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Silent Melody

For Larra

Adam sat by the gates. As he did for hours of endless time trapped inside this limbo of the next life... no it wasn't the next life not yet, he hadn't wanted any of it, not without her, without Sayaka. He knew she'd willed him to go on without her, to wait while she lived out her new life, her soul now twined with that of the young girl Mizuki and he'd agreed that this was the right way, but as he'd turned to take the ever winding path that led onto to the next plane, that would be his waiting place, a barrier had appeared, iridescent, impenetrable and mocking. He had banged his fists upon the strange seal for what seemed like hours, but time had no meaning here, it could have been days or even weeks and his soul could find no rest. He was trapped, locked behind iron gates and as time swirled by he became aware he had found a twisted gladness in it. It seemed insane to think of being trapped in this endless limbo as anything but torture, but yes he was glad, glad he hadn't moved on. How could he? Knowing his one true love lay in the arms of another, enjoyed days and moments, kisses and embraces with another man. What if when this life Sayaka lived came to an end she wanted to stay with this new man Tomiko! He couldn't bear it. A feeling descended over him, like a shadowed veil covering his eyes, his thoughts... and that was when he understood. He hadn't been allowed through because his heart was bitter, jealous and in chaos with these new bubbling emotions. If only he'd done as he had willed himself to do that night when he and Mizuki had been alone. If only he'd squeezed his hands around her throat a little tighter, a little longer, his Sayaka would be with him now. But the girl's eyes, fearful, accusing had stared into his and his grip had slackened. Taking her life without permission gave him a sick feeling as though he had slowly begun to transform into a hideous monster.

As time continued on its endless way he had no choice but to wallow and nurture his feeling of betrayal and heartache. They should have been together! His mind began to fester in the unrelenting torment he forced himself through daily but with it brought a renewed feeling of strength. At first he had hovered near the gates and bars that blocked his way to the world of the living, knowing Sayaka lived on that other side. The power surrounding the barrier denied him his wish of getting any closer but now, things had changed. He found he could wrap his hands about the iron railings of the gate, whereas before he'd felt pushed backwards by unseen forceful hands, but now the resistance was only small and easy to overcome, all he needed was that extra pull...

Today was the day he was going to try and force his way through, to the other side where Sayaka... Mizuki lived out her full life in the company of another. He stood from the fallen log he had been sat upon, abandoning his guitar and walked with calm certain steps towards the foreboding looking gates. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes before gently wrapping his hands around the bars, feeling the familiar chill of ice cut through his skin, freezing. His eyes remained closed as he relished the feeling. Once the pain had passed he allowed his gaze to focus and look upon the form of a young girl on the other side, the side which many souls came to when they were on the brink of death. He had been expecting her.

As was usual she looked confused, lost. Her dark hair blew in the light breeze as she turned about this way and that in a long, gauzy dress which whipped and danced in the wind. She was calling out someone's name, her voice lost in the endless wind, perhaps it was the man who had passed through the gates some time before. Adam had watched him make his way up the spiral path, given freely the choice to go on to his next life. If this man was the person the girl called for then she called for him in vain for his passing through the gate signified death. But he knew with the passing of a soul came the chance of a lost spirit, someone who was not meant for the afterlife yet and this was what he needed.

Adam watched her for a long time, knowing that she was too confused to have even seen him. His heart beat a little faster as time slid by and the gates remained closed and he became aware that this meant the girl would not cross over and a small smile flickered upon his lips.

"Are you lost?" His voice was smooth, deep, comforting.

The girl turned her eyes flashing to his dark silhouette, hidden by the bars of the gate. Slowly she ventured closer.

"Yes, do you know where I am?" Her eyes travelled across him, unable to tear her gaze from the eerie green glow that seemed to outline his form.

He gave a small nod his eyes burning into hers but he made no reply to her question. "You are looking for someone?"

"Yes." She took a few more steps closer. "My friend, I thought..." She gave a small embarrassed smile. "I thought I saw him come this way, is he behind the gates?" Her eyes travelled to the space behind him, seeing only swirling mist, dead looking bracken and a large abandoned looking house.

Adam again nodded. "He has moved on."

"Moved on?" She said unsurely. "What do you mean?"

"You can't help him." His tone bore a small hint of irritation, he was so close. "But I need your help."

"My help?" The girl looked at him questioningly.

He gave a slow nod. "I am trapped, help me." Slowly and with all the energy he had he removed one of his hands from the iron bar and stretched it out between the bars, he could feel the barrier becoming thin around his fingertips.

She took another step forward her hand fluttered nervously at her breast as though an unseen voice was warning her against reaching out and taking the hand offered. Adam closed his eyes, searching, probing for the information he needed to succeed. When he reopened them his piercing dark blue gaze fixed upon her.

"Mai, help me." His steely eyes held hers captivated and her resolve faltered as the strange man behind the gate reached for her, pleading to her silently to be his saviour.

As if her hand had decided the choice for her it reached for his, smoothing across his skin and coming to rest against his cold palm. A strange jolt shot through her muscles as though she had suffered a mild electric shock and then without really knowing why she pulled with all the strength she possessed.

Adam felt the force around him straining, trying to keep him prisoner in his own misery. His fingers dug into the girl's wrist, his nails biting into the flesh, he refused to let go and he knew now she had started she wouldn't release her grip unless he faltered. With a strange feeling like feathers blowing apart in a strong gust of wind the barrier began to give and he felt his body leaving the ground. The other side awaited him.


Mai's eyes slowly flickered open. She was quickly aware of the various hums and beeps around her and she turned her head wanting to see her surroundings. The room around her was stark, clean and white. Where was she? How had she gotten here? Gingerly she sat up in bed and felt a wave of sickness quickly sweep over her along with various jolts of pain. She looked down at herself focusing upon the white dressings upon her arm, she touched them in confusion and didn't need to look at her legs to know they too bore the same attention.

It had all been a dream, that man behind the gate... all of it, it had seemed so real, so powerful. She allowed her fingertips to graze over her wrists. There were no marks but she could still feel his finger nails digging unpleasantly into her skin.

She lifted a hand to her brow, wincing as her fingers made contact with a sutured cut. There was no doubt in her mind now that she was in hospital and she allowed her thoughts to drift back, to remember but everything was black, a dark shadowed gap where memories should have been. She glanced about her once again, this time panic tingeing her thinking, she was alone in a strange place and she didn't even know how she had gotten here. Before she could begin to feel too much of that threatening panic the door to her room opened and a welcome figure walked in.

"Kat!" Mai breathed.

"Mai!" Her friend said with a deep breath. "You're awake!" The tall woman rushed towards the bed and flung her arms around Mai's shoulders, engulfing her in a warm hug. "We were all so worried."

Mai gave a small nod of understanding. "Where am I? What happened to me?"

Kat pulled back and attempted to wipe away the tears that had run down her cheeks. "You had an accident, with Markus." She looked paled as she said the name and fresh tears glistened.

"Markus?" Mai knitted her brows together. "Who is Markus?"

Kat's face fell in disbelief and shock. "What do you mean? Markus..." She paused taking in Mai's expression carefully, studying her friend with hurt and disbelief.

Mai shook her head. "I don't remember Markus... but I know something is missing... something I can't quite reach." She fought back tears. "What's wrong with me Kat?"

Kat pulled her friend back into her arms and hushed her distress. "The doctors will help, it's nothing serious I'm sure. You've been through a lot, it'll be ok."

To Mai's ears they were empty words of comfort and the trembling in her friend's voice told her that it would not be okay, that nothing was okay... and that dream, that damn dream wouldn't leave her. Had that man been Markus? Was it not really a dream at all but a confused memory? None of it made any sense and all she could do was wait until the doctors would come in and tell her what was wrong with her, she already dreaded it.


Hours passed and Mai was grateful that Kat stayed by her side. Kat talked of many things that were unimportant, work, movies and music. The usual things friends discussed when they were light and carefree. Mai was glad that her friend was attempting to cheer her mood but the dream kept coming back to her thoughts, pricking her with a strange sensation that seemed to travel across her scalp in waves... and the name Markus, the more she dwelt upon it the more it did seem familiar.

Finally she could resist no longer and turned to look at her friend.

"Kat?" Mai interrupted her friend mid sentence.


"I had a strange dream and it's bothering me."

Kat gave a weak smile. "Tell me about it perhaps I can help, you know I'm good at translating dreams."

Mai smiled inwardly, it was true that Kat had many books on interpreting dreams but Mai didn't know if she believed in such things. "I was stood in an abandoned clearing, trees behind me and a path winding back to... somewhere." She screwed up her face a little as she tried to remember. "There was a huge gate and iron railings stretching off for as far as I could see and behind the gate I think there was a house, a ruined house and a man was stood behind the gate."

"A man?" Kat raised an eyebrow.

Mai nodded before continuing. "He was... handsome but maybe a little scary... intense." She paused remembering that distinct face, the long hair and the air of aloof melancholy. "I was looking for someone, but I couldn't find them, the man said the person I searched for had gone and I could not help them but I could help him." She sighed. "He reached out to me and I knew I should just walk away but his eyes..." Her mind drifted over once again with an image of him, his beckoning eyes that she couldn't seem to turn from.

"Mai?" Kat prompted.

Mai shock herself out of the memory. "I took his hand and pulled. It felt like I was blown away by a strong wind, falling, endlessly falling with no way to stop and then... then I woke up here."

Kat pursed her lips in thought. "It sounds like a strange dream, but after what you've been through I'm not surprised you are having nightmares."

Mai shook her head. "No, it wasn't a nightmare; it just didn't... feel right." She paused before looking once again into her friend's face. "Can't you tell me what happened? I don't remember anything and I feel as if I could only piece things together..."

"No." Kat cut in gently. "The doctors don't want you to have any sudden shocks. They said they'd explain it..."

The door opened interrupting their conversation as a doctor in a white coat entered accompanied by a nurse. "Hello Mai." He said in a friendly, reassuring tone. "I'm Doctor Kim."

Mai gave a silent nod in acknowledgment.

"I know this all may seem quite strange and confusing right now, but that will pass." He paused and gave her an understanding look. "While I explain a few things the nurse here will do some tests, nothing to worry about, no needles." He smiled and Mai felt herself relaxing.

"Now Mai you were in a traffic accident... do you remember anything about that?"

Mai again cast her mind back but was met with the same darkness. She shook her head. "No, I don't remember any of it."

The doctor gave a small nod and scribbled something onto the pad he held that she assumed contained all her medical notes as the nurse began to wrap a strip of material around her upper arm in order to take her blood pressure. "We've been keeping a close watch on you while you've been asleep."

"How long was I asleep?" Mai asked, frowning.

"Just over three days, it's nothing to worry about because you woke up." He smiled again. "Your memory loss is also quite common, it is the mind's way of coping with something... distressing." He smiled once more, this time it seemed strained. "It's best we allow your memory to come back to you in its own time, we don't want to flood you with facts as it may cause you to go into shock."

Mai gave an uncertain nod. "When can I go home?"

"Tomorrow if all the tests turn out to be alright and you eat something tonight before you sleep. Your friend... Kat?" He looked at Kat for confirmation that he had remembered her name correctly and Kat gave a smile and a nod. "She has agreed to take you home and keep an eye on you for a few days, we'll want to see you in three days for a check up and of course I'll give you my number in case you do begin to remember. As soon as that happens we want to be there to ease you through the process."

Kat laid a hand over Mai's in reassurance.

"But I don't think we'll have any complications or you'll need further medical treatment." He smiled warmly. "So the nurse will order you some plain food, we'll monitor you over night and tomorrow you'll be on your way home."

"Thank you doctor." Mai said returning his smile.

"You're welcome, now please rest." The doctor turned and made his way out of the room.

The nurse quickly finished the tests she needed to perform, writing notes as she went. "I'll order you some pasta and warm bread." She smiled sympathetically.

"Thank you."

The nurse followed the doctor out of the room and Kat and Mai were once again left alone.

"I'll stay with you while you eat, then I have to go home and make sure the apartment is tidy for tomorrow." She squeezed her friend's hand again.

Mai tried to smile but she couldn't fully form any real feeling behind the gesture. So much of what was happening felt confusing and strange, she could only hope that it would soon all become clearer and she would have the answers she longed for.