Summary: A new girl shows up at the hub. Who is she to Ianto, and what does she have to do with the Doctor? Why hasn't Ianto spoken of her to Jack or anyone else? Is Jack getting jealous? Why are there two TARDIS's? And since when did the Doctor have family? Welcome the two youngest Jones sisters: Annabell and Luci.. who are also related to the Doctor?

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Doctor's Family: Chapter Eight: Edited



Marian could not believe the Sheriff. He was actually crying over Luci's disappearance. Maybe he had actually cared for this girl; Marian sure knew she did. She was constantly worrying about the younger girl.

"Lady Marian." Came Guy's voice. "I am sorry to hear about your friend leaving."

Marian frowned. "Yes, I still cannot believe she's actually gone. These couple of months have seemed so much longer." Guy nodded subconsciously in agreement.

"I cannot believe he really locked himself in his room." Marian let out a small laugh. "You don't think.. that it's actually possible that he had feelings for her, do you?"

Marian seemed to ponder his words for a moment. "Can he even love?"

Guy scoffed. "I can't believe she ran out."

"I know.. I begged her not- wait. Why do you even care? I thought you didn't like her." Marian knew what she was saying was a lie. Luci had told her otherwise. Well, she knew how Luci felt, but she didn't know if Guy really felt that way back.

"I don't." He said, almost too quickly.

Marian smirked, hidden to Guy. "Right. Of course."

Guy turned around, facing Marian. He got a good look at her. She really was beautiful, maybe one of the prettiest women in England, but for some reason, he couldn't look at her the same anymore. His heart longed for another brunette now. "Lady Marian, do you really want to marry me?" He asked suddenly.

Her eyes widened, taken back by the question. Marian stuttered. "I- What?"

"Do you love me?" She fell silent. "I thought so." Marian opened her mouth in protest, but he cut in. "Well, that's good because I don't really love you either." He nonchalantly shoved his hands in his pockets. "So, I guess what I'm saying is.. that you're free. Free from this fake engagement we have going on. Free to be with whomever you wish." He turned back to her, watching her expression. "But a warning; Hood is still a criminal."

"Wh-what is that supposed to mean?" She asked her voice cracking.

"Please, I know you're in love with him." Guy rolled his eyes.

Marian swallowed the lump in her throat. "But.. Why would you do all of this for me?"

Guy sighed, his eyes falling to the ground. "Because I knew a person who once taught me that you shouldn't force love. That if I wait, love will eventually find me. And that it's wrong to break up another love."

Marian smiled. "Do you love her?"

His eyes snapped up. "Who?"

"Luci." Marian said softly.

Guy's eyes widened. "What? No. I was-" Was he, Sir Guy of Gisborne, really stuttering. Did he really love Luci? He knew he had feelings for the girl, and that was obvious. "Please, just return to your chambers and retrieve all of your belongings. You will return to your father's this afternoon." And with that, Guy walked away.



"Where have you been?!" Ianto hollered as his younger sister walked into the hub through the cog door. She walked in alone, changed in her work clothes. "I wake up in this morning, and you're gone!"

Annabelle rolled her eyes, removing her jacket. She had not gone home last night. She woke up early this morning, had breakfast with Owen, and made sure it was past the time Ianto would be gone, went back to his flat, and got ready for work. All without being discovered. "I went for a walk." She said with a shrug. At the moment, the cog door opened again, Gwen and Owen walked in. Gwen was making small talk, something about Rhys.

"You're telling me that Annabelle Jordan Jones work up early to take a walk before work?" He asked in disbelief. Annabelle shrugged and nodded once. "Yeah, right. And Jack is the tooth fairy."

"You just wanna see me in a tutu!" Came Jack's voice from above.

Annabelle laughed, but Ianto's eyes only hardened on her. "Where were you?"

Annabelle grunted in annoyance. "I am twenty-two years old, Ianto. I can go where ever I want without your permission, Mum."

"You may be twenty-two, but you sure don't act like it. I treat you how old you act. Lying to me doesn't help either." Annabelle rolled her eyes. "Why can't you understand?"

"Understand what?"

"That I'm just looking out for you!"

She groaned again. "Well, for your information, I don't need my big brother on my case twenty-four-seven." She shot back at him. "I didn't have anyone watching me like this when I was with Uncle. He actually let me out."

"And look where that got you!" Ianto shouted red in the face. He was obviously furious. "Obviously, he wasn't watching you as well as he should have been!"

Annabelle, unlike the rest of the team, knew what he was talking about. She had regenerated not too long ago. Ianto had never seen this form of her until a couple of months ago. "That wasn't his fault.. or mine.." Her voice trailed off, almost as if she was going to cry. Ianto had tried to bring it up, but she could never find the right way to tell her. "You- You're a jerk!" She shouted at the top of her lungs before storming off. When she turned to run, she came face to face with Owen. He starred at her, mouth agape. She quickly pushed passed him and everyone else.

"What just happened?" Gwen was the first to speak in the awkward silence.

Ianto just glared at the other Welsh. He grunted, turned on his heal, and walked in the opposite direction of his sister, further into the hub. Jack came down the stairs. "I'll go get this one." He said with a warm smile taking off after his Welshman.

"I'll go after Annabelle." Owen said confusing the two girls ever more than the fight already had. Neither could question him before he ran out of the hub.



Luci couldn't believe that she had actually run away from the castle. She had only left a letter with the Sheriff that she was going to continue on her journey and couldn't stay any longer. She didn't go into much detail about anything encase he went after her or anything. She thanked him for everything, as well. She had been sure to grab some money – which he would never even notice was missing – and a horse. She might be a dead woman in a couple weeks; the Sheriff might really send some people after her. She had stolen from him.

Where was she going to go now? She hadn't really thought about that, just that she needed to get away from the castle. Where Sir Guy was.

Luci made it to Sherwood Forest by dawn. When finally ran into some kind of civilization, they were a group of five men camping in the middle of the woods. The all took stances, as if she was their enemy. One man lowered his sword and smirked, "Hey, John, it's the Sheriff's girl." He called to the largest of the men. He had shaggy brown hair and wore a tan bandana on his head.

Great, so everyone who knew of her knew her as the Sheriff's girl.

"Lady Luci, I believe is what the Sheriff is singing about." Another man said. He had short, light brown hair and big blue eyes. He looked at the big man, the one the other had referred to. The big guy nodded, grabbing his long stick.

He swung the stick in the air in front of the horse, scaring it just enough to jump on its hind legs, knocking Luci off. The other men scared the horse off into the woods. Luci was trapped on the ground with nowhere to go. A short Indian man with shaggy black hair grinned at her. "The sheriff would pay a hefty price for her precious girl."

"The sheriff won't come looking for me. He wouldn't pay anything for me." She said, though they all looked at her in disbelief.

"Please, you're the talk of all the local towns. The sheriff's newest whore – the one who stayed." The guy with the short brown hair said grinning at her.

"Really, I ran away from the castle-"

"Liar." The last man, the only one who had yet to speak, with long, dark brown hair said stepping forward.

"Maybe we should just kill her." Said the Indian man said stepping beside the quieter of the men.

"No, Djac." The man with the short brown hair said. For a second, Luci felt relieved. And in a matter of seconds, it was gone. "She'll be worth more alive."

Luci had never felt as terrified as when these five men surrounded her. These men didn't just want to kill her, no they wanted to sell her. Back to the Sheriff of all people! To the castle, where Guy was. She couldn't go back. "I-I'll give you all the money I took from the castle if you just let me go!" She exclaimed, pulling out a bag of money that was tucked in her side. "Please.." She whimpered.

One of the men snatched the bag. "This will start." He said grinning, dumping some of the coins onto the palm of his hand.

Start? Luci's eyes widened.

"Back away from her." Came a new, sixth voice.

"Robin?" The man with the bandana asked, confused. Luci's eyes lit up at the name; was it really Robin? Robin Hood of Locksley? "We found the Sheriff's girl!" He said enthused. Robin knew these men?

"I said back away from the girl, Much." Robin said the bandana man. He pushed his way past the group to Luci. He smiled an apathetic smile down at the whimpering girl, and held his hand out for her. She gratefully grabbed it, and he hulled her up to her feet. He smiled, and opened his arms. Luci ran into them, hugging the man tightly. She had actually been terrified for her life.

Robin's men stood, shocked by their leader's actions. Robin rubbed the girl's back, trying to sooth her. He glared at his men at the same time. When she finally calmed down, he released her. "I'm really sorry for showing up out of the blue like this." She whispered softly. "I had been hoping to run into you out here, but I found them."

He smiled at her, assuring her that she was safe now. "What happened?" He asked, concerned. "Why are you here, Luci?"

"Can we talk about this a little later?" She asked softly. He nodded.

"Wait-" Said the short haired brunette. "Robin, you actually know her?"

Robin smiled, throwing an arm around Luci's shoulder. "Everyone, this is Luci. Luci Jones. Luci, this is everyone. She's good friends with Marian and I." She gave them all a small wave.



Annabelle was sitting on the side walk outside of the Millennium Centre when Owen finally caught up to the blonde. She had her arms wrapped around her legs and her head resting on her knees. She wiped away a lingering tear on her cheek as Owen sat down beside her. "You could have just told him you were with me." He finally said.

Annabelle smiled, laying her head on the man's shoulder. He wrapped his arm around her shoulder. "He has no idea I was out all night. If he had learned that, he might be even more upset. And to learn that I was out with you of all people-" She hadn't meant for it to come out that way. "I mean, you know, since you both don't like each other and everything." She added very quickly.

"It's fine. I get it." He said, kissing the top of her head. "You know he was just looking out for you."

"He doesn't have to. I'm old enough to take care of myself."

"Yeah, but isn't that what big brothers do?" Owen asked softly. "Watch over their younger siblings, no matter how old they get? If anything, you are lucky to have family that cares so much for you."

Annabelle fell silent, wondering about Owen's family and wondering how lonely he was. "He went too far, and he knows it." She finally said.

"Wanna talk about it?"

"No. Not really." She said. "At least, not right now." He only nodded, holding her closer.



Luci was introduced to everyone by Robin. Much was the bandana wearing man. The angry, short haired man was Allan A Dale. The big man with the beard was Little John – ironic, she thought. The shy boy was Will Scarlett. And the Indian man was Djac. Luci didn't find out til the last moment that Djac was actually a woman dressed as a man – here in her brother's place or something.

"You have actually been using the Sheriff all along?" Much asked. Luci nodded with a sly grin on her face.

"Yeah, but how can we trust her?" Allan said, not trusting the brunette at all. He leaned back against a tree, arms folded over his chest. "For all we know, maybe she's working for the Sheriff."

Robin gave him a sour look. "I met Luci before the Sheriff did."

"She could have been lying to you." The other man pointed out. "I don't trust her. She's not staying with us."

"Since when did you become the leader of this group, Allan?" Robin asked harshly, taking a step closer to his friend. "I don't believe it matters what you think."

Allan stood straight, glaring the other man in the eye. "I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks that either." Robin looked around at the rest of his friends, all looks sheepish or away.

"It's okay, Robin." Luci said putting her hand on the man's shoulder. "I understand." She smiled the best she could at him, even though it hurt to not be trusted, but they were right. How could she be? They knew nothing of her. "I have this place I can go.."

"Nonsense!" He called back. "Stay here-"

"Please, Robin. It's fine." She smiled, a real smile, at him.

He hesitated, looking around at the group. "At least let me go with you."

"Robin-" Much, John, and Djac all said at the same time.

Robin smiled at his friends. "I can't leave the girl alone. I've made up my mind. I'll be back tomorrow. John, you're in charge."

Robin gathered some of his belongings before Luci and he set off on their journey. "Do you have any idea where you are going?" Robin asked with a chuckle. Luci was leading.

She glared back at him. "I'm trying to remember." She said with a pout. She stopped, turning around to face the man. "Do you remember where you first found me?" Robin nodded, a grin plastered on his face. "Lead the way." She said motioning for him to go ahead.

He pointed behind him with him thumb over his shoulder. "It's actually this way." Robin tried his best not to laugh at the girl.

"I- I knew that!" Luci stuttered. Robin shook his head as he turned around and started walking.

After a good couple minute of silence, Robin had to ask. "Why did you leave?"

Luci frowned. "Can we not talk about that now?"

Robin could only nod. "How about, what exactly are we looking for?"

Luci bit her lip. "My old.. camp site."

"You really think it will still be up after almost three or four months?"

Luci smiled. "I know so."

Robin raised an eyebrow. "Okay." He said in disbelief.

"Robin, about this camp site." Luci said after a couple of minutes. They were closing in on the area; it all looked very familiar to her now. He responded with a 'Hm'. "You see, you've become like a big brother figure to me-" The man turned around, smiling at her. She smiled back. "So I'm going to trust you here, okay?" He looked a little confused, but nodded. "I'm not from here."

"So?" He said with a soft chuckle as if it was nothing. "I can tell. You don't act like most women from England."

Luci pulled a face, though he couldn't see. "No, Robin, I mean I'm not from this time."

He stopped and turned around to face the girl. "What do you mean?" Luci didn't respond, rather she just kept walking towards where she knew the sub-TARDIS was. She could feel it was close. "Luci-" Robin said, trailing after her. He stopped when he saw the small red phone booth sitting in the middle of the woods.

Luci smiled. "There she is."

"What.. What is that?"

Luci stopped a couple feet from the red box. She snapped her fingers; the doors to the phone booth opened. She jested for him to go inside. She decided earlier that day that she would tell Robin about her being from the future, but not of her being a Timelady. There was only so much you could spring on someone at one time.

Robin hesitantly stepped inside. His mouth fell when he finally saw the inside. "It's bigger on the inside." Were his first words. Luci chuckled; those were almost everyone's first words. "You weren't kidding." He asked as Luci stepped inside; the doors closed behind her.

"I'm from the future." Luci blurted out. "And this is my time machine." She continued. "I'm hoping she's had enough time to recharge and is ready to go."

"To go?" Robin blinked. "Go where?"

"Back to my time."



Jack wrapped his arms around his lover. "Are you okay?" Ianto buried his face into the immortal man's chest. He slowly nodded. Jack ran his fingers through the man's hair. "Is something wrong with Annabelle?"

"I really wish I could tell you, Jack. I really do, but I can't" Ianto mumbled against the man, not moving his head back. "It's not for me to say. It's hers. And I just.. snapped at her."

"She'll understand. You both will forgive each other in no time and be back to normal because she's your little sister and you're her big brother."

Ianto knew Jack was trying to help, but he seriously doubted Annabelle would forgive him that easily. "I knew that bringing up those memories was hard for her, but at that time, I didn't care. I was seriously mad. And not even at her, but at myself. I can be such a jerk, and she can be such a pain in my arse."

"Yeah, but so can I." Jack teased the Welshman. Ianto let out a soft laugh. "She's your little sister, Ianto. She's going to be a pain and difficult to take care of. You're going to worry about her, no matter how old she is. But she is twenty-two years old.."

"I know. I know." Ianto sighed, leaning back from the man. "I just.. worry easily."

"I know." Jack said with a grin before kissing the man.

Gwen and Tosh sat down at the computers, both still confused from everything that had happened. Ianto and Annabelle had fought, and after wards they took off in separate directions. The weird thing was that Owen took off after Annabelle. As far as they knew, Owen and Annabelle hated each other – or at least Owen wasn't very fond of the new girl. So why had he run off after her?"

Ianto came down the stairs, a worried look on his face. "She's still not back?" He asked looking around. Tosh shook her head. "Where did she go?"

"Outside, we think." Gwen said.

Ianto nodded. "I'm gonna go get her." He said heading for the cog door.

"Wait she-" Tosh called after, but he was already out the door. Jack raised an eyebrow at the woman. "-is with Owen."

"Owen?" Jack questioned, with a laugh. Suddenly, his laugh stopped and his eyes widened. "Oh no, that kid is dead." He said running after his lover. Gwen and Tosh shared a curious look before running after as well.

"Are you feeling somewhat better?" Owen asked, pulling the girl closer to him with his arm around her waist.

She made a grunt sound and pulled a face. "No, not really. I don't wanna go back." Annabelle mumbled. She didn't know why, but she really wasn't really well. And this whole fighting with Ianto thing wasn't helping. "Can we just skip work and do something together?"

Owen let out a laugh. "Like what- a date?"

Annabelle grinned back, lifting her head off the man's shoulder. "Yeah!" She said enthusiastically, turning to face him. "We could go to the movies or-"

"Get your arms off my little sister!" Owen's arm snapped back faster than Annabelle could see, and he was to his feet. Ianto showed up from around the corner, not looking too thrilled. Seconds later, Jack and the rest of the gang showed up, panting slightly. "What is your problem?"

Annabelle didn't know if that was directed at her or at Owen. She stood up, glaring at her brother. "He was only comforting me!" She shouted at him.

Ianto rolled his eyes. "Yeah, right. Owen doesn't comfort. He seduces."

Annabelle's eyes hardened. "How would you know?"

"I've worked with him for almost six years, Bell."

"Yeah, well, you obviously don't know anything." All this yelling was hurting her head. And the heat didn't help. "Owen isn't that kind of person."

Ianto looked between Owen and Annabelle. "Is something going on here?" He motioned to the two of them with his hands.

"It doesn't matter if there is or if there isn't." Annabelle defended.

Ianto glared again. "Annabelle Jones. He is no good for you. He is a man whore." Owen winced at the name.

She rolled her eyes. "And who are you to decide that for me? My big brother? So what? You don't get to choose who I date."

"Date?" Gwen asked, turning to Tosh. The Asian woman shrugged, confused as well.

"Date!?" Ianto shouted.

"Look, tea-boy, we aren't dating-" Owen started, not sure how to finish it.

"Oh, great, so my sister is just another shag for you!?"

"We are not shagging!" Annabelle let out an exaggerated sigh. "If you must know, I wanted to shag last night, but Owen, like a gentleman, said no." Owen lowered his head and looked away.

"You were at Owen's last night?!"

Annabelle cursed mentally at herself for revealing it, but she couldn't go back on it now. "Yes! Yes, I was!"

"I cannot believe you!"

"I can't believe you! Earlier, that was going too far!"

"No, going too far is sleeping with Owen!"

"We didn't sleep together!"

"Yeah, right, and I'm sure he didn't sleep with Gwen either."

Annabelle looked at Owen, hey eyes curious. When he didn't look at her, she turned to Gwen whose eyes were wide. "I- I don't believe you." She said turning back to her brother. "Owen's not like that."

Ianto grinned. "Obviously, little sister, you don't know anything." He said mockingly.

Annabelle felt light headed. Everything was spinning now. "I- I don't believe you." She whispered, staggering forward.

Ianto's victorious smirk quickly turned into a worried look. "Bell, are you okay?" He asked stepped forward.

Annabelle nodded, but a second later, she was falling over. Owen caught the girl in his arms. She looked up at the man. "Owen, did you re-?" She asked softly before her words slurred into nothing, and she was out.

"Annabelle?" Ianto yelled frantically, running up to the girl. "Don't just stand there, Doctor." He enunciated on the position. "Get her inside!"

Fifteen minutes later, Annabelle was stable and lying down on the autopsy bed. She had a fever. From the rain, Owen thought, but he didn't tell Ianto. Ianto seemed to forget any and all of the fight, and all thoughts were replaced with worry for his sister. "She's going to be fine." Owen said to the group. They were all sitting down on the couches. Jack held Ianto's hand tight. "There was one thing I found.. strange."

"What?" Ianto asked, scared. "You said she was okay."

"Whoa. Whoa." Owen put his hands up. "She is fine. It's nothing about her health or anything.. but as I was checking her pulse, I was getting a double beat." Ianto's eyes widened. "So when I went to check it out.. I found something weird."

"What's that?" Tosh asked.

"She has two hearts."