Pressing Questions are (not) answered!

[cencoroll is the work of one badass dude. like, seriously, one dude. and i'm definitely not him.]

"So…" Yuki mumbles, in between mouthfuls of pudding. "Why 'Cenco?'" Tetsu fixes her with a blandly withering look.

"Why not Cenco?" She huffs at him, and his right arm gives an insubordinate, warning twitch. He glowers down at it half-heartedly, betrayed.

"No, I mean. Does it mean anything?" For a forever-long moment, he says nothing at all.


"Sure." Tersely, without inflection. She jabs at his shoulder with her spoon.


"Well, what?"

"'Cenco.' What's it mean?"

"How should I know?"

"You picked the name."

"Who says?" Yuki gapes at him, thrown and working her way up to full-blown exasperation.

"You…didn't name him, then?"

"Of course I did." A lock of her hair twitches to attention, hissing with electricity when she aims a scathing glare in his direction, and when he refuses to be impressed, his Cenco-arm smacks him abruptly in the face with his own hand. After a stretch of inscrutable silence, Tetsu probes tentatively at his nose with his Other hand, the one that actually-still belongs to him, and volleys a dry-acrid, bitter look in her general direction.

"Ouch." He says belatedly, with all the feeling of a brick. He scrunches his nose experimentally, going a bit cross-eyed in his Injury Assessment, and she's just about to demand that he stop being a moron when his nose unceremoniously begins gushing blood.

"Ah!" She startles guiltily and leans into her school bag, rifling around for something to stanch the flow, but by the time she finds an old lunch napkin and turns back to Administer Assistance, she discovers him pulling some sort of sideways-lounging maneuver, chin propped up on the hand that's his-not-hers, bleeding blithely onto her skirt.

Half a blink away from attempting to transfigure Cenco into something Large and Heavy and Painfully Damaging (a bus or an elephant or a space station, perhaps, should fit her Tetsu-squishing purposes nicely), Yuki comes up short when he cuts her a shit-eating grin, smears his Cenco-thumb through a darkening pool of his blood on her skirt, and starts gingerly dabbing at her cheek with it. Which is totally gross.

…and kind of adorable.

yeah, i don't recall promising it'd be like, meaningful or anything.

peace, chums.