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Chapter 1 - Revelations & Beginnings

Songs for Chapter 1: From the Inside - Depswa & Who's got my back? - Creed

**** indicates flashback****

Bella's POV

Looking back to the time after my father died, leaving me alone, I never thought my life would be so… tortured. I met Mike in high school and he was always following me around like a lost puppy. I finally gave him a chance when we started college. It was okay, but not what I had expected.

We were getting ready to start our sophomore year of college and I was not in a good place. Mike had convinced me a few months ago to move in with him and I really wished I could take it back. He was a very nice, sweet and caring man—until I moved in.

That was when he joined the football team and became popular, then he changed. Not for the better. He became an arrogant, mean son-of-a-bitch. Now I was like a caged animal at the pound, waiting to be put down and out of my misery. He tells me what to do and I am the idiot who listens. What choice do I have?

I looked back on the first time he ever hit me, and tried to see where I went wrong.


"Bella, hurry up, we're going to be late, damnit!" Mike yelled.

"I am hurrying but I can't find my shirt. You could come and help, you know," I said with a hint of anger.


"Damnit! Come help me if you are in such a hurry!" I was beginning to get irritated with his badgering of me.

"What in the fuck do I look like? Your fucking maid?" he said as he grabbed my arm.

"Let go of me!" I yelled.

"Bella, why are you doing this, can't you just behave and listen to me?"

"Mike, I am not a dog. I don't obey you. I am …."

He cut me off with a hand across face. The next thing I knew I was on my back, laying across the bed, gasping for air. He told me just to stay home; he didn't want to be bothered with me tonight.

I packed my clothes and was ready when he came home to leave. He walked in, apparently in a bad mood. He stopped dead in his tracks as he stared at my suitcases.

"Where in the hell are you going?"

"I am done with you. I will not let you do this anymore. I am telling you goodbye!" I yelled.

I grabbed my stuff to leave and my face met the wall. "You listen to me and listen good. There is no getting away from me. Where are you gonna go, huh? You have no one to run to. Jacob doesn't love or want you around and that stupid father of yours got himself killed, so what the hell are you going to do? I will always find you. I will not let you go, I would kill you first. I'll make you suffer, the way you make me suffer. Remember what I tell you. If you ever think of doing this again. I. Will. Kill. You!" he yelled.


I laid there for hours, crying and wishing I could get away. But I knew he would find me. I would always remember that day as the start of the shit track called 'Life with Mike'.

In all honesty he scared the shit out of me. Charlie raised me better than that. I mean, I knew self-defense and all but there is a size difference. I was only five feet, two inches tall and he was six feet tall, easily out-weighing me by a hundred pounds, maybe more. He was the quarterback for the University of Washington in Seattle and was a total asshat! I thought I was in love with him, which was why I moved in, but after moving in I was not so sure. I despised him, but he loved me.

When we went out with his friends, my friends—anyone really—he was always so polite. God forbid I disagreed or said something that was on my mind. As soon as we were in the door I was being slammed into a wall or the couch.

I just didn't think I could take much more. He only hit me where no one would be able to see the bruises. I couldn't image what anyone would say if I ever told them what he did to me. They'd either not believe me or he'd kill me for telling.

I knew my life in a on the shit track, but what else could I do? I had no family left; Jacob, my best friend, wasn't around since he got a life of his own with Maggie and his duties as a Quiluete pack member. He loved it of course, but I missed him. Being away from them only made things worse for me. At least Mike loved me, right?

"What the hell are you complaining about, Swan? If you would stop making him mad this wouldn't happen!" I got the feeling I would just have to endure it until he killed me or I got enough nerve to fight back. Most likely, he was going to kill me.

I wished I was Jennifer Lopez in 'Enough' or Julia Roberts in 'Married to the Enemy'. They kicked ass and took names. I was not that strong though and the likelihood of me getting the best of him was highly unlikely. If he was dead, maybe. Shit!

The song that came on the radio made me stop in my tracks. Depswa's Breaking Inside, I was taking it as a sign, I was just stuck.

I cried out in frustration, "This is not the time or place to be thinking of this shit, Swan."

I was trying to give myself a pep talk as I got ready for bed and it was not working out so well. All I could do was avoid alone time with him as much as possible and try to save enough money to move out. I had a bunch saved already but I might need emergency money so I would leave it for a bit.

Now that I had a half-assed plan, I finished getting ready for bed, a little less anxious. Classes started early in the morning and I'd need all my sleep to be able to focus.

Beep........... Beep.......... Beep...........

"Fuck me!" I growled as I stretched.

The first day of classes was here. I slapped my alarm off the table beside the bed. It was entirely too early for my brain to function. I had too much on my mind when I went to bed and I did not sleep much.

Why was I torturing myself with an early class? Oh yeah, to be able to spend as time away from Mike as possible. When I rolled over he wasn't there, I was confused for a minute then remembered he had an early morning scrimmage. Thank you, Jesus. I could relax a minute before I got up.

"Bella Swan, get your ass out of this bed, right now! You do not want to be late for class." Yelling at myself was probably not a sane thing to do but it always seemed to work.

I got up, showered, got a cup of coffee and was out the door in less than thirty minutes. The only time I could truly smile during the day and feel completely happy was when I went out and see my baby.

"Daisy," I cried out with a giggle.

Okay, it was a car but she was my baby. She was a 2008 Ford Mustang, black and very fast. I wasn't really one for the speed, but I loved this car. It was my birthday present from my dad right before he was killed. I would cherish her forever. Every time I was behind the wheel it felt like Charlie was with me. Always my protector. I got to the school parking lot and parked Daisy.

As I got out all eyes were on me and I hated being the center of attention. I could feel my cheeks redden with a blush as I got my backpack from the trunk. I noticed a small group of kids watching me but paid them no more attention as I headed to the lecture hall for my first class.

Alice's POV

"Alice, what was that?" Edward asked in a panic.

"I.... I don't know. I think it was her," I said, pointing to the girl we saw getting her backpack out of the Mustang that was drawing gasps and whispers.

She was in danger but I couldn't tell when or where. Why was I having a vision about her? I'd never seen her before. I was sure of it.

"Edward, can you get a read on her. I hate to ask, but..." I trailed off, seeing his face.

"No. I... she is a blank spot for me."

"What do you mean a blank spot?" Jasper asked.

"Has that ever happened before?" Rosalie asked.

"No, I will have to talk to Carlisle about it when they get back in the morning," he whispered.

I could see her going into the same lecture hall I was in so I was going to make it my mission to get to know her and figure this out. We all scattered to go to our respective classes. As I walked in, I immediately found her sitting in the back of the class.

I giggled to myself as I thought of having a friend at school. I made my way to her and sat next to her. She did not cringe away from me like most humans did. I knew she and I were going to be good friends.

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