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The sound of the snap on his trousers was abnormally loud in the suddenly stuffy room, closely followed by hiss of his zipper, guided by her narrow hands echoing right off the walls and straight through him. Her eyes sparkled in the glow of the modular bone storage units, their gaze holding steadily as she moved lower. Saints' names, seconds ago able to distract his already frazzled psyche; fled in the wake of the burning hell her hot hands smoothing along his calves left him in. As her head drew level with his cocky buckle's usual resting place, and the sudden appearance of its embodiment, a gasp fell over her lips. Her eyes darted up, down, returning to lock on his.

"Screw it." They simultaneously declared, her coming up to meet his lips, her hands crawling all over him as his pulled her flush against him, holding her tightly even as his tongue slid against hers, ecstatic with the joy of her taste and smell of her invading his every pore. He promptly found himself nearly horizontal over the examination table, making sure to take her with him and also finally get his hands beneath her blue lab coat.

"Uhm...Excuse me?" A voice came from the door, "Am I interrupting something?"

"Just-" Kiss, "Collecting-" Swipe to his jaw, "Evidence!" She managed to state without relenting in her assault.

"Riight, Well, Hodgins is waiting on that evidence, so..." Cam reminded, unable to look away from the hands unabashedly groping each other.

"Just-" down her neck, "A Sec, 'kay?" he mumbled, clearly more intent on other things to notice the pathologist backing out of the room, eyes wide as saucers.

"Booooooth!" She groaned.

He grinned, moving to flip her under him...

Only to land them both on the floor.

He felt the air fly out of his lungs, as she somehow managed to remain on top of him. Her eyes were wide with shock, even as her hands remained south of where his belt should have been.

At the almost comical look on her face, he burst out laughing, only to be joined by her seconds later.

It was only the untimely arrival of one artist that managed to halt the guffaws that had overtaken the pair.

"We were only collecting evidence!" She attempted to justify as they attempted to straighten out, him being safely behind her and the results of their efforts safely hidden from view.

"You keep telling yourselves that, sweetie." She muttered, leaving the two to finish against her better judgement.

As the pair watched her go, he leant over and whispered in her ear;

"At least for now..."

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