Summary – Harry, the last of his kind, escapes from Britain after a long and gruelling battle and heads for America. He is completely unaware of the danger he has just thrown himself into. HPDW Slash

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Harry sighed and ran his hands though his hair before glancing around him and pulled the hood of his cloak up so that it covered his head. He then glanced around him once more and left the shadows of the alley he was standing in and headed over the large white building ahead of him.

Running up the steps, nodding his head at the goblins standing guard at the door, he entered Gringotts and headed over the only teller free and smiled when the Goblin immediately glanced up at him enquiringly.


"I have an appointment with Goblin Griphook." Harry said, still occasionally glancing around him nervously. The Goblin checked something on his desk and then grinned widely.

"Of course. Please wait here and I shall send a Goblin over to take you to him." The Goblin told him before stepping away from his desk and leaving to presumably find a Goblin to take him to Griphook. After a couple of minutes, in which Harry kept an eye on every wizard and witch that entered the building, a goblin walked over to him and cleared his throat.

"Please follow me."

"Thank you." Harry said with a slight bow to his head and then proceeded to follow the Goblin through the many halls of Gringotts, which Harry would admit shocked him, until they stopped in front of a large, ornate door. The Goblin knocked on the door and then opened it, allowing for Harry to pass him into the room and then closing the door behind him.

"Ah, My Lord. I have managed to arrange everything for you. Everything seems to be in order and the Ministry will not find out about it until tomorrow evening. You shall have long since left these shores. I assume you will be using your recently acquired identity rather than your birth name?"

"Yes Griphook."

"Good good. I had assumed so when I had all your documents made. Of course, had you wished to change your name, that also would not have been a problem. So then My Lord, I guess this is goodbye for now."

"I guess it is. You have been a valuable friend to me in these past years Griphook. May the Goblin race forever be strong and prosperous."

"Thank you. I have something for you from the Goblin race." Griphook told him, opening a drawer of his desk and pulling out a small box and handing it over to Harry.

Harry took it and opened it, shocked to find an emerald teardrop the size of his thumbnail hanging from a gold choker. It looked like a very fancy and expensive cat collar, much to Harry's amusement. His amusement must have shown on his face, as Griphook chuckled.

"It is charmed to keep your true appearance hidden from all who do not know the truth. Alas, once someone does know the truth, it will never hide your appearance. Sorry."

"Griphook. Really! This is far more than I could ever have imagined. I will be eternally grateful to you and your kin."

"There is no need for that My Lord. You have done far too much for us already, this will barely repay a fraction of that. Now, I do believe your plane will be leaving in an hour. Are you ready to leave? Do you have everything you will need?"

Harry glanced at the collar and placed it around his neck and then looked back up at the Goblin and smiled. "Yes, I have everything I will need with me." Harry patted his pocket.

"In that case, before I give you the portkey to the airport, I do believe there is one last thing I need to do."

"What? Is everything alright?"

"Here are all your documents you will need. Everything is perfectly legal and I have managed to get your registered with the American Ministry, though they obviously do not know the whole truth, nor your true identity. Finally, here is the contact details for myself, King Ragnorok and both this branch and the New York branch of Gringotts. Ring me if you need anything. And I mean anything."

"I will. Thank you once again. Truly."

"Here is your portkey." Griphook handed him a keyring in the shape of the Gringotts crest, getting an amused look from Harry. "Oh, and goodluck... Harry." And with that Harry was whisked away.

((page break))

Harry groaned as he was deposited in the portkey area of Heathrow, but noticed that he had thankfully managed to stay on his feet.

"Bloody Goblin." Harry muttered with a fond smile. He then opened the folder Griphook had given him and located both his ticket and passport. He then took off his cloak, praying that the collar worked, though he didn't doubt the Goblin charms put into it. He was still paranoid though. He glanced down at his clothes, deeming them Muggle-friendly and exited the portkey area into the Muggle side of Heathrow.

Walking through the many Muggle holidaymakers, he managed to make his way to the right desk, after queuing up for almost ten minutes. He smiled at the woman behind the desk and handed over his ticket and passport.

"Everything seems to be in order. Do you have any luggage?"

"Er... Nope. Do I need any?"

"Well no. I suppose not. If that is everything then, please head on over to gate nine."

"Sure thing! Cheers!" Harry took back his ticket and passport and then made his way to gate nine, dodging out the way of the bumbling people crowding the airport and breathed a sigh of relief when he finally made it there.

Once again, handing over his ticket and passport and then walking through the metal detector, breathing a sigh of relief when nothing went off.

He waited patiently for his flight to be called and then headed over when they called for the first class passengers to board the plane. Harry smiled as he walked onto the plane and breathed a sigh of relief. He was finally getting away. Away from the death and pain. Away from the betrayal. Away from the sheer stupidity and prejudice of the wizarding world. Just, away.

Harry watched as the runway passed by the window and slowly began to shrink away as the plane left the ground. He was finally getting to live his life. And his first step in doing that was to get a degree. So he was heading for Stanford. A little older than most students, but according to his records he was born in 1983, so he supposed he would get away with it. Of course, the fact that he didn't age past eighteen helped things along considerably. Or well it did in this case. Made getting hammered a darn sight more difficult however.

When the plane finally landed in California, Harry smiled again and stood up from his seat, making his way down the aisle and leaving the plane. He gasped as the warm August air hit his body and he was suddenly grateful for wearing a thin t-shirt and jeans. Shrugging he walked down the steps off the plane and walked into the airport, passing the baggage claim and heading to where the notes had mentioned his car would be.

He gaped at the black Aston Martin V8 and then grinned, digging in the folder for the keys and heading over to his new car and stroking the bonnet before getting in the car and driving out of the carpark.

His new life began here. No longer was he Harry Potter, last survivor of his kind after the Magical Purge (Though that was only what those of the minor races called it. Officially, by the winners, it was called the Magical Revolution). Boy Who Lived To Defeat Voldemort. Golden Boy. Freak. He was someone new.

He was Lord Asmodeus Tenebrion.

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