glee, guys. I may very well go insane. So I decided to challenge myself to writing a drabble/ficlet/one shot/whatever a day until the new episode. Well, almost every day. I'm aiming for a hundred of these badboys, so I'm only allowing myself to miss 24 days. Um. I'm not so sure I'll do a good job at this. But I'll see what I can do.

Do you guys think it's cute or totally lame that I named these babies Slushie Shots?

Puck swears that the first time he ever slushied Rachel Berry, it had been completely accidental. Not that he would ever admit that. Plus, it totally kills the story of how he became, like, totally awesome (and invented the newest and coolest form of bullying since the almighty wedgie).

Anyway, here's what happened during freshman year: school had barely started and he'd been walking down the hallways during lunch, bright red cherry slushie in hand, when he rounded a corner. And ran smack into some little midget that he didn't even know, accidentally spilling the rest of the slushie all over her.

He felt bad and all, but it wasn't his fault that she was so tiny that he completely missed her, all right?

"Oh, shit!" he muttered, sucking some slushie off his fingers before shaking off bits of red ice that had sloshed onto his arm. As he looked at the blood red puddle in the hallway, his eyes slowly started following up the trail. Finally, his eyes landed on her upper body and face, completely drenched. He winced. "Uh…"

She was just blinking her eyes open, her jaw open so wide, it had practically become unhinged in shock and from the cold. She slowly looked up at him, mixed emotions of fear, hurt, surprise, and anger on her face, before landing on an expression that quite clearly said How could you do this? I don't even know you! I demand an apology!

And that was when Puck totally recognized her! He opened his mouth to say, as casually as he could, Dude, I sit next to you in Math class. You only stopped giving me a funny look because of my Mohawk, like, last week. And I'm really sorry for the slushie. Yeah, that wasn't cool.

He got about as far as 'Dude', before he heard a howl of laugher and hooting coming from behind him. He didn't even get a chance to turn around before a large hand came clapping down on his shoulder with such force, his knees almost gave out.

"Puck, man, did you do that?" One of the seniors laughed gruffly.

"Uh." Puck glanced at Slushie Girl (Rachel Berry, his conscious reminded him and he felt another pang of guilt) for a split second before turning back to the small gaggle of football players. "Yeah?"

And as the footballers erupted into another fit of cruel laughter, this time, joined by other students in the hallway that were just noticing all the commotion, Rachel Berry pushed past them, sprinting into the nearest bathroom. (Only Puck noticed the look her face when she realized they wouldn't be empathizing or apologizing anytime soon.)

"Man, that's fucked," another footballer said, whistling under his breath. He smirked at Puck.

"You, like, destroyed her!" another laughed.

Puck tried not to wince and forced a smile on his face instead.

"For a freshman, you're pretty badass."

And just like that, any amount of guilt or remorse left Puck in an instance. All of which was then replaced with pride and basically, just a sense of pure awesome. He smirked and nodded at his upper classmen. "Fuck yeah, I'm a badass."

"We'd normally kick a cocky punkass like you—" Puck started easing away at this, "—but that slushie was freakin' epic, man."

"See you around!" they hollered as they began walking down the hallway.

"Right," Puck muttered to himself as he waited until they were out of sight. He looked at the girls' bathroom door, almost wanting Berry to walk out so he could, like, apologize or whatever. In secret, so it wouldn't ruin any of his badassness. He waited for about fifteen seconds before chickening out and making his way to class.

Too bad I just ruined her life, she was kinda cute.