Summary: A new girl shows up at the hub. Who is she to Ianto, and what does she have to do with the Doctor? Why hasn't Ianto spoken of her to Jack or anyone else? Is Jack getting jealous? Why are there two TARDIS's? And since when did the Doctor have family? Welcome the two youngest Jones sisters: Annabell and Luci.. who are also related to the Doctor?

Disclaimer: I don't own Torchwood or Doctor Who or Robin Hood. They belong to RTD and BBC. But, I do own my own OC's.

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Doctor's Family: Chapter One: Edited



A girl who looked no older than twenty years old, no taller than five foot seven, with short, layered, honey blonde hair and big, baby blue eyes walked the streets of Cardiff, Wales. She wore boot-legged, dark-washed, nice-fitting jeans; an elbow-sleeved forest green and white stripped shirt than reached down to the top of her thighs; a pair of classic black Converse; and a black ribbon tied around her right wrist in a bow. She walked with her thumbs tucked in her jeans pockets - the rest of her hands hanging out. She smiled and gave a soft, 'Halo' to everyone she saw.

The blonde found herself walking in front of the Millennium Centre towards the large, glass tower to the right of the building. She circled around the tower a couple times - five times, to be precise. She finally stopped in front of the glass tower and starred at one spot on the ground in particular. It was a single piece of the side walk - one that was just a bit more off than the others. She cocked her head to the side just a bit. "This is it?" She questioned softly, starring at the square. Her voice was soft and she spoke with a English accent.

The blonde took a step forward, raising her eyebrow. "When he told me of the place, I expected something...a little...more..." She said unimpressed. The blonde shrugged it off. "Maybe I'll just take the front door. I don't wanna scare anyone." She said with a grin, walking away towards Cardiff Bay.

Ianto Jones sat at his desk in the tourist office of the Hub flipping through some magazine his team had subscribed to. It was a slow day so far. Owen and Gwen were off watching some Weevil which wouldn't be long. He expected them back in an hour or less. Then that's give him something to do - clean. Jack was in his office going through paper work. Somehow Ianto had gotten him to go through it seeing as some of the papers he had were over three months old. Tosh was on the computer typing away as always. It was an average, slow day.

A small chime of the bell that hung over the tourist door brought Ianto's head up from his magazine. As he stood, he shut the magazine and placed it off to the side. He smiled at the girl. "Prynhawn da, croeso." He greeted the girl in his native tongue.

"Good afternoon to you too, Mister Jones." The blonde said with a warm smile. Ianto raised an eyebrow; this girl knew his name? "And may I ask why you of all people are behind the desk at a tourist office?"

Ianto cleared his throat and responded, "I'm sorry, Miss, but do I know you?" She pulled a face and then pouted at him.

"You don't 'member me?" She asked softly. Her eyes were even frowning. "It's me, Ianto." The coffee-boy was puzzled by the blonde. She knew his name and said she knew him...yet he couldn't put a name with her face. He'd never seen this girl before in his life. The blonde looked to the right where she found herself looking into a mirror. "Oh deary, I forgot, you haven't seen me like this yet." She said with a soft, 'duh' while patting the palm of her hand on her forehead. She turn back to Ianto, lowering her hand, "My apologies, Ianto.. Maybe I should have started off with my name." He raised a single eyebrow. "I'm the Author," His blue eyes went wide, "Or you could possibly know me as Annabell Jones." She explained with a shrug. When she saw the man's facial expression, she winked at him with a goofy grin.

Ianto found himself running around the desk as quick as he possibly could and embracing the girl with one of the biggest hugs he'd ever given. The blonde was taken back slightly but the hug, but a second later she just smiled warmly and wrapped her arms around the Welshman. "It's nice to see you too..." She mumbled into the man's chest.

After the hug that seemed like forever, Ianto took a step away from the blonde, his hands on her shoulders. His eyes scanned the girl from head to toe. "Oh, Bells... You sure have changed." The Welshman said as he cracked a smile. "I mean, you were born a brunette, then you became a ginger... now a blonde?" He said with a chortle, letting his hands fall to his side. "Ehh... I kind of liked the brunette, myself." He continued with a shrug, "...but the blonde suites your personality."

Annabell's mouth hung open, agape. She playfully smacked him on the arm and laughed. "I kind of the miss the long, wavy, red hair myself..." She trailed off, "Brunette was so last year," He rolled his eyes, "And just because I'm blonde this time doesn't mean you can stereotype me." She joked. Ianto brought the girl into his arms again; a smaller hug this time. "So this is Torchwood?" Annabell asked looking around, acting unimpressed. Ianto rolled his eyes again, and the girl giggled. "Where's the real thing? Can I see it?" She asked eagerly, jumping up and down in place.

"Unfortunately, no." And the blonde's pout from before returned. "You're technically not supposed to know about it." He replied sheepishly.

"But I, myself, am an alien." Annabell explained with a huge grin, placed her hands on her hips. "Shouldn't I be allowed in the place that deals with aliens?"

"Flaw in that too; no one is supposed to know your an alien unless you have to tell them, remember?" Ianto reminded the girl. "Isn't that what yer uncle said?" Annabell rolled her eyes; she didn't like her uncle's rules. They were no fun for her or the others. The only one who got a kick out of the rules was her uncle himself.

"Well, when do you get off?" Annabell asked twisting her hips; she could never stand still. "I mean, I haven't seen you in three years - well, for me that is. I wanna see Cardiff! I haven't stepped foot on those grounds in three years, Yan!" She wined. "I wanna see my home again!"

Ianto smiled, "It's been four for me..." He explained quietly.

"You're twenty-seven now?" Annabell asked in a loud tone, her eyes widened slightly. "Oh wow, you were twenty-three when I last saw you," She whispered out. "Oh, and from what I've heard from my uncle, Torchwood One was destroyed...uhmm...fours years ago for you?" She asked, not quite sure. "And you joined Torchwood Three only a year later. Bravo." The talk of Torchwood One didn't bother Ianto anymore. He had gotten over it and accepted it a little under a year ago now.

"I had a rough time getting into Torchwood Three." Ianto said with a soft chuckle. "Had to follow the leader around for a while, pretty much stalk him, and catch a pterodacton. We named her Myfawny."

Annabell's mouth fell open, "I wanna see her!" She cried. Ianto rolled his eyes playfully at the girl's childish behavior. He hadn't actually acted this way in a while. The blonde brought out the kid in him, he used to say. Seemed it was still true. "Maybe another time?" She asked hopefully.

"Maybe." Ianto said with a nod. "Now I don't get off till late, but I can try and ask for the night off." Annabell nodded excitedly with a smile on her lips. "You staying here with anyone, or did you come alone?"

She shrugged. "Alone."

Ianto rummaged through his pants pocket and pulled out a key, "Take this. I'll give you my address and you can hang out here until I get off. You can stay with me too," He added. "I can get the spare back from Jack-"

Annabell raised an eyebrow after accepting the key. "Jack?" She interrupted. Her eyes widened when she noticed the faint blush on the Welshman's cheeks. "Oh! Tell me?" She asked pulling at his sleeve.

He swatted her hand away, "I'll tell you later." He replied softly. He wrote down his address on a piece of paper and handed it off to the alien girl. She was still looking at him with those wanting eyes. He sighed. "It's complicated," He started. "He's my boss," He muttered.

Annabell winked, "Office sex?" Ianto's blush deepened, "OH GOD! YOU HAVE?" She busted out into laughter, "I WAS ONLY JOKING, BUT SERIOUSLY?"

Ianto quickly pushed the girl to the door and opened it. "Missed you dearly, but I have to go finish work so I can hang out with you. Now go."

"Did I mention, you look great in a suite?" She asked with a huge grin.

"So I've been told," Ianto said shutting the door behind the blonde. He rested his back against the door, a wide smile on his face, and shook his head softly. "Bells, Bells, Bells... What have you done this time?" He stood up straight, fixed his tie, and walked over to his desk. He pressed a button located on the underside of the desk and opened the door that led into the Hub.

Ianto was slightly worried about Annabell's sudden visit. He hadn't heard from her or anyone else in her family in five years. Now, all of the sudden out of the blue, she shows up..alone. Annabell never traveled alone. She a sister who was named Luci Jones, a cousin who called herself Jenny Smith, and another cousins who called herself Susan Foreman. Then there was her uncle who was called John Smith. She shouldn't have traveled here alone. It just wasn't her species kind of thing. They always had a...companion of sorts.

Ianto made his way through the cog door. "Bring any coffee, tea-boy?" Came Owen's voice from afar. He turned to see Owen, Gwen, and Tosh chatting over by the computers.

"Not this time," Ianto said to the British man. "I had other things on my mind than just coffee." Owen scoffed and turned his head away, muttering to himself.

"Anything to do with me?" Came Jack's voice from the stairs; they could hear the grin on his face. He slowly made his way down the stairs and over to the group.

"No, sir." Ianto replied in a mumble. "Not everything in my mind revolves around you and coffee, sir." He said with a roll of his eyes.

"Really, now?" Jack and Owen asked in unison; Owen sounded more sarcastic like always than Jack . Jack raised an eyebrow. Ianto glared at the two.

"Oh, sir," Ianto said, any anger he had suddenly vanishing. "I was wondering; I finished my work in the archives and fed Myfawny and Janet. All I have to do is make coffee for everyone and I should be able to go, right?"

"Wait. Wait. Wait." Owen said shaking his head, putting his hands up in a halt. "You want to leave early?" He asked astonished; they all were.

Gwen cut in, "You're usually here past all of us," She explained, slightly confused.

"I kind of made plans with someone." Ianto said with a shrug. "So is that okay, sir?" He asked turning to his boss.

"I don't see why n-"

"Thank you." The Welshman said running off to brew some coffee before Jack could even finish his last word.

The four blinked when Ianto was out of sight. "He has plans with someone?" Jack asked softly, a hint of jealously and sadness in his voice.

"He seemed...happier than usual." Gwen pointed out, unsure.

"That's a good thing, right?" Tosh asked raising an eyebrow, turning to Jack. Their boss pulled a face of confusion and sadness.

"He is making us coffee, right?" Owen asked causing all three to turn to him and glare. Gwen smacked his arm. "Ow! Bloody hell, Gwen! What was that for?"

"You're such an arse, you know?" She asked before turning around and walking away.

Owen blinked and turned to Tosh who had already turned around and started typing on the computers. Jack too had walked away, but he made his way towards the board rooms where Ianto's coffee machine was. Owen sighed, not understanding his team, and then headed off to the autopsy bay.

Jack made his way to the meeting room. He cracked the door slightly and watched as Ianto hummed happily to himself while pouring a bag of beans into the machine. What had made Ianto so happy? Better question, who had made Ianto so happy?

Ianto turned around after starting the machine and caught a glimpse of Jack. "Sir?" He tilted his head to the side.

Jack opened the door, walked in, and smiled sheepishly. "Hello, Ianto." Ianto smiled back at him. Jack made his way over to the other side of the room where his favorite Welshman had turned back around to him coffee machine. Jack wrapped his arms around the other man's waist and nuzzled his face into Ianto's neck. Ianto just grunted and took a step out of the man's hold. Jack pouted when Ianto turned to him. "What, did I do something wrong?" He asked in his pouty voice.

"Nothing, sir," Ianto said rolling his eyes at the man's voice. "I just really want to get out of here so I can meet up with a friend." Jack frowned; a real frown, not one of his fake pouts though Ianto didn't seem to notice. Who was this person Ianto was meeting? "And I know if you got you're way, we'd be in here for hours, and you'd have a very upset, coffee-deprived team." Jack couldn't help but smile at the man's comment. Ianto responded with a toothy grin.

Ianto turned around, leaned in close, and placed a chaste kiss on the man's lips. Jack kissed back, wanting more. He wrapped his arms around Ianto's waist and pulled him close. Ianto took no time to hesitate. He wrapped both arms around the other man's neck. He opened his mouth just enough for Jack to slip his tongue in. Jack's hands wandered Ianto's waist; one hand stopped on his trousers button. Ianto let out a soft moan against Jack's as his other hand groped his crotch from outside the pants.

Ianto pulled back needing a breath and not wanting to go any further. Jack rested his forehead to the younger man's, and smiled. "We continue this tomorrow, okay?" Ianto chuckled softly and gave a soft nod. Jack took a step back and grinned. "Okay, then." He winked at the man once before making his way out of the room.

Ianto groaned in annoyance at the throbbing pulse in his pants. Ignoring the bulge, he grabbed four mugs; each one looking different than the others to tell which mug goes to which team member. He poured the four cups of coffee - the first one with two creams and no sugar for Owen; the second one with two creams and two sugars for Tosh; another one with three creams and four sugars for Gwen; and one black for Jack. Jack was like him when it came to coffee; they both enjoyed it black. Jack had said his coffee was perfect the way if was and didn't need anything to mend it.

He placed the four mugs on a tray and made his way out into the main room where Tosh, Gwen, and Owen were all sitting at the desks. "Finally!" Owen called out spinning around in his chair a full time before coming to a stop. Ianto handed him his mug, and the Londoner just smiled at the cup and turned back around to his desk. He made his way to Gwen next, she responding with a smile and a "Thank you, Ianto." Tosh was furiously typing away at her computer, so Ianto placed her mug beside the keyboard. She replied with a soft, "Thanks," and continued typing away. Ianto smiled as he watched the Japanese woman work; he admired her determination.

Ianto made his way over to Jack who stood at the bottom of the steps. He handed the man his mug and gave him a kiss on the cheek. Jack grinned as he took a sip of the coffee, "Perfect. Just how I like it." Ianto smiled back, delighted as always that Jack licked his coffee. "So you won't be out late, right?"

The Welshman rolled his eyes, "No, Ma'am." He looked up at Jack, who raised an eyebrow. Ianto let out a soft giggle. "I won't be up late. I'll be in tomorrow morning like always." He said standing up on his tip-toes, planting a soft kiss on the man's lips. "Be sure to call me if anything important comes up. Good night, Jack." He said before walking to the cog door.

When the cog door shut behind him, Gwen and Tosh both turned around quickly, starring at Jack. "So who's he going out with?" Gwen asked, excitement in her voice. Ianto never went out. This was big for them all.

Jack only frowned, pressing the mug to his lips, and shrugged.

"Maybe he has a date?" Owen asked, not turning from his spot. He could feel Tosh and Gwen's glares on him. He turned around and shouted, "What? It's not like he can't date. He and Jack aren't exactly boyfriends. They're just like fuck buddies or something." He explained with a shrug. "Jack does go around and flirt with everything. I'm sure that's not all. Why shouldn't the tea-boy be allowed to date other people?"

Tosh's face lit up in anger at her co-worker. "Owen, you-"

Jack interrupted Tosh, "He's right..." He said softly. "I have never asked Ianto out on a date or anything... We don't tell each other we love the other... We're just co-workers...who have sex, aren't we?" Gwen stood up and ran over to her boss.

"Oh, come on! Don't listen to Owen!" She said waving a hand in the man's general direction. "He doesn't know what he's talking about. We all see the way you and Ianto look at each other. It's obvious you two have a thing for each other; it's not just sex." She growled turning to Owen.

"I'm sure Ianto knows how you feel." Tosh said standing turning back to Jack.

"How do you feel, Jack?" Owen asked smugly.

"I love him..." He admitted softly. "I just...never told him because..." He traveled off. "Because I never age... I'll never age, never die... I'll stay the same while the people I love grow old and die." The room fell silent. "He doesn't deserve me. He deserves to have someone who will grow old with him and die with him." Jack sighed, turning away from his team before they could respond. He headed up the stairs and went into his office, locking the door behind him. He sat in his chair, leaned back, and enjoyed his coffee. The rest of that night, the hub was dead silent.

Ianto opened the door to his flat, walked in, and within seconds, he was tackled by his old friend. "YANNY!" Came the shout from the blonde as she wrapped her arms and legs around him. Ianto only laughed as her hugged the girl back, twirling her around. "I love your house!" Annabell exclaimed jumping off him, literally. "It's so pretty! But nothing like the TARDIS." She bragged happily.

"Well, it's the best I can do with the time I have with my work." He explained, smiling back at the girl. His smile flipped, "Why are you here alone, Bells?" The girl's face fell too. "You guys never travel alone. Heck, you never travel anywhere not in the TARDIS."

"I know..." Annabell whispered out. "...Luci and I wanted to get away..." She explained softly. "You know, we grew up as humans...with you and our parents... Finding out we were Timelords was a shocker... Then Uncle took the three of us on that trip to outer space with Jenny and Susan..." Ianto smiled at the memory. His only trip away from Earth. He'd never told anyone about it or his sisters for that fact. "Luci and I thought it would be best traveling with, but we just ended up missing you and England." Ianto wrapped his arms around the girl.

"So we sneaked away, taking a sub-ship to the TARDIS. Then, we got separated. I don't know how, but I got separated from Luci and the RETARDIS - what we renamed our mini TARDIS." She explained before he could question that name. "We were away from the Doctor, Jenny, and Susan for a little over three months, when this light engulfed us.. I woke up here, on Earth. I don't know where Luci is, what time she's in, what planet, or anything. So I came here, to the one person I knew I could count on... My big brother." Ianto grinned down at this sister. "I just never guessed it would have been so long since you'd seen me."

"I'm just glad you're here and alive." Ianto said hugging the girl even tighter. "Luci is fine, I'm sure. She'll show up soon. And then, you two can stay here with me, like old times." He assured her. "If your uncle shows up, I'll talk to him." Annabell nodded into his chest. "Now, do you have any clothes?" She shook her head. "Then I'll let you sleep in something of mine. Tomorrow I'll take you shopping after work." She smiled and nodded.

Jack had woken up at seven in the morning like he did every morning. He walked out into the hub where Toshiko was just walking in from the cog door. "Good morning, Jack." He grinned at the Asian woman. She looked around the room, "Where's Ianto?"

Jack sniffed the air, noticing there was no smell of coffee in the air. "Ianto?" He called out, making his way down the stairs. "Ianto?" He asked, slightly worried now. "It is seven, right?" He asked turning to Toshiko. She nodded. "He's always in by six-thirty..."

"Give him a ring?" Toshiko suggested.

Jack nodded, pulling out his cell. He rang Ianto, but got his voice mail right away. "I'll just go check on him." Jack said grabbing his coat by the cog door. Tosh blinked. "When Gwen and Owen get in, tell them I'll be in with Ianto and coffee soon." Tosh nodded and watched as Jack hurried himself out of the hub.

Jack found himself at Ianto's flat within a few minutes. He knocked twice. When the door opened, he expected a half-asleep Ianto... But instead, he found himself starring at a small blonde wearing nothing but one of Ianto's button-down shirts and a pair of his boxers. She rubbed her eyes with a balled up hand and squinted at him with the other eye. "Morning... Can I help you?" She slurred out; she had obviously just woken up. Without the wicked bedhead, she was a very gorgeous young lady.

"I'm...looking for a Ianto Jones..." He answered unsure. This couldn't have been Ianto's friend that answer the door wearing nothing but Ianto's clothing, could it?

"Yan's asleep." She answered in a hushed tone. Yan? Jack questioned. No one let Ianto call him Yan. He'd tried before. He said he hadn't been called that in years and to never call him by that name again. "I turned off his alarm clock, so he could sleep in. We were up late last night." She grinned at the man. Jack 'oh'ed softly. "Would you like me to give him a message?"

Jack held himself back from the pain. Was Ianto really sleeping with someone else? "No.. That's alright." Did his voice just crack? "Good bye." He said quickly before turning away and taking off.