Author's note: There are two versions of this story. This one is a Harry Potter crossover I did for fun. The original version I'm hoping to try and publish. I'll put it on fan fiction to for anyone who'd like to read it. I do not own any of the Harry Potter characters. On the other hand, because the other characters may or may not have existed in real life, I can do whatever I like with them. Mwahahahahaha! Kidding, anyway, on with the story.


Long before the Earth was made, there was a world called Olavon. It is in the remote galaxy of Saron, millions of light years away. It was much like Earth, having continents and oceans and many climates and wildlife. There were even dinosaurs roaming the land.

Unlike Earth, Olavon is an immortal planet. Almost nothing dies on it. Humans, and animals passed away as usual, but Centaurs, Elves, and Dragons had long, long lives. They were thousands of years old before they died. Dinosaurs were even loner lived. Millions of years would pass before they would succumb.

Of all life though, none were more so revered than the Nymphs. Nymphs were the most gorgeous, graceful beings on the planet. They looked delicate and breakable, but possessed a power so great that whole worlds could be vanquished by them. They were the elements, basic and pure: Moon, Sun, Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Love, Hate, Peace, War, Flora, Fauna, Life, and Death. They alone never tasted death.

Nymphs are not necessarily born of other Nymphs like most creatures. The first Nymph, so legend says, was born when a human laid with an Elf. This Nymph was called Aldric. His power was over everything. He was wicked, and used his power for ill. He was in need of a balance. When he had gone so far as to kill his own parents and proclaim himself Emperor of Olavon, he was to be faced with a new challenge.

Nefertiti was another Nymph. She decided it was time to stop the wicked Aldric and bring back the joy and peace from before. She cornered him in his garden and seduced him. Being of the male species, he was easily swayed. By him, she was able to conceive children. With each child, she drained his and her own power, splitting it between their offspring. Soon, Aldric could no longer control anything but Fire and Nefertiti, Water. Each child could control one element and was connected to the one with the opposite element, bringing balance to the powers of Nymphs.