The Beast Rebellion

Chapter 3

The Maximals and Megatron were fighting they're way past Cobra troopers to get back to their ship. When they finally arrived they found Admiral Wyatt and twelve Cobra Assault Vipers.

"We're do you think you're all going?" Asked Admiral Wyatt in a mocking tone.

Admiral Wyatt motioned to the guards to surround them, which they did. The Maximals put their hands up but Megatron Transformed into beast mode and burned at least five of the guards to death. Admiral Wyatt pulled his pistol out but Megatron whipped the admiral with his tail and he was sent flying into a wall.

The Maximals we're standing still speechless.

"Well, what are you waiting for Maximals?" Asked Megatron, "Let's get in the ship and get out of here."

The Maximals and Megatron boarded the ship and started to take off.

"There's a force field in front of the exit." Said Rhinox, "That's weird?"

"What is it Rhinox?" Asked Optimal Optimus

"The force field just powered down." Answered Rhinox

"Well what are we waiting for?" Asked Rattrap, "Let's high tail it outta here!"

The shuttle flew out of the giant space cruiser and into the void of space.

"Where to Optimus?" Asked Rhinox

"I'm not sure." Answered the Maximal leader

"The most reasonable thing to do is find a safe haven somewhere. YESSS!" Said Megatron

"Set course for planet Chaar." Commanded Optimal Optimus

"Yes sir." Said Rhinox

"The old Decepticon safe haven?" Asked Megatron, "Excellent idea Optimus. YESSS!"

After a day of traveling they reached Chaar.

"They're appears to be some kind of military base on the surface of the planet." Said Rhinox

"Well so much for the old Decepticon safe haven." Said Rattrap

"We must have done something in the past on Earth." Said Optimal Optimus, "we changed history."

"We're picking up a transmission from the planet." Said Rhinox

"You are directed to land on the landing platform and prepare for inspection." Said a feminine voice, "If you do not comply we will use deadly force."

Meanwhile on the base on the surface of the planet a man was walking to main command center. This man was blond haired, muscular and wore military uniform reminiscent of 1980s American military.

"Report, Dialtone." Said the man

"Sir, the ship hasn't answered yet." Said Dialtone, a young woman with short brown hair wearing the same type of military uniform. The man stared at the ship's image on the view screen.

"They don't appear to be from The Cobra Empire." He said, "Give them clearance to land, and have some troops on the platform just incase."

The man went down to the landing platform with the guards. The Maximals somewhat unwilling exited the shuttle.

"Welcome to G.I. Joe's main headquarters. I'm General Hauser." Said the man.

"I am Optimal Optimus," Said the Maximal Leader, "Commander of the Axalon. We have just escaped from being held captive by a group calling themselves The Cobra Empire."

"You speak of The Cobra Empire as if you just heard of them." Said General Hauser

"Well maybe you could tell us about them?" Asked Optimal Optimus

"I'm can tell you're not the enemy." Said General Hauser, "Follow me."

General Hauser took them into the dining hall and proceeded to tell the Maximals and Megatron about the history of The Cobra Empire.

"It all started in 1982." Explained General Hauser "When a terrorist organization called Cobra found a space ship full of what we now know to be sentient transforming robots. They modified these robots and use them as attack vehicles in an attempt to conquer Earth, our home planet. In response the American government formed G.I. Joe, a top secret military force to combat Cobra. My ancestor, Conrad "Duke" Hauser the first was one of the field commanders of G.I. Joe. Eventually Cobra took over the planet, learned to build their own transforming robots, venture out into space, conquered the majority of the galaxy and forged The Cobra Empire but some time after Cobra's conquest of Earth the surviving members of G.I. Joe started to build up a secret rebellion over time. Now we have bases all across outer space. We have been waiting a long time for the moment to strike and bring freedom back to this galaxy."

"That's quite a story." Said Optimal Optimus, "What happened to the robots that Cobra found?"

"From what we've learned, they are stored on Earth. They stopped working not long after Cobra built new robots with an alternative power source. The one the original robots used was impossible to replicate at the time. Nowadays new robots are assembled on what we believe was once the robots home planet." Explained General Hauser

That would explain the blockade surrounding Cybertron. Thought Optimal Optimus.

"Now that I've told you our story, you tell us yours." Said General Hauser

Optimus told them the story of the Beast Wars, but he left out the details of time travel and being on prehistoric Earth after a long conversation, General Hauser offered the Maximals and Megatron the opportunity to join the G.I. Joe Rebellion. They were currently on their shuttle discussing what to do.

"I'm glad you didn't tell them about the time travel element of our war, Optimus." Said Silverbolt.

"Yeah," Agreed Rattrap, "They might not have been so welcoming if they knew that we might have caused all this."

"Well there's nothing we can do to fix the timeline. Not now anyway." Said Rhinox, "The transwarp engine we installed on the shuttle was damaged during our escape and according to the G.I. Joe database transwarp technology doesn't exist."

"Well that's just prime!" Declared Optimal Optimus, "If we can't fix the timeline than there's only one thing to do."

The Maximals and Megatron returned to base's dining hall where General Hauser was waiting for them.

"We have decided to accept you're invitation. We also wish to bring freedom back to this galaxy." Said Optimal Optimus

"In that case welcome to G.I. Joe." Said General Hauser as he shook Optimal Optimus' hand lightly. "I have a feeling with your group on our side we will succeed."

"Thank you General." Said Optimal Optimus

It seems I have no choice but to fight alongside the Maximals and these organics, Thought Megatron, but my time will come, YESSS!