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Everyday you took my breath away

But now there's no reply

Only hi, goodbye

Like a dream come true

When it was me and you

Now I just don't know why

We say hi and

Hi and goodbye

Hi and Goodbye by A*Teens

Chapter Twenty-three

Peter stood on the ledge of the roof of the building in which Sylar had set up his headquarters. He was thankful for the momentary escape from the problems that had been suddenly thrust upon him, the sounds of the city brought him the smallest bit of comfort that he had longed for so desperately. It had, in all honesty, surprised him when Sylar had allowed him to leave the apartment, and without supervision. All Peter had to do was fly away and he would be free of him, but…something held him there, prevented him from leaving. Was he starting to forgive him? Was it a small sense of trust? Or was it that Sylar was filling a gap within Peter's heart that was driving him mad.

"Peter." At the sound of his voice, Peter glanced over his shoulder and turned to face Sylar, the man standing before him, hands in his pockets. In his dark eyes, Peter saw something that was unfamiliar in those eyes, concern. Neither said anything, Peter just stood there on the ledge, his balance almost perfect, the wind blowing his hair every which way. Finally, Sylar broke their gaze, and looked to the side. "I need your help."

"With?" Peter asked in a soft voice, folding his arms over his chest. "Why should I even consider helping you?" He added quickly, glancing away from him, his heart beginning to race. What the hell was going on? "Why should I when you've only just decided to start being 'nice' to me?"

"Will you just listen for once?" Sylar snapped at him, and Peter glanced back at him. "They've taken Molly. We have got to get her back, if we don't I fear for us all. Do you not understand that? If they have her, no one is safe from them. I need your help Peter, I can't get her back by myself."

"I ask again? Why should I help you? If you're so strong then why do you need me? Why the hell should I even trust you," Peter said, not breaking the stare between them. He deserved an answer he wanted one. "Why did you do that to me?!" Everything was just coming out in one big rush of emotion that Peter was steadily losing control of and that was scaring him. "You locked me up, nearly killed me, and you just expect me to suddenly trust you and help you again?"

"No I don't, but I do expect you to care enough about what happens to everyone else, what will happen to Molly when they don't need her anymore. I don't give a damn whether or not you do it for me, but at least consider her Peter."

"You didn't answer my question."

Peter watched as Sylar clenched his jaw, and he was almost able to see the frustration and anger radiating off of his body. "You have every reason not to trust me, but do not take it out on those who are not involved with our private affairs."

A part of him wanted to trust Sylar, he wanted to be able to help him without feeling like he was betraying Gabriel, but it was becoming harder and harder for him to differentiate between the two of them. "Private affairs… We didn't have any! I love Gabriel not you." The instant he said that, Peter saw a flash of hurt and heartbreak in Sylar's eyes, another unfamiliar emotion coming from him.

"I know you did." There was a momentary pause. "I will leave you be."

A thought flashed in Peter's head, a crazy, stupid, and probably painful idea. "Prove I should trust you," he said and held his arms out to the side, leaning backwards allowing himself to fall from the building, his eyes closed.

The scene was familiar, so similar to the time he had first tried to fly. The rush of air as he fell towards the earth, the sound of his heart pounding in his chest so hard Peter was certain it would jump right out of his chest, and the sudden and steady slowing of the air around him. Peter opened his eyes and gazed up into Sylar's face, the man's arms wrapped around his body. A soft smile formed on Peter's lips, the smile soon reflected on Sylar's face as the man flew them back up to the roof.

"You can trust me Peter," Sylar said in a hushed voice as he set Peter's feet on the ground, fingers gently touching the younger man's face. "You can."

Peter closed his eyes again, tilting his head slightly into the touch. "I know…I can…" He shook his head. "I just… I need time…"

"I can wait for you Peter," Sylar whispered in his ears and Peter felt his lips on his forehead, brushing a kiss against his skin. "I…truly am sorry about your mother…" And for the first time in a month, Peter slipped his arms around Sylar and leaned against him, needing the feeling of being held, the warmth and the protection, and Sylar could give him that, Sylar could make him feel that way again.

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