Sometimes these two pop into my head. Who knows if it will happen again. All mistakes are my own as this is un-betaed. Yes Microsoft Word, it is a word. Thanks.

I look at her, and if I were still alive she would take my fucking breath away. I'm so happy she's not ashy because Laurent was ashy as all hell. Dude looked like he bathed in baby powder. That's just not manly. Not that I can really say much seeing as I sparkle in the sun. That's some pansy bullshit right there. Nooo, real vamps sparkle. Not like those dudes from that True Blood show back in the day. They were all ripped with fangs and crap. Damn, us real vamps sure got shortchanged.

Wait, scratch that as I watch my wife once more. She's naked as the day she was born, both times, with a grace that makes me feel she still has some of her wolf in her. Maybe that's why she's not ashy. Why am I so fixated on that right now? I got my hot ass wife, who is buck ass naked, stalking towards me with blood dripping down the corners of her mouth onto those fucking perfect titties that I spend hours sucking on. Like for real. Fuck, I'm hard. I'm always hard around her. It's beyond cool that I have perfected the hard on walk.

She comes up to me, all secret smiles and fuck if the venom doesn't start flooding in my mouth. She's horny. I can smell it. Under the smell of fresh blood is the crisp scent of my mate rearing to go. She wraps herself around me. God, I love that she's tall. I love that she's all mine. I love that she wants to fuck after a kill. Fuck, I just love her.

I'm pulled out of musings about our perfect love by her yanking on my hair, a raise of her left - never right - eyebrow, before pressing her mouth to mine. Blood fills my mouth and I'm lost. Lost in the kiss. Lost in her.

She pulls back and smiles as me. She licks a spot of mountain lion blood off her lips. I pout at her. "You went and had breakfast without me?"

She laughs and I can't help but gather her in my arms, while undoing my pants and shoving my rock hard cock into her welcoming pussy.


Fuck, I love hearing my name come out her mouth. She's perfection. My perfection.

I move isnide her, happy that she's still somewhat warm. Carlisle thinks it's because she was a shape shifter once. I think it's because her pussy knows how I like it. Wait, focus on drilling my wife.

She's kissing me. Biting me. Marking me. I shudder and somehow lower us to the ground so I can go even deeper.

I mark her right where her heart would still be beating if she were alive. Se cums so hard around me, I swear her pussy's about to break off my dick. But it won't. It has mad love for me and my cock of thunder.

She shoves me backwards and climbs right back on me. Fuck, it's so good. Always so fucking good.

She stops and I'm about to cry, well if I could, but damn why is she stopping?

She pushes her hair away from her face and the smile that graces it makes my dead heart stutter in my chest. "I love you Papa Bear."

Only one thing I can say to that. "Then fuck me she-wolf."

She does and life is perfect.