I knew I had screwed up. I knew I needed Justin to fix it. I had already failed, 7 times, to bring her back to her normal self. I thought it would be fun, having a mind as evil as mine for a best friend. I should of known it would backfire.

I'll tell you how it happened. I had just finished getting ready and walking into the kitchen for some toast. Harper was already there, staring at Justin, or rather the back of his head. I inwardly groaned, when was she gonna get over this... this infatuation with Justin. She just isn't his type and she knows it. Anyway back to the point. Harper has being more delusional lately, and its boring. I had finished my toast, so we all walked to school together. Me, harper, Justin and Max. Justin was listening to his pear-pod while Max was acting crazy. Harper and I were just talking. She was talking to me about her weekend of knitting. It all just got too much. I had to do this now. The street was empty. No one would see. I grabbed my wand from my shoe and quickly thought of a spell.

"Zoo, boolaahog, zoo. Make my best friend harper be more like me. Zoo, boolaahog, zoo." I finished the spell and looked at my handy-work.

"O-M-G! What the heck am I wearing? Alex, change my outfit please?" Yep, it worked. I clicked my fingers, and she was in a totally cool outfit. "Thanks Alex." I smiled at her, at least she was polite.