For as long as she could remember, all Jaimie really wanted was for her life to be simple. Not that her memory was the greatest, the years she spent stone out of her mind tended to blend together but the real thread that seemed to run through her life from before to after was the desire for a life that was better, easier, simple.

And she was pretty sure she wasn't ever going to get it.

She met a nice guy, the right guy, Mr. perfect, and maybe at first things had been simple between them, but it hadn't lasted. Life with Scott hadn't been what she expected, and that was mostly her fault, but she was starting to believe she was never really going to get to simple.

Things with Dean were never simple, except that they actually were, when she really thought about it. They didn't have any expectations for each other, they could just be, whoever they were, whatever they needed they took.

When things with Scott fell apart, when she told him who she really was and he left, Dean had stuck around, had actually tried to be a friend to her, at least as much Dean could ever just be her friend.

She thought he would feel like some kind of consolation prize, the guy she got because she fucked things up with the perfect guy, the guy she ended up with because she was fucked up but so was he, but at some point he stopped feeling like any of those things and started to feel like something real, and that really scared her.

She stared at him, one of his arms draped across her body as he slept.

"I love you," she murmured.

He blinked slowly and looked at her. "Love you too," he mumbled, tugging her closer. "Go to sleep."

She smiled, snuggling against him. Maybe it could be that simple after all.