I swallow the nonexistent lump in my throat as I watch him. His massive form is sitting on the boulder overlooking the cliff and the Pacific Ocean below. His shoulders are hunched and if not for my incredible werewolf hearing I wouldn't even know he is crying. His head shoots up as my foot shifts and cracks a small twig underneath it.

"They sent you?" His voice is gruff. I am incapable of speaking as I see vampires cry blood and not tears. His face is stained by them and I feel an unfamiliar emotion tug at my heart. Guilt. His eyes narrow and for the first time in a long time I feel fear biting at me. "Go away."

I glare at him. His dismissive tone only fuels my annoyance that I am here in the first place. That I can use. That I can work with. "No one sent me leech. I came on my own."

He uses one huge paw of a hand to wipe at his eyes as I approach. "Why? Why would you even give a fuck?" His voice cracks at the end as he turns back to the view in front of him.

I make my way beside him placing a hand tentatively on his arm. The shock of cold always surprises me. I move in front of him and place both my hands on his face forcing him to look at me. "I came because I know how it hurts to lose who you love. Be grateful that you knew she loved you back." I pause as I wipe his tears away. "I came because she died saving my brother. Yeah, he lost an arm but thanks to Rosie he came out of that stupid battle with his life. There are no words I can say to you to make this better. There are no words I can say to make this easier but I came anyway."

He looks at me as his grief nearly makes me fall to my knees. "You can take your words and shove them up your fucking cunt for all I care. They don't erase what happened. They don't make her come back." His arms come around me, trapping my body to his. I force myself to be still. I force myself to look at him. Even with him sitting, and with my height we were almost eye level. One blood tear escapes and starts to slide down his cheek. I lower my mouth to it and lick it away.

His grip tightens on me as I move to lick away another. His voice is hoarse when he speaks. "What are you doing she wolf?"

I lean back and grip his shoulders as I straddle his lap. I take a handful of his hair knowing he can drop me on my ass whenever he feels like it. I pull his head back and force his eyes to fall on mine. "When Sam left me for Emily, I was broken. No, I don't know exactly what it is you're going through because he still lives. But I know what the pain of loss is. Loss is watching the one you love marry another due to some stupid genetic bullshit. Loss is trying to cope by spreading your legs for any man to try to fill the void in your heart and be connected to someone, even for a few fleeting moments. It doesn't mean you love the person less. It means that you need an escape so you don't go insane. So leech, I know you don't want or need my words. I am offering to give you whatever it is you might need."

His eyes widen for a moment before closing, and he wraps his arms around me. His body shakes with uncontrollable sobs and I know this shirt is going to have to be thrown away but I don't care. His mate had given her "life" for Seth's. I owe him so much more than I could ever offer. I stroke his back as the sobs grow quieter. We move slowly to inspect the other. I then notice that his eyes are dark because he hasn't fed. I notice that he isn't as big as usual and is damn near scrawny. Rosalie had died two weeks ago and if my hunch is correct, he hasn't fed since then. I move back on his lap and start to unbutton my shirt, throwing it on the ground. I gather my hair in my hands and drape it onto my left shoulder as I tilt my head to the side. His eyes start to glaze over. "I'm a werewolf so I don't count as human right now. Take what you need Emmett."

Maybe it's because I actually said his name for the first time ever and not one of my annoying nicknames. Maybe it's the smell of my blood rushing warm through my veins. Maybe it's due to his hunger. Whatever it is, nothing can prepare me for the arousal I feel when his fangs pierce my jugular.