Chapter Thirty-Two

Dean and Asmodeus both quickly ran over to Sam as well, Dean falling to the ground to kneel in front of Sam, and pulling him to his chest. "Sammy!" Asmodeus placed a hand on Dean's shoulder, whilst looking at Sanguini, who nodded.

"Dean, you've got to move out of the way. We can save Sammy, but you've got to move." Asmodeus told him gently, moving Dean away from Sam with some difficulty, but eventually managed.

Sanguini then quickly pulled Sam to him, and looked up at Asmodeus and Dean briefly before he bit into Sam's neck. Asmodeus placed a firm hand on Dean to stop him from moving towards Sam and they both watched as Sanguini soon sliced his wrist and held it to Sam's mouth once he had pulled away from Sam's neck.

Asmodeus held his breath for a couple of seconds, before releasing it when he saw Sam latch onto the wrist in front of him. Dean looked at Sanguini and Sam and then back at Asmodeus in confusion.

"What's happening? Is this keeping Sam alive? Will Sammy live?" Dean asked him frantically, and Asmodeus stepped closer to him and placed his arm around his waist.

"Technically, he's not alive anymore." Asmodeus told him in a soft, quiet voice and Dean shot him a startled look.

"What do you mean?"

"Dean, Sanguini's turning him. He's going to be a vampire. He's going to become Sanguini's childe. Amusingly enough, by the end of tonight, he's going to be Prince Samuel Winchester-De La Mer. Well, to us anyway."

"He's a vampire?" Dean stated dully, not taking his eyes off of Sam, who Sanguini was now cradling having taken his wrist away from Sam's mouth a few minutes before.

"Yeah Dean, he is."

"Shit. What are we gonna tell Bobby?" Dean muttered and Asmodeus couldn't help but chuckle slightly.

"No idea. Come on, let's take Sam to one of the surrounding houses, make his change a little easier than doing it out in the open. Sanguini, come on." Asmodeus said in a louder voice to Sanguini, who nodded and then picked Sam up with no difficulty, which surprised Dean a little considering how much taller Sam was to... well everybody.

Asmodeus held Dean's hand and pulled him behind Sanguini, who was carrying Sam's body towards one of the nearest houses, but both Dean and Asmodeus paused when Bobby came back to them and threw a curious and slightly suspicious glance towards Sam and Sanguini.

"He gonna be okay?" Bobby asked, having been to far away to see the blood around Sam's mouth thankfully.

"Er... yeah. The knife missed all major organs and so on. Sanguini's taking him to patch him up. You should head back home Bobby, see if you can find out something about Ellen and Ash." Dean told him, eyes darting over to the house Sanguini had just entered with Sam.

"Hmm. You boys are hiding something from me. You must think I'm an idjit, I saw where that knife had stabbed that boy and it was pretty damn close to his spine." Bobby told them with narrowed eyes and Asmodeus nibbled on his lip and looked up at Dean.

"Look Bobby. Sam is fine. That's all that matters. Go home, Bobby and we'll come to you when Sam is awake." Dean told him firmly and Bobby looked at them both suspiciously before grumbling under his breath.

"Fine. I'll head back to my place and ask around about Ellen and Ash, but you four had better have some answers for me when you come back. You will tell me everything. Including what Sanguini is."

"That's fine Bobby, but you really need to head off now." Asmodeus told him in tired voice and Bobby nodded stiffly before walking past them towards where they had parked the cars. "That... was easier than I thought it would be."

"Tell me about it. Come on, we need to get to Sam." Dean told him, before tugging on his hand slightly and pulling him to the house that Sanguini had entered with Sam's body.

They entered the house and then Asmodeus led Dean towards where he could smell Sanguini and a changing vampire. He glanced at Dean nervously but took him into the room. Sanguini looked up from where he was sitting on the side of the newly transfigured bed and sent Asmodeus a pointed look.

Dean looked between the two suspiciously before rolling his eyes and walking towards Sam, only to spin around and glare at Asmodeus when he stopped him.

"I want. No. I need to see if Sammy is okay." Dean told him and Asmodeus closed his eyes and chewed on his bottom lip.

"We need to go to Gringotts first. Sanguini will stay here and keep watch over Sam. Besides, Sam won't wake up for hours yet. A day at the least. So, you're going to come with me to Chicago so that we can get some potions that Sam is going to need and then place an order for more of them." Asmodeus told him in a voice that left no room for argument, not that Dean didn't try.

"What? No way! I'm not leaving Sam! He needs me!"

"No he doesn't. He technically, right now, doesn't need anyone. However, when he wakes, he's going to need me. You and Asmodeus will be asked for once he comes around, but before that, he will only need his sire. Which is me." Sanguini told him, making Dean spin around and pin him with a steely glare.

Asmodeus took that opportunity to quickly move over to Dean and wrap his arms around his waist, pressing his face into Dean's back and knowing that he was about to royally piss off his mate.

"Pikachu." Asmodeus muttered and then felt the tugging sensation behind his navel that signified their departure to the Chicago Gringotts.


Asmodeus and Dean landed in a pile on the floor of the foyer of Gringotts and Asmodeus quickly leapt up and out of the way of a volatile Dean.

"Bitch! Why the hell did you do that?! My brother is dead and you just dragged me away! How could you?" Dean yelled once he had got up off the floor and Asmodeus winced slightly, looking around them at the attention they were getting from the night staff at Gringotts and the late customers.

"He's not dead, stop being over dramatic." Asmodeus mumbled, wincing when Dean actually growled at him.

"I swear to God, if you weren't so short, I'd kick your ass."

"Short?! Oh what, so that's what's stopping you? My height? Well bring it tough guy! Or are you scared that this midget will kick your ass!" Asmodeus spat, grinning mirthlessly when Dean narrowed his eyes at him. Dean stepped closer to him, but before either one of them could throw the first punch, they both found themselves being held back by four goblins.

"Lords, if you could perhaps take this argument to one of our back rooms, I can send Griphook to you when you have finished." The goblin holding Asmodeus' right arm told them and Asmodeus sighed and relaxed slightly.

"Sorry. We're just both a little stressed right now. Just take us to Griphook's office and we promise not to start any fights." Asmodeus told the goblin, getting a stiff nod of agreement from Dean.

"Right this way then, my Lords." The goblin told them and once the goblins had let go of the two, Dean and Asmodeus followed the goblin to Griphook's office and then entered the room once Griphook had called out for them to enter.

"Lord Tenebrion, Lord Winchester—"

"Dude, seriously, call me Dean. Or if you have to Mister Winchester. Lord is just creepy." Dean muttered, getting a toothy grin from Griphook, who then nodded and waved them into their seats.

"Of course. I am assuming you are hear for some potions for a newborn vampire." Griphook asked them, looking at Asmodeus who nodded.

"Wait, how did you know that?" Dean asked him and Griphook looked at him steadily and then grinned at him again.

"Besides hearing your rather amusing argument outside, our records have stated that there is a new King De La Mer and a new Prince. As soon as we noted the changes, we got the potions ready."

"Thank you Griphook. Shall I place the order for the monthly potion supply Sam will need?"

"Already done, it will be ready to be collected when King Sanguini comes to collect his own. Here are the potions you will be needing today. Will Lo—I'm sorry, will Mr Winchester be staying here for the transition?"

"What? Oh hell no, I'm going back to Sam. Leave me here Asmodeus and I will make you pay." Dean growled and Asmodeus winced and flattened his ears to his head.

"No. Dean will be comin back with me." Asmodeus mumbled quietly, making Griphook frown but hand the potions over to him.

"Are you sure that is wise?"

"Oh no, I'm almost certain it is a crappy idea, but you heard Dean." Asmodeus told him and Dean just watched the two with growing confusion.

"Why is it so bad if I come with you to Sam?" Dean demanded before either one could say something to further confuse him.

"You'll soon find out. Come on, let's get back to Sanguini with these. We can get some sleep before Sam wakes up." Asmodeus told him, trying to hide a yawn and getting a concerned look from both Dean and Griphook.

"Alright, though I highly doubt I am going to get any sleep whilst Sammy is as good as dead." Dean told him, standing up from his seat and then holding out a hand to help Asmodeus stand up and getting a sleepy smile from Asmodeus.

"Alright, thanks for this Griphook. Take the money and a bonus from mine and Sanguini's joint vault. You deserve it." Asmodeus told the delighted goblin and then leant against Dean and muttered the word to return them back to Cold Oak.


Much to Asmodeus' shock and confusion, and raising a small amount of suspicion in him, Sam woke up only seven hours after Sanguini first gave him his blood. Asmodeus and Dean had both managed to get about three hours of sleep before the worry they both had over Sam kept them from getting anymore and they had both spent the last two hours sitting in the room with Sam and Sanguini, even though Asmodeus had begged and pleaded with Dean for them not to be in there.

Almost as soon as Sam had sat up, he had narrowed in on Dean, the only part human in the room, and practically leapt at him, only to come to an abrupt stop when Asmodeus jumped in between them, much to Dean's confusion.

"Oh no Sammy. He's mine. You don't touch him, you don't sniff him, in fact, you don't even look at him without my say so, understand me?" Asmodeus demanded, not bothering that Sam towered over him by over a foot in height. Sam growled at him before backing up a step when Asmodeus snarled at him in response, flashing his growing fangs, twitching his hands to bring Sam's attention to his dripping claws.

"Sam." Sanguini called out, and Sam immediately shifted so that he could look at Sanguini without losing sight of Asmodeus, clearly not sure which was the greater threat. Though Asmodeus would have told him that it was Sanguini he should be worried about.

"What the hell is—"

"Shut up Dean." Asmodeus muttered through clenched teeth, when Sam turned back to look at Dean, before looking back at Asmodeus warily. "Sanguini, get the damned potions and control your damned Childe."

"Sam, come here please." Sanguini called out and Sam threw one last glance at Asmodeus before he turned and walked to Sanguini. Sanguini pulled out a vial of a milky liquid and handed it to Sam. "Drink."

Sam looked at the vial curiously and then at Sanguini before he pulled the cork out and sniffed it, wrinkling his nose in distaste and turning away from the potion.

"Christ, he was never this bloody annoying as a human." Asmodeus muttered, not moving from his spot in front of Dean, who was taking his mates advice and keeping quiet. Shuddering when he remembered the hungry look in Sam's eyes when he looked at him.

"Drink it, Sam." Sanguini ordered, though Asmodeus noted that he still wasn't using the voice that would force Sam to drink it. He wasn't entirely sure whether he was happy about that or not. Sam looked at the potion again before shooting a pleading look at Sanguini, which made Asmodeus snort in amusement before he coughed and covered it up. "Drink."

Sam grumbled something under his breath that had Sanguini's lips twitching into a small smile, before he dropped it and sent Sam a stern look. Sam muttered something again and then downed the potion, pulling a disgusted face which made Dean chuckle before coughing and dodging behind Asmodeus slightly when Sam looked over at him.

"Ugh. That was gross." Sam muttered, handing the potion back to Sanguini and making Asmodeus breathe a sigh of relief and step back to stand next to Dean instead of in front of him. "Why do I feel the need to ask Asmodeus' permission to talk to Dean?"

Sanguini chuckled in amusement before letting out a loud laugh and clutching his stomach in amusement, before finally calming down at looking at a highly confused Sam.

"You went for Dean, which Asmodeus saw as a threat to his mate and challenged you on it. Clearly, even in a bloodlust fuelled mind, you realised the danger of going against an enraged neko demon."

"Huh?" Dean asked, looking at Sanguini in confusion, before turning his questioning look to Asmodeus.

"Sam wanted to eat you for lack of better words. I felt that that was not going to happen ever and told him as such. In doing so I showed him that I was above him in the pecking order."

"Seriously? You're considered higher than a vampire?" Dean asked him and Sam looked at him questioningly at that as well.

"Simply? Yeah. I'm badass." Asmodeus said with a wide grin, making Dean start laughing somewhat hysterically. "It's not that funny."

"Oh Puss, you're adorable." Dean muttered between chuckles, wiping at his eyes.

"Yeah, yeah. We still have things to discuss, and Sanguini and Sam have to have their official naming ceremony thingamahick. We also have to talk about what we are going to tell Bobby about this. And Ash and Ellen. And Azazel and Jake. And—"

"Alright! We get it! We have a lot to talk about. Now, you and Dean will have to leave and go do something... else so that me and Sam can do said naming ceremony thingamahick." Sanguini told him dryly, getting a sheepish grin from Asmodeus, who nodded and pulled Dean to the door.

"Hey, wait. What? I want to talk to Sam! Why are we leaving?" Dean called out, planting his feet firmly in the ground to stop Asmodeus from taking him out of the room.

"Stop being a child Dean. We need to leave them to it as we're not part of their erm... vampire-y rights... thing." Asmodeus told him, struggling to think up the right words and getting a bemused look from Dean. "We just can't be here."

"Why?! And why does Sam get a new name? Will we not call him Sam anymore?"

"No, he'll still be called Sam, but for those within Sanguini's clan, both will go by another name officially. I don't know! It's bloody confusing if you ask me! Neko's and other demons have the name they were given at birth and that's it!"

"Which is exactly what this is. Sam has been reborn and so he gets a new name. However, myself and Sam will be the only ones to know it. It was a precaution placed millennia ago when clan members needed to send secret letters to each other without outside people knowing who they were about, to or from." Sanguini explained and Dean nodded then narrowed his eyes.

"But Puss is your brother, and Sam is my brother and your er... childe? Mate? I have no idea. Still, my point is, are Puss and I not members of your clan?" Dean asked them and Asmodeus sighed in unison with Sanguini, whilst Sam just looked slightly amused.

"You're not vampires. There are things that Asmodeus would have shared with you if you had been a demon that he hasn't told me. In fact, as you are his mate, there will have been things about neko's that he probably shared with him, that he hasn't shared with me or Sam. Do you see where I'm going with this?"

"Sure, we're the wrong species so you don't see us as family." Dean told him shortly and Asmodeus groaned in exasperation behind Dean.

"No. You and Asmodeus are family, but you aren't..." Sanguini trailed off, unsure of how to explain things, then shot Asmodeus a grateful look when he stepped in.

"Sanguini is a king now, right? And Sam is a prince, yeah?"

"Yeah." Dean agreed slowly, not seeing where he was going with this.

"Right, well you and me? We're not. We're lords, which is like a rung lower on a social ladder. There are secrets between lords that the reigning monarchy won't know about and there are secrets within the reigning monarchs that the lords have no place to know of. That is why we can't be here for the naming."

"But it's just a name!"

"Dammit Dean! Can you not just accept that you can't be a part of this and leave? Go screw As or something!" Sam yelled, getting stunned looks from the other three.

"Sam? I..."

"I'm sorry Dean. I don't know why I snapped. Sorry As." Sam sighed when he noticed Asmodeus' bright red face.

"It's cool. You're dealing with being a whole new species. I get that your emotions are probably a little... off right now. Mine were when I changed." Asmodeus admitted with a weak smile and a shrug.

"I'm sorry, Sammy. We'll leave you to your naming whatever." Dean muttered, before walking past Asmodeus and out of the room. Asmodeus watched him go with a sigh then looked back at the two vampires.

"Don't be long. We really do need to have a talk. Don't worry about Dean, I'll talk to him. Perhaps share some Tenebrion secrets with him to make him feel better." Asmodeus said with a grin.

"Thanks As." Asmodeus nodded his head at them and then walked out of the room and followed the scent of Dean out of the house and to an abandoned, disused barn.

"Hey. What are you doing in here?" Asmodeus asked him softly, making Dean look over at him from where he was leaning against a machine left in the barn.

"Sammy's not my brother anymore, is he?"

"What? Don't be stupid, of course he is." Asmodeus said with a frown, moving so that he stood between Dean's legs and placing his hands on his waist.

"He doesn't feel like it. First he tried to attack me, then he deferred to you and Sanguini before he would look at me and then he yelled at me. That's not the Sammy I practically brought up." Dean muttered leaning forwards slightly to press his nose into Asmodeus' hair to breathe in his scent.

"You may not think so, but Sammy yelling at you was a good sign. He didn't look to me or Sanguini to check that it was okay, he reacted to you like you were his brother, which you are."

"But he's so different now."

"He is different, Socks. He's a completely different species now. When he attacked you, he wasn't himself, he was in a bloodlust. Sanguini was right when he said that I was more of a threat. You may not believe it, but vampires feared demons, even Sanguini's family. If you want, I can take off the charm that is blocking your true scent so that Sam will not bother you again."

"I don't want that. I just want Sammy back."

"Dean, he never went anywhere in the first place. Just let him get used to the fact that he has no pulse, can smell and hear everything ten times better and is somewhat attracted to his older brothers smell."

"What?" Dean yelped, much to Asmodeus' amusement.

"Imagine that Sam smelt like... pie and that's all you could smell when you were around Sam. You'd probably find yourself somewhat attracted to him, even if he is your brother, but for a completely different reason than what you are thinking. Sam wants to eat you, Dean."

"And if you take off the scent blocking spell on me, he won't want that anymore?"

"Nope. You're an ookami, they are more threatening to vampires than even neko's are. Sam won't even consider biting you, his natural instincts will scream at him that it is a bad idea. In fact, now that his vampire side knows you are my mate, it will scream at him to leave you alone so that he doesn't piss me off."

"You make it sound like he has more than one personality." Dean deadpanned, pulling away slightly to look at Asmodeus.

"Well, he kinda does. He has this whole other side of him that is almost animalistic, eventually, he will merge completely with it, then he will be like Sanguini... and me. Somewhat amoral."

"That doesn't sound like Sam. See? This is what I mean, Sam's not my little brother anymore." Dean muttered almost despondently, pulling Asmodeus against him and pressing his nose into Asmodeus' neck.

"Dean, you're being a little silly about all this. I get that you are scared that Sam won't need you anymore, but you're wrong. He needs you more now, than he has ever needed you. You need to treat him like you always have, don't treat him differently or in anyway that Sam might read as you rejecting him. He may not have shown it yet, but soon he's going to fear that you are going to hate him for becoming one of the things you were both raised to hate and kill."

"What do I do?" Dean mumbled into Asmodeus' neck and Asmodeus tightened his arms around his waist and pressed a light kiss to Dean's shoulder.

"Like I said, treat him like you would normally. Don't tiptoe around him, don't hold yourself back, mock him, tease him, generally make an ass of yourself." Asmodeus added in an amused voice, chuckling when Dean nipped at his neck lightly. "You know, it might help if he knew that you were no longer human as well."

"Not yet." Dean muttered and Asmodeus sighed but accepted it.

"See, that fear you're feeling right there, that's what Sam is feeling about you. You and Sam have far more in common than you seem to believe. You both have mates that turned you into something other than human and you both fear the reaction your brother is going to have at that revelation. Sam just didn't have the choice to hide the change like you did."

"When did you get so wise, you weren't when I first met you." Dean muttered with slight amusement.

"Oh haha. I've always been this wise, I just hid it from you so that you didn't feel inferior to my better qualities."

"Better qualities? What are they exactly? I think I need my mind refreshed." Dean said and Asmodeus narrowed his eyes at the wall behind Dean.

"Well, I'm better looking for one and –"

"Ah, no. You told me that you were jealous of my stunning looks."

"Damn, I did, didn't I? Fine, my superior wit and intellect."

"Fine, I'll give you that one, Doctor Tenebrion. Even if you did cheat."

"I did not cheat! I got that title fair and square."

"Sure, if you want."

"I do want. Besides wit and intellect, I'm funnier than you."

"More sarcastic and bitchy, yeah, but funnier? No way."

"Sarcastic and bitchy? I am not!"

"Sure you are. You're like a hormonal teenage girl sometimes." Dean told him in amusement and Asmodeus gasped in anger and pulled back to glare at Dean.

"I do not! You take that back!"

"Or what?"

"Or... or... I won't sleep with you."

"You do know that that punishes you as well, right?" Dean asked him with a smirk playing on his lips, making Asmodeus narrow his eyes at him and then grin evilly.

"Ah, you forget those delightful toys we bought. I won't be missing out on anything." Asmodeus told him, grinning when Dean's eyes dilated in lust at the thought.

"I had forgotten about those. Can I watch?"

"Oh no, that wouldn't be a punishment then, would it?" Asmodeus asked him with a grin that Dean decided he greatly disliked.

"I really don't like you sometimes."

"Ah, you love me."

"Sure, doesn't make me like you though. Withholding sex from me is mean. Cruel even." Dean told him with a slight whine, causing Asmodeus to chuckle at him.

"You can use the toys as well. You know, being the submissive in a relationship is a lot of fun. Give it a try."

"You want to top?" Dean asked him incredulously and Asmodeus snorted in amusement and shook his head.

"Don't be silly, Socks. I'm withholding sex from you with me remember? Besides, I don't want to top. I'm submissive, I like to bottom. You can use a toy to shag yourself so to speak." Asmodeus told him with a grin, grin widening when Dean gaped at him and then scowled.

"Oh hell no. I want to have sex with you! Or watch you use the toys! Or use the toys on you myself. Or—"

"Alright, I get the hint, you're depraved. I'm sure this little stint of abstinance will do you some good. You know, I'm not sure you've ever gone longer than a week without sex before."

"Don't be stupid. I didn't sleep with anyone after you finally decided to admit your feelings for me. So that was, what? Two months?"

"Wow Dean, two whole months. You must've had a seriously bad case of blue balls with that stint." Asmodeus drawled sarcastically, before shrieking in laughter when Dean attacked him and started to tickle him.

"I'll have you know, that you drove me to distraction, acting all coy and innocent all the time."

"Er...! You corrupted me! Sanguini ran off and you took the opportunity to corrupt my innocent mind with your wicked ways! So, you weren't exactly sexless for those two months. I make it maybe three weeks. If that. Admit it, you're a sex fiend!"

"Fiend? I don't hear you complaining about it!" Dean muttered, grabbing Asmodeus around his waist and pulling him to his chest, kissing Asmodeus' neck.

"Oh I'm not. Definitely not!" Asmodeus gasped, tilting his head to the side to give Dean better access to his neck.

"Good. So, think Sanguini and Sam are done yet?" Dean asked, pushing Asmodeus away from him and smirking when Asmodeus looked at him, dazed for a few minutes before he shook his head and then glared at him.

"And I'm the mean one? At least I don't get things started and then change the subject! That's just cruel, Winchester." Asmodeus grouched, getting a laugh from Dean.

"Ah, what can I say? I'm just a tease."

"I'm sure there have been many things said about Dean Winchester, but I'm almost certain that a tease was never one of them." Asmodeus grumbled, grinning when Dean shot him a mock hurt look.

"What are you trying to say?"

"I'm calling you a manwhore. But I like it. Now, shall we go see if Sanguini and Sam have finished?"

"Sounds like a plan. Think you will be able to take Sanguini away so that me and Sam can talk for a bit?"

"No. Bad idea. Until you man up and admit to Sam what you are and let me take the spell off you, I won't be leaving you alone with Sam. Sorry Dean, but I just can't."

"No, I get it. Honestly, I don't think I would feel comfortable leaving you and Sam alone in the same room together either, though I'm honestly not sure who I would be more worried about." Dean admitted with a sheepish shrug.

"Ah, don't worry about it. Sanguini probably feels the same way when it comes to me and Sam." Asmodeus told him with a chuckle as they both left the barn and headed back to the house.

"So... Sammy will still see me as his brother, right?"

"Of course he will. The only thing that's really changed about Sam is his body temperature and lack of heartbeat. Oh and his diet." Asmodeus added and Dean chuckled and pulled Asmodeus into his side.

"Good. Thank you."

"Not a problem Dean. You know I'll always be here for you."

"You've just turned a perfectly reasonable conversation into a chick-flick moment." Dean complained before he dodged the punch Asmodeus sent his way with a laugh.




Sanguini sat still on the bed and listened to the sound of Asmodeus' footsteps moving further away from their room. When he heard Asmodeus leave the building, he turned to face Sam and saw him looking at Sanguini with curiosity.

"So... we can't tell Dean or As my new name?" Sam asked him once neither of them could hear Asmodeus or Dean.

"Well, you can inform them of your name, but I'd recommend against it. And I will forbid you from telling them mine."

"Right. So... what do we do now?" Sam asked, shifting slightly and looking around the room.

"Now, well actually, Asmodeus was misinformed. There isn't a ceremony when it comes to naming, the only ceremony we have is mating. And I will need to contact The Three and get some ingredients before we do that." Sanguini told him and Sam looked at him and then nodded with a smile.

"Do The Three know about me, do you know?"

"I doubt they do. They are not Gods like Athena, so they have to be told of any changes, unless it is so big that they can feel it. They felt my whole family being wiped out for example, but did not know that I had survived until I came out of hiding slightly and told them that I was the only survivor. It was them that sent me to search for any other possible survivors of other clans."

"Oh. So, me and you are really the only two left?"

"Pretty much. When we tell The Three about your change, you will also become employed by them in getting rid of Rogues. Should they ask to see you, do not make any mention of Asmodeus."

"Why not? I mean, wouldn't Athena want the ruling vampires to know about her chosen seer?"

"No. She doesn't. Besides, The Three are... well they're different from you and I. A different breed of vampire, I guess."

"How do you mean?"

"I mean, they don't need to drink blood, but they do need to bathe in it. Now, when we go hunting with Asmodeus for demons, then we get a treat."

"A treat?"

"Yes, Asmodeus must touch the demon to stop them from struggling. For some reason, when a neko, or whatever, demon touches a possessed person, the possessed person loses the ability to move their limbs. I have no idea why. Anyways, sometimes, Asmodeus finds that a bit boring, and lets me have a fight, and a snack."

"A snack?"

"Sure, they're going to die anyway, why not feed me in the process? And possessed blood has this certain twang to it. A kick I suppose. Just adds a little something."

"Right... So, what's my new name? And what's yours?" Sam asked, a little impatiently and Sanguini grinned at him.

"Yeah, I forgot that newly turned vampires had ADHD to the extreme. That should be interesting in the upcoming battles."

"AD – What? No, I haven't. Don't lie, Sanguini."

"I'm not. Now, onto your name. It normally starts with the same letter as your birth name, so I chose to name you after my favourite Tenebrion in honour of Asmodeus."

"Justus? That doesn't begin with an 'S'."

"That would be because Justus was Asmodeus' favourite uncle. I got along more with Asmodeus' grandfather's younger brother. We were friends before I met Asmodeus, he was the reason I recognised who Asmodeus was."

"Ah, so what's his name? And yours! You still haven't told me yours!" Sam told him, fidgeting slightly, much to Sanguini's hidden amusement.

"Okay, see ADHD! And impatience."


"Oh fine. My name is Sebastien. Amusingly enough, my father used to call me Bast, which prompted my oldest brother, Julian, to call me Kitten."

"Is that why –?"

"Partly, yes. He is more a kitten than I ever was though. So, on to your name. Should you tell Asmodeus this, he will understand why, though not to the fullest extent."

"Okay... So? Because, can I just say, the curiosity is slowly killing me."

"Sylvain. Your name will be Sylvain."

"It's French!" Sam exclaimed, and Sanguini shot him a curiously bemused looked. "Not Greek."

"Well, no. It was only Lord Asmodeus the fourth that had a thing for Greek names. Asmodeus' name isn't Greek either, he has told you that. Nor is Justus actually. In fact, the only Greek name you will have heard is Apollo."

"Athanasios." Sam added and then shuddered whilst Sanguini looked at him in shock.

"Where did you hear that name?"

"When you had to leave. Death called As 'Master Athanasios', which As told us was his middle name. Ooh! Apollo! That's his other middle name, isn't it?" Sam asked Sanguini, who suppressed an amused grin.

"Yes, Asmodeus' middle name is Apollo. Do not go around saying Asmodeus' necromantic name. It has far more power in it than most normal names as it was given to him by a God."


"God. Just because she has decided to be female for this century, doesn't mean she will always be so. The same goes for Chaos and Fate. The Sisters will always be female, so they can be called Goddesses, but they prefer to also be referred to as Gods. I don't know why, though Asmodeus probably does, seeing as he talks to them on a regular basis."

"So I'm called Sylvain?" Sam asked him randomly and Sanguini squashes the urge to sigh and roll his eyes. This was why he had never made a childe before, he just didn't have the patience. Hopefully Asmodeus and Dean would have.

"Yes, you are called Sylvain, though only by me. Secret, remember?"

"I'm not a child Sanguini, I do understand the concept of a secret."

"Technically, you are barely eight hours old, but I'm sorry for treating you like a child. I'll admit, I have no idea how to treat you. I was the youngest vampire in my family, so I've never actually been around a Childe for any stretch of time, only meeting new members of other clans for an hour or so, and never until they were at least a month old and thus had managed to calm down somewhat." Sanguini admitted with a shrug and Sam gaped at him.

"You were the youngest?"

"Yes, why is that so hard to grasp?"

"I dunno, just is I guess."

"Hmm. Well, I have no idea when the other two will be coming back and quite frankly, I don't want to think about what they might be doing."

"Ew, I'm going to be able to smell it, aren't I? Oh, gross." Sam muttered, wrinkling his nose and making Sanguini chuckle at him.

"Now you will be able to understand what me and Asmodeus go through. Though Asmodeus falls back on trying to make myself or you embarrassed to hide his own embarrassment. Now you can turn it back on him."

"Right... Will I always want to bite Dean? Because, he's my brother and really, I only ever want to bite you and those I will be feeding from."

"Sweet, and eventually you should be able to ignore Dean's scent. Or you could ask Asmodeus to cover his scent, I'm sure he will be more than accommodating considering it will help keep his mate safe."

"You think I'm insane? I'm not going up against As again! He's terrifying!" Sam muttered, blushing when Sanguini roared in laughter.

"Aw, Sammy's scared of tiny little Asmodeus. To be fair, he has the backing of at least five Gods, so I don't really blame you for fearing him. Plus he's a Master Necromancer, which is also somewhat terrifying. And you are a vampire, which is naturally more inclined to be submissive towards a neko demon. So really, I don't blame you for feeling all this."

"Yeah, but I kinda don't want to live in fear of my brother-in-law." Sam mumbled with a frown and Sanguini placed a hand on his shoulder and squeezed it gently.

"You won't. It's only because all of this is new. Eventually, you will get used to the feeling Asmodeus inspires and will only ever truly fear him when he is either angry at you or infuriated with someone else. And that will only be because his power will lash around him. The only person who will never truly fear Asmodeus is Dean, and that's just because Asmodeus will never wish to truly harm Dean."

"Ah, okay. Will Asmodeus know all this?"

"Of course he will. He is top of the pecking order with all creatures because of what he is. He knows this and acts childish, demure and bitchy to make people feel at ease around him. His stature helps him in this. Don't worry, he will be working extra hard to make you feel comfortable around him."

"Right." Sam said with a nod, before he looked towards the door to the room when they both heard Asmodeus and Dean enter the house. "Looks like they're back."

"Indeed it does. You'll be pleased to know that I don't smell sex on them." Sanguini muttered to him and then smiled when Asmodeus walked into the room, followed by Dean. Asmodeus looked at them expectantly, sending Sam a warm smile when Sam shied away from him slightly.

"So, have you both talked over everything you needed to?" Asmodeus asked, waving his hand and conjuring a small, somewhat rickety couch for himself and Dean to sit on.

"We have. So, what else do we need to talk about?" Sanguini asked, leaning back on the bed and smiling at Sam when he shifted to sit closer to Sanguini when Asmodeus moved to sit on the couch followed by a strangely silent Dean.

"Well, perhaps not the most important issue to address, but the one that's been playing on my mind a little."

"Which is?"

"I don't get how Sam changed so quickly and seamlessly, without any complications and not much blood from you, especially as he is your first childe."

"He'll be my last as well." Sanguini muttered, before sighing when Asmodeus frowned at him and Sam looked down nervously. Dean just watched all three of them suspiciously, obviously deciding to stay quiet for the time being.


"Ah, see – I – well..."

"I asked Sanguini to give me his blood about four months ago. I wanted to see if it would counter the demon blood in me." Sam admitted in a quiet voice.

"I knew I could smell Sanguini on you. Never guessed you were drinking his blood though."

"Did it work?" Dean asked finally, looking at Sam, who shot him a small smile at the lack of reproach in Dean's question.

"I don't know. Can you tell As? Sanguini?" Sam asked, looking between the two.

"I can't tell, Sam. Sorry." Asmodeus told them with a shake of his head after he had taken a discreet sniff in Sam's direction. "You do smell more like a vampire than anything else, though."

"Sanguini?" Sam asked, looking at Sanguini who shrugged and then grinned.

"You're my childe now. Any claim Azazel may have had on you is now gone. You belong to me and my clan now, so I would assume that means the demon blood is gone."


They all spoke for another hour before Dean suggested that they head back to Bobby's to see if he had heard form Ash or Ellen and to admit to him what they had done to Sam.

Sam and Sanguini climbed into the back of the Impala, whilst Asmodeus sat close to Dean and leant against him.

They had been driving for only an hour before Sam began to fidget in the back seat, making Asmodeus snicker and try to hide it by burying his head into Dean's shoulder.

"What's wrong with you?" Dean asked him in amusement, taking his eyes off the road to look down at Asmodeus, who was still softly snickering.

"I'd forgotten about the ADD stage of vampirism. Poor Sanguini." Asmodeus muttered before chuckling again.

"Poor Asmodeus and Dean as well. I'm not dealing with him on my own."

"I'm bored." Sam announced finally voicing what they all knew, making Dean try to suppress his grin of amusement as he kept his eyes on the road. Asmodeus beside him failed in hiding his amusement and started to laugh softly.

"We won't be long Sam. Just try to relax a little."

"Fine." Sam grouched, and Dean snorted in amusement before he could stop himself and glanced at Asmodeus out of the corner of his eye.

"Maybe we should invest in some car games to keep the child amused on long journeys." Dean suggested in a light voice, jerking in his seat when Sam kicked the back. "Hey! Watch the car!"

"I'm not a child Dean."

"You're acting like one." Dean told him with a snigger.

"I'm just bored. It's a normal enough occurrence in adults. Asmodeus gets bored all the time and I don't see you calling him a child."

"Ah, that would be because I'm currently sleeping with him and I don't want to call the one I have regular sex with, a child. Plus, As can hold it above my head and withhold sex from me." Dean added as an after thought, glancing down at Asmodeus, who smirked at him.

"I already am doing that, remember? Sam, how about a rousing game of I spy?" Asmodeus asked, twisting in his seat to look at Sam, who glared weakly at him.

"I'm not a child."

"I didn't say you were! I just asked if you wanted to play I spy! Me and Sanguini always play it!" Asmodeus told him with a wide, earnest grin, which grew when Sanguini glared at him then sighed when his glare had no effect on him.

"Fine. I spy with my little eye –"

"Dude! You're actually playing this?" Dean asked him in amusement, jerking forward when Sam once again kicked the back of his seat.

"As I was saying, I spy with my little eye something beginning with 'J'."

"Oh that's easy. Jerk. Me next." Asmodeus said grinning when Dean protested beside him and Sam grinned at him. "Hmm, I spy with my little eye something beginning with um... T!"

"T? What the hell begins with T?" Dean asked him, shutting up when Asmodeus glared at him.

"Hush you, you mocked this game so you don't get to play." Asmodeus informed him and Dean rolled his eyes and returned his attention back to the road.

"T? He's right, it's kinda hard. Actually, seeing as Dean is still living in the eighties, Tape?" Sam asked, leaning over the front seat to pick up one of Dean's precious cassette tapes.

"Oi! There is nothing wrong with cassettes." Dean defended, snatching the tape back out of Sam's hands.

"Sam's right, you need to update this or something, but no, it's not Tape."

"'tard?" Sanguini asked, pointing to Dean and getting a laugh from Sam and Asmodeus.

"Cruel Sanguini, but no. It has nothing to do with Dean."


"Are you making something up?" Sam asked Asmodeus suspiciously, ignoring Dean's indignant cry.

"No! You'll kick yourselves when I tell you what it is." Asmodeus told him with a smug grin, making Sam narrow his eyes at him and then look around the car. "If it helps, it's not in the car."

"Trees?" Dean asked, before groaning when he realised he was playing I Spy. A game that he hadn't even played when he was a kid.

"Nope. And I told you, you're not allowed to play." Asmodeus told him with a grin, making Dean grumble and ignore Sam and Sanguini's chuckle.

"There is nothing else, Kitten." Sanguini pointed out, making Asmodeus grin at him. "And you do have to be able to see it, hence the name of the game."

"Do you give up? And you can see it." Asmodeus told Sanguini primly, crossing his arms over his chest.

"Fine. I give up. Sam?"

"Yeah, I can't think of anything. Dean?"

"You mean I'm allowed to play this game? I gave up after trees."

"Tarmac." Asmodeus told them with a grin, getting a confused look from Dean and an unimpressed one form Sanguini, whilst Sam just nodded.

"Tarmac doesn't count!"

"What the hell is tarmac?"

"Tarmac does so count! You can see the road can't you?"

"Its not called tarmac here, it's called asphalt."

"So? It's still tarmac, isn't it?"

"That's like me saying bitumen!"

"No one knows what bitumen is!" Asmodeus pointed out angrily, whilst Sam and Dean just stayed quiet, watching the two argue once more.

"You clearly know!"

"So? I know loads of random crap! Ask Dean if he knows what Bitumen is!"

"Dean doesn't count! If it isn't repelled by salt then he doesn't know what it is!" Sanguini yelled at him.

"Hey! I know stuff!"

"Do you know what Bitumen is?"

"No." Dean admitted sulkily, making Asmodeus look at Sanguini pointedly, whilst Sam chuckled. "Do you know what it is, Sam?"

"Yeah. I do, though I did pay attention in chemistry."

"Hey, I paid attention in chemistry!"

"Really?" Sam asked him dubiously, whilst Sanguini and Asmodeus decided to mimic the brothers and watch the growing argument that wasn't between themselves for once.

"Sure! Hydrogen makes a pop noise when a naked flame is introduced to it." Dean told them, making Asmodeus bite his lip to stop laughing.

"I'm somewhat impressed that you remembered that, and also highly confused as to why you remembered that." Sam admitted and Dean shrugged, embarrassed.

"I just didn't forget it for some reason. I have no idea why." Dean admitted quietly, making Asmodeus lose his fight and let out a small snigger. "Hey! I can know stuff!"

"Of course you can, Socks. I never said you couldn't. You have to admit it is a little random though. Any more chemistry knowledge, or just science in general."

"Oh hell no, I'm not going up against you with science. You're a damned doctor!"

"I didn't say it to compete with you! I'm just genuinely intrigued over what you remember from your school years." Asmodeus admitted with a grin and Dean rolled his eyes and gave a suffering sigh.

"Fine. Sulphur smells like rotten eggs."

"Doesn't count. We deal with sulphur on a disturbingly regular basis." Sam interrupted, making Dean twist in his seat to glare at him before turning back to look at the road.

"It's chemistry isn't it? Potassium has the chemical symbol K. Um... AC/DC is not just a rock band and pig hearts are disturbingly similar to human ones." Dean listed and Asmodeus finally lost his battle and broke down in laughter, leaning heavily on the door of the car and not even stopping when Dean sent him a wounded glare.

"Sorry! Sorry! So funny!" Asmodeus gasped out, trying to calm himself down, before he caught Sam's eyes and started laughing again, causing Sam to start laughing as well. Sanguini just watched them all and rolled his eyes.

"You know, mocking me is not the way to go to make me feel better about this." Dean pointed out when it didn't look like Asmodeus was going to stop laughing at him anytime soon.

"I'd just give up. You're going to be mocked no matter what you do. You set yourself up for it just by existing." Sanguini informed him and Dean glared at the road in front of him, though his stiff shoulders did make Asmodeus stop laughing and look at him apologetically.

"Ignore Sanguini, Socks. He's just pissy because he didn't think up tarmac. I know you're more intelligent than you let people believe. Though admittedly, I am shocked at the randomness of your high school science knowledge. They use pig hearts in human transplants now, did you know?"

"That's completely disgusting." Dean told him with a grimace and Asmodeus laughed and moved to lean against Dean.

"Not to sound like a child, but are we nearly there yet?" Sam asked, making Asmodeus and Dean start laughing and Sanguini to move his head to hide his grin.

"Oh yeah, you sound just like a grown man with that. Well Sammy, we'll be at Bobby's in about thirty-forty minutes time. We can see if he has any of your old colouring books left over if you want?" Dean told him and chuckled when he felt the glare Sam was aiming at the back of his head.




"You're all mammets."

"Showing your age there 'Guini." Asmodeus pointed out in amusement.

"You know, I have no idea what he just said, but I feel strangely insulted." Dean admitted, making Asmodeus chuckle whilst Sanguini sat back beside Sam looking smug.


They arrive at Bobby's house just after midday on the second of May, which just made a crappy birthday for both Sam and Sanguini, though Sanguini did have the rest of the month to make up for it and Sam was considering also taking the rest of the month to celebrate it, if they got out of this alive.

They all got out of the car and walked up the porch to Bobby's house, where Bobby answered the door almost immediately after Dean had knocked on it and glared at them all, before ushering them inside.

"So any of you idjits wanna start explainin' how Sam here is still alive?" Bobby asked once he had made them all sit down on the couch and was standing in front of them.

"I suppose, that would be my doing. I am Prince, though now I suppose I am King, Sanguini De La Mer. Have you by any chance heard of that name?" Sanguini asked him, getting his answer when Bobby paled and moved back to sit down on his chair.

"They died. I heard they were all wiped out along with the demons like Asmodeus."

"Yes, but Asmodeus survived that slaughter, so why is it so hard to understand that I survived that as well?"

"Right, supposing that you ain't lyin' and you really are the vampire king, what does that make Sam?"

"Simple, he is Prince Samuel De La Mer or Winchester should he prefer that." Sanguini told him with a shrug, and Asmodeus glanced to the side at Dean, looking at him incredulously.

"Wait. How are you taking the fact that Sammy has been turned into a vampire so well? Don't you wanna kill us all for this?" Dean asked Bobby before anyone else could say something else.

"I know of the De La Mer family and what they do, just as I knew of the Neko's and what they did. I can accept Sanguini and Sam in the same way I can accept Asmodeus. And just like Asmodeus, if either of them step one toe out of line, I will have no problem in killing any of them." Bobby told him gruffly, getting a shocked look from Dean, who automatically began to play with his wedding ring until Asmodeus placed a calming hand over to stop him.

"Right, so what do we do now?"

"Now, now we try and find out what that damned demon was trying to do. I've found something, but it ain't good." Bobby told them, standing up from his chair and gesturing for them to follow him into the kitchen, where there was a map on the table

"What have you found?" Asmodeus asked, looking at the map curiously.

"Demonic omens... like a freakin' tidal wave. Cattle deaths. Lightening storms. They skyrocketed from out of nowhere. Here." Bobby pointed to a spot on the map and Asmodeus leant closer to see that it was Wyoming. "All around here, except for one place--- Southern Wyoming."

"Wyoming?" Dean asked him, confused about what could be so important about Wyoming.

"Yeah. That one area's totally clean – spotless. It's almost as if..."

"What?" Sam asked him, sounding as though he was dreading the answer.

"The demons are surrounding it." Sanguini answered for Bobby, making them all turn to look at him in surprise.

"Do you know why?" Dean asked, looking from Sanguini to Bobby.

"No, and by this point my eyes are swimming." Bobby admitted with a sigh making the other four look at the map, disheartened.

"Have you heard anything from Ellen or Ash?" Asmodeus asked finally, looking up at Bobby, who shook his head.

"No. Nothin'."

"So we have no idea if they are even alive?" Asmodeus asked, dragging out a chair and then sitting down in it heavily.

"Nope. I don't know of any way we can find out either." Bobby told him, following his example and sitting down in another chair.

"Well, how about I search through some of your books. Maybe I can find something you may have missed?" Sam suggested and Bobby waved his hand at him to have at them and Sam grinned weakly then left the kitchen, with Sanguini following behind him. Dean watched them go, then sat down on the chair next to Asmodeus.

"You okay with Sam being a vampire?" Bobby asked Dean after a couple of minutes silence.

"Yeah, surprisingly I am. I think it helps that I've been living with Sanguini now for almost a year. Sammy can't be any worse than him. Plus, it's amusing seeing Sam act like a small child at times."

"Act like a child?"

"With the vampires like Sanguini, the childer act a bit differently for the first year or so of their turning. More childlike in some ways, impatient, fidgety, seemingly having ADD, that sort of thing. They can sometimes become clingy to their clan members as well, though Sam doesn't seem to have developed that trait, thank God." Asmodeus explained calmly, grinning at the memory of Sam in the car.

"Huh, I hadn't known that." Bobby admitted and Asmodeus shrugged.

"Yeah, it's not really something that most vampires will tell anyone outside the species. It could be used against them and most vampires protect their childer with their lives."

"Right. We had better make sure that no one outside of this house knows about that then. That damned demon will use anything against us to get the upper hand." Bobby growled, glaring at the table. They all looked up however, when someone began frantically knocking on the door.

Bobby stood up from the table, followed by the other two, and they all walked into the front room, where Sam and Sanguini were looking at the door suspiciously and cautiously.

Bobby walked over to the door slowly, then stepped behind it, before he opened it a crack and gasped, opening the door wider to allow Ash and Ellen into the house, over the salt line.

"Ash! Ellen! Oh thank God you're both okay." Asmodeus exclaimed, running forwards and engulfing Ellen in a hug, before letting her go and hugging Ash.

"Yeah. You are creepy sometimes, 'Mody." Ash told him, ruffling Asmodeus' hair and grinning, though it looked weary on his face.

"What did you need to tell us Ash? On the phone you said you had something we needed to see." Dean said, interrupting the small reunion, stepping up to stand behind Asmodeus.

"Yeah, I was doing some research into the demon and what he might want, I found something that he clearly didn't want us to know." Ash told them, leading them all into the kitchen and placing a smaller map on top of the one already on the table.

They all looked at it, noting the five black crosses on it and then frowned, looking back at Ash for an explanation.

"Wyoming? What do they mean?" Dean asked, pointing to the marks and then looking at Ash, who, for once, looked very grim.

"They're the locations of five churches, all abandoned and all built by Samuel Colt." Ash told them.

"Samuel Colt – the demon-killing, gunmaking Samuel Colt?" Dean asked him incredulously and Ash nodded.

"Yeah. But there's more. He built private railway lines, connecting church to church. Turns out that they are laid out like this." Ash grabbed a pen and then connected the lines until the shape of a star is made and they all gaped at it.

"Tell me that's not what I think it is." Dean muttered and Asmodeus shook his head and stared at it incredulously.

"Fuck me. That's a Devil's Trap. A hundred square mile Devil's Trap. I've never seen anything like that before. Colt was a genius!" Asmodeus whispered, trailing the lines with his fingers almost reverently.

"That's brilliant. Iron lines demons can't cross." Dean exclaimed, turning to grin at Ash and pat him on the back.

"I've never heard of anything that massive." Ellen admitted, looking down at the map.

"No one has." Bobby told them, placing down a book he had picked up that confirmed what Ash had told them.

"And after all these years none of the lines are broken? I mean, it still works?" Dean asked, looking at Bobby and then Ash seeing as they were the ones who seemed to know most about this.

"Definitely." Sam answered, making Dean looked at him incredulously.

"How do you know?"

"All those omens Bobby found. I mean the demons, they must be circling and they can't get in." Sam pointed out to the,

"Yeah, well... they're trying." Bobby stated, making them all realise the severity of the situation.

"Why? What's inside?" Ellen asked, and Ash was the one to answer once more.

"Nothing except an old cowboy cemetery right in the middle."

"Well what's so important about a cemetery or... what's Colt trying to protect?" Sam asked, looking at the map in confusion.

"Well, unless...." Dean trailed off and Asmodeus looked at him and caught on to what he was going to say and winced.

"Unless what?" Bobby asked and Dean looked at Asmodeus for him to give the bad news.

"What if Colt wasn't trying to keep the demons out? What if he was trying to keep something in?" Asmodeus asked and the others looked at him and Dean in dawning horror.

"Well that's a comforting thought."

"Yeah, you think?" Dean asked her, tugging Asmodeus to his side to take comfort from his close presence.

"Could they do it, Bobby? Could they get inside?" Sam asked, looking at Bobby anxiously.

"This thing's so powerful, you'd practically need an A-bomb to destroy it. No way a full-blood demon gets across."

"No." Sam muttered before looking at Asmodeus. "But we know who could."


They had decided that they would head out to Wyoming later that day to try and head off the demon and Jake, hoping to also find out what was so important in the cemetery that the demon wanted so badly.

Dean grabbed Asmodeus' hand and led him up the stairs when the other five were occupied with research. Asmodeus followed him and then raised an eyebrow when Dean took him into one of Bobby's spare bedrooms.

"Really? Now? When we're all preparing for quite possibly a war with the demons?" Asmodeus asked him incredulously, even as he discreetly cast a temporary silencing ward over the room.

!!! NC-17 !!!

Dean smirked at him in answer and then backed him into the wall and kissed him to silence any other questions Asmodeus may have had. Dean groaned into the kiss, when Asmodeus wrapped his arms around his neck to pull him closer, then he lifted Asmodeus up, making Asmodeus wrap his legs around Dean's waist and moan softly when Dean thrust into him.

"Dean, clothes." Asmodeus muttered and Dean chuckled as he bit Asmodeus' neck and then ran his tongue over the bite mark.

"Vanish them." Dean murmured against the skin of his neck, paying great attention to marking it. Asmodeus gasped and then groaned, waving his hand and making their clothes vanish. Both men groaned at the feeling of skin on skin and Dean thrust up against him again. "Lube."

Asmodeus mewled and then waved his hand again, this time making lube appear on Dean's hand. Dean trailed his hand down Asmodeus' back, smirking against Asmodeus' skin when Asmodeus moaned and arched into him, whimpering in anticipation.

"Please Dean." Asmodeus growled, running his claws dangerously up Dean's back and making him chuckle before he finally moved his hand down to Asmodeus' entrance and slowly, torturously began to stretch Asmodeus. Asmodeus sighed in pleasure and tightened his arms around Dean's neck as he closed his eyes and let his head fall back against the wall.

Dean, after feeling that Asmodeus was stretched enough to prevent him from being hurt, removed his fingers and then slicked his erection with the rest of the lube and then pulled back slightly, making Asmodeus open his eyes to look at him.

"Ready?" Dean asked, getting his answer when Asmodeus nodded and then leant down to kiss Dean as he felt Dean slowly begin to enter him.

Asmodeus pulled away from the kiss and let his head fall back against the wall again when Dean was completely inside him. Dean leant his head down on Asmodeus' shoulder and took deep breaths to calm himself down.

"Move." Asmodeus muttered after they had both stayed still for a few minutes and Dean snickered weakly but slowly pulled most of the way out, before he slammed back in, managing to hit Asmodeus' prostate and forcing a sharp cry from Asmodeus.

Dean snaked his right hand between their bodies and grasped Asmodeus' erection in his hand, making Asmodeus mewl and thrust into his hand, forcing Dean to thrust even deeper into him.

The door to the room they were in suddenly slammed open and Sam walked in with a book in his hands, making Dean and Asmodeus pause and look over at him, Dean amused and Asmodeus mortified.

"Guys, we think we've found something in here that – Shit! Oh God! Ack! My eyes!" Sam dropped the book in his hands and then covered his face, making Dean snort in amusement and Asmodeus groan in mortification, then drop his head down onto Dean's shoulder.

"Oh fuck. I've got your cock up my arse and your little brother had just walked in. I may be somewhat of an exhibitionist, but not when the voyeur is Sam." Asmodeus moaned shifting and then gasping when it caused Dean to brush against his prostate.

"What are you boys doing up there? I heard a bang." Bobby called up, making even Dean turn horrified eye towards the door, whilst Sam just looked like he wanted to gouge his eyes out and Asmodeus by this point would be willing to assist him in that.

"Sam. Get out! Get out, get out, get out!" Asmodeus hissed and Sam stumbled back, crashing into the door and yelping in pain. All three froze once more when they heard Bobby start walking up the stairs.

"I swear to God, Sammy. If Bobby finds me in this position, I'm never going to let you forget this for the rest of you damned unlife!" Dean muttered, looking torn between hysterical laughter and staying mortified.

"Guys – I'm so sorry. I didn't –"

"OUT!" Asmodeus yelled and Sam finally found his footing and ran out of the room, slamming the door shut behind him.

"Bobby! Hey, erm... no, we're alright. As and Dean are just er... discussing something important about erm... neko's!" They heard Sam tell Bobby and Asmodeus buried his head in Dean's shoulder, gasping again when Dean shifted and brushed against his prostate once more.

"You think I'm daft boy? I know what they are doing in there, acting like a pair of horny teenagers going by the look on your face." Came Bobby's amused voice and Dean quietly groaned in despair, pulling back slightly to look at Asmodeus.

"I'm never going to be able to look Bobby in the face again." Dean muttered and Asmodeus laughed weakly. They both heard Bobby and Sam walk back down the stairs and looked at one another. "Kind of kills the moment."

"Stop now and I will quite happily kill you." Asmodeus growled, clenching around Dean and making Dean gasp and then smirk at Asmodeus before almost pulling out and slamming back in forcefully.

"I knew you were an exhibitionist." Dean muttered, smirking before Asmodeus grabbed his head and pulled him into a deep, toe-curling kiss as Dean rhythmically thrust into him.

Asmodeus pulled back from Dean and keened, breathing heavily as he felt his pleasure rise. He closed his eyes and mewled, clutching tightly at Dean's shoulders, then cried out Dean's name as his orgasm hit him, Dean following behind him not long after with Asmodeus' name on his lips.

!!! End of NC-17 !!!

"Well, that added a little spice to our sex life." Asmodeus muttered once they had caught their breath and Dean had gently let Asmodeus down.

"I'm so gonna kick Sammy's ass. Has he never heard of knocking?" Dean grumbled, looking around him for a pair of jeans and then looking at Asmodeus in exasperation. "Where were you thinking of this time?"

"You don't want to know." Asmodeus muttered, cursing the fact that they had left their bags in the Impala.

"Just tell me."


"Hog – what? Ain't that your old school? Why were you thinking of there?" Dean asked him incredulously and Asmodeus blushed and refused to meet his stare.

"Don't know." Asmodeus admitted weakly and Dean exhaled and looked at him, slightly amused.

"Hey! Sammy! Get your ass up here!" Dean yelled and Asmodeus looked at him and then snickered and shook his head, before waving his hand and conjuring up two pairs of boxers for them both to prevent the first recorded vampiric death by embarrassment.

"You do know that Sam can probably hear us right now and that there really is no need to yell, right?" Asmodeus pointed out in amusement even as they heard Sam walking up the stairs slowly.

"Sam!" Dean yelled, and Sam hurried up the rest of the stairs and then paused outside of the door to the room, before tentatively knocking on it, which made Asmodeus chuckle. "Oh now you knock?"

Sam entered the room, looking at the two warily, clearly making sure that neither one held a machete or other weapon of some sort before he closed the door and leant on it, looking at them both questioningly.

"Yeah? You bellowed?" Sam asked, looking at Dean then at Asmodeus when Asmodeus snickered.

"Yeah, I need you to go to my car and get our bags. Consider it your way of making it up to us. As it is I don't think I will be able to look at Bobby for a year."

"Better add Ellen to that as well, she was highly amused when we made our way back down." Sam told him, lips twitching into a grin. Asmodeus looked upwards and could feel the blush spreading across his face, then looked over at Dean to see that he looked equally horrified.

"Whatever dude, just go down and fetch our bags." Dean told him and Sam nodded and then left the room. "I'm gonna kick his ass."


They arrived at the cemetery in Wyoming that night and all seven of them spread out behind different tombs, each holding a gun and then waiting for Jake's arrival. Dean stood behind the tomb nearest to the one Sam was behind and then looked over at Asmodeus and frowned when he noticed that Asmodeus was staring at the largest crypt in the cemetery in horror.

"As? You okay?" Dean hissed, getting the attention of Asmodeus and the two vampires in their group.

"Whatever it takes, we cannot let Jake get to that crypt." Asmodeus told them in a shaky voice.

"What? Why?" Dean asked, before he quickly ducked down when they heard footsteps coming towards the gate to the cemetery. Dean tightened his grip on his gun and watched as Jake passed the tomb he was hiding behind without seeing him and walked straight towards the crypt. Dean looked over at Asmodeus in concern when he let out a small whimper.

"Howdy, Jake." Sam called out, stepping up behind Jake with Sanguini at his side. Bobby, Ellen and Ash all stepped out from behind their own tombs, Dean and Asmodeus following suit. Jake spun around and stared at Sam in shock.

"Wait... you were dead. I killed you."

"Yeah. Really got to thank you for that. Finally released me from the hold Azazel had over me." Sam said with a grin, which just widened when Jake looked at him confusion.

"You can't be alive. You can't be." Jake said in denial, shaking his head and Sam just chuckled and took a step forwards.

"Okay, just take it real easy there, son." Bobby said in a calm voice which was completely opposite to how Asmodeus was feeling, eyeing the gun in Jake's hands with dawning horror.

"Sam, Sanguini, I don't care what it takes but do not let Jake put that gun in the door behind him." Asmodeus muttered, knowing that the two would hear him, and getting it confirmed when they both nodded and looked at the gun in Jake's hands before looking back at Jake's face.

"And if I don't?" Jake asked, taking another step back towards the crypt. Asmodeus watched him, barely able to breath even as he took a step closer to Dean, vowing to not let Dean out of his sight until this whole mess was over with.

"Wait and see."

"What, you a tough guy all of a sudden? What are you gonna do – kill me?"

"It's a thought. I am feeling a bit hungry." Sam admitted, making Jake look at him strangely even as Sanguini snorted and Dean and Bobby shot him wary looks.

"You had your chance. You couldn't."

"Yeah, but I've changed a little since then. I'm not the same anymore. And no joking about, I'm seriously peckish." Sam admitted, shooting a nervous glance over at Asmodeus, who took the hint and quickly cast a scent blocking spell over Dean, Bobby, Ellen and Ash, but didn't bother with Jake, much to Sam and Sanguini's amusement. Jake suddenly began to laugh, making all seven look at him warily.

"What are you smiling at, you little bitch?" Dean asked Jake, frowning slightly when he felt Asmodeus' hand latch onto the back of his t-shirt.

"Hey Lady, do me a favour. Put that gun to your head." The other six all turned their heads to look at Ellen and watched in horror when he shakily pointed her own gun at her temple. "See that Ava girl was right. Once you give in to it, there's all sorts of new Jedi mind tricks you can learn."

"Let her go." Sam growled, glaring at Jake glacially, whilst Asmodeus slowly started to move away from Dean and towards Ellen, only to freeze when he heard a gun being cocked.

Asmodeus turned slowly on his heel to look towards Jake and saw that Jake was aiming the colt at him steadily. Sanguini and Dean were both frozen whilst Sam looked torn between ripping Jake apart and moving to stand in front of Asmodeus. Asmodeus closed his eyes and then opened them and looked upwards.

"I'm about to test out your threat, Viv. You had so better hold to it." Asmodeus muttered, confusing the only three that heard him and then running towards Ellen, tackling her to the ground just as he heard the sound of a gun shot.

It was an excruciating minute later, when he felt the unmistakeable pain and wet feeling just under his ribs that he knew he had been the one to be shot, and that Ellen was safe.

"Guess that gun doesn't work for all creatures." Asmodeus muttered to Ellen with a weak grin, then shifting off of her and standing up, wincing in pain to see that, much to his horror, Jake had used the distraction of Sanguini, Sam and Dean to place the gun in the door. "No! Stop him!"

Sam darted forwards with his vampiric speed and grabbed Jake away from the gun and door, before sinking his teeth into Jakes neck, making Jake cry out in pain. Asmodeus however, was weakly making his way to the door in horror, watching as the lock on the door spun around. The lock clicked just as Sam dropped Jakes dead body on the floor.

"Everybody hide now!" Asmodeus yelled out, using some of his magic to shove them all back and into action. Dean paused when he saw that Asmodeus wasn't moving, but then jumped behind a tombstone even as Asmodeus grabbed the colt from the door and the doors opened.

A large black mass of smoke erupted from the door, seemingly spinning and dancing around Asmodeus' weakened body and then shot outwards. The smoke continued past the cemetery, breaking the Devil's Trap and escaping. Dean glanced around the tombstone he was hiding behind to watch in horror as one demon latched onto Asmodeus and entered his mouth.

"No!" Dean yelled, going to run towards Asmodeus, only for a blur to pin him back against the tomb. He looked up in dazed shock to see Sanguini grimly holding him to the tomb.

"Asmodeus will not thank you for throwing yourself into danger just for him." Sanguini murmured to him, before pulling back with a jerk when they heard a tortured scream coming from where Asmodeus was.

"What the hell is going on?" Dean hissed, struggling against Sanguini to get to Asmodeus and looking to the side to see that Ellen and Ash were looking equally horrified and Bobby was just looking grimly accepting.

"That's a devil's gate! A damn door to hell!" Ellen shouted over to him, they all looked around their hiding spots to see Asmodeus writhing on the floor, bleeding from his gunshot wound and his eyes and clawing at his skin.

"We have to help him."

"There's nothing we can do. Demons can't possess neko's without one of them dying." Sanguini told him and Dean looked at him in horror and began to struggle against him even more furiously. He finally stopped when it became apparent that Sanguini was not going to let him go, and turned to watch in shock as Asmodeus pushed himself into a kneeling position and screamed out, tugging at his ears and his clothes.

"Close the damn gate!" Asmodeus managed to scream out to them, before a ghostly spectre stepped up behind Asmodeus and seemingly reached into Asmodeus and pulled the demon from his body before letting it go. The demon flew off and Asmodeus collapsed to the floor with a gasp, before turning on his back and looking at the spectre in shock. "John?"

"Dad?" Dean whispered and Sanguini nodded, not taking his eyes off of Asmodeus and John Winchester, who they could both see clearly now.

"Looks like it."

"He got out?" Dean asked him, and then turned to face the entrance to the cemetery when he heard a chuckle and saw Azazel walking calmly threw the tombstones.

"We've gotta shut that gate!" Ellen yelled over to them and Sanguini nodded before pulling away from Dean and running over to the gate, Ellen, Bobby and Ash all following him, whilst Dean and Sam ran over to Asmodeus and John and stopped just a bit away from them. John looked over at them and smiled sadly before he took a step away from Asmodeus and disappeared.

"As!" Dean finally yelled out, finding his voice and getting over the shock of seeing his father again. Six months after his death.

"Azazel." Asmodeus growled, looking past Dean towards where Azazel was watching them all struggle in amusement and then pushed himself up off the ground and ran past Sam and Dean towards Azazel. Dean and Sam quickly went to follow, only watch as Azazel waved his hand almost lazily and Asmodeus shot to the side, hitting a tree with a pained grunt and then sticking there. Sam was then thrown to a tree next to Asmodeus.

Dean used Azazel's distraction with Sam to run at Azazel, who turned in time to see Dean come towards him and smirked.

"What do you think you can do to me, Dean? Tenebrion has the gun after all." Azazel said with a smirk, before knocking Dean to the ground and into a tombstone. Asmodeus struggled against the bonds that held him to the tree when he watched Azazel slowly step towards Dean and stand over him.

Asmodeus watched and then smirked when he saw Dean slowly moving his hand towards Azazel's leg and touched him. Azazel froze and looked down at Dean in horror, before Dean pushed himself up off the ground and then quickly removed his hand from Azazel's leg, but before Azazel could think to move, Dean had his hand over Azazel's mouth and placed the other over his heart.

"Azazel. Grigori. Demon of the Goat. Teacher of humans." Dean muttered and then grimaced when Azazel locked eyes with him in terror before the same light that escaped Asmodeus minutes before.

"What's he doing?" Sam asked him in a whisper, not taking his eyes off of Dean, and then grunting when both he and Asmodeus dropped to the floor at the same time as Dean let go of Azazel and let the demon's body drop to the floor.

"Come on." Asmodeus muttered, then staggered over to where Dean was standing, just looking at the dead body at his feet. "Dean." Dean spun to look at Asmodeus and Sam and sent them a weak, mirthless smile.

"Well, check that off the to do list." Dean told them, startling a chuckle from Asmodeus and Sam. All three then turned towards the gate to see the other four finally manage to close the gate and then collapse against it, exhausted.

"You did it." Sam muttered to Dean, turning back to face his brother, who was holding Asmodeus up. "How did you do it?"

"He's a demon. An ookami to be exact. It was a side effect of our mating." Asmodeus told him in a weak voice when it appeared that Dean couldn't or wouldn't tell Sam the truth.

"You're... why didn't you tell me?"

"I was scared of what your reaction would be." Dean admitted in a quiet voice, looking away from Sam to watch the other four slowly make their way over.


"Look, I get it. I was an idiot to hide it from you. Now you know though."

"So... do you have cute puppy ears?" Sam asked with a wicked smirk, getting a scathing glare from Dean.

"No. I don't. I don't have a tail either." Dean snapped. Sam went to say something else but then snapped his mouth shut when the other four reached them.

"Did we see John earlier?" Ellen asked once they reached them.

"Yeah man, it was freaky." Ash muttered, grinning when Asmodeus looked at him and then shook his head.

"Yeah. You think his saving my life was his way of telling me he accepted my relationship with you, Dean?" Asmodeus asked him, getting a small chuckle from Dean.

"Won't get a better form of acceptance than that." Dean told him, pressing a kiss to Asmodeus' head but frowning in concern when he remembered that he was still injured from the gunshot.

"Yeah, well Azazel might be dead. But a lot more got through the gate." Bobby told them bring them back to the more serious topic at hand.

"Yep and many that will be far worse than any we have ever encountered." Asmodeus muttered, shuddering at the thought of who might have escaped. "Shall we all send up a little prayer that Byleth still didn't see a need to leave the comfort of Hell?"

"Oh God yeah." Dean muttered, whilst Ash, Bobby and Ellen all looked confused over the terrified looks on the other fours faces. "Long story, just hope he didn't leave."

"Right. So how many do you think escaped?" Ash asked them, looking back over to the closed and now locked gate.

"Hundred. Maybe two hundred. It's an army. He's unleashed an army." Sam muttered in realisation.

"But did he succeed in letting out whoever it was he wanted out, like Ardad told us was his plan?" Asmodeus muttered, getting weaker and weaker the more blood he lost.

"Well, I hope to hell you boys are ready. 'Cause the war has just begun." Bobby told them bluntly and Asmodeus shivered.

"Not the only war we're gonna have to fight in the coming year." Asmodeus reminded the other three and Dean tightened his grip on Asmodeus, whilst Sanguini and Sam took a step closer to them.

"What other war have you got?" Ellen asked, looking at them in concern.

"My past life has finally caught up with me." Asmodeus mumbled, before sagging against Dean. "I need stitches and for someone to get the bullet out of me." He mumbled to them before finally passing out from blood loss.

"We need to get him to a hospital." Ellen exclaimed, all six remembering that Asmodeus had been shot, which was the reason why the two vampires could still smell fresh blood.

"We can't. He's not human remember. It would bring up too many questions. Let's just get him somewhere safe and do the best we can for him." Sanguini told them, before helping Dean place Asmodeus in the back of the Impala. Bobby, Ellen and Ash all walked to Bobby's car, whilst Sam took the car keys from Dean and they all got into the Impala.

"Drive to the nearest motel. We'll meet you there." Bobby called over to them and they nodded before Sam started the car and drove away from the cemetery.

"Let's hope Beelzebub didn't get out." Sanguini stated grimly, and Dean looked down at an unconscious Asmodeus in fear.

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