There were sounds coming from all the different rooms. There were noises of arguing, laughing, talking, and love being made. The only silent room belonged to the new member of organization XIII. Number IX: Demyx.

"I have answers for you. I can show you your true meaning," Xemnas, the leader of Organization XIII, recited to the tall blonde teen. They were standing in a dark alleyway, with rain pelting them and drenching the two head to toe. Demyx did not know what had just happened to him. The last thing he remember was taking a short cut home after band practice, and getting attacked by some sort of creature. A rabid dog maybe? Now he was standing face to face with a hooded man who had burning orange eyes.

"Come, Demyx. Will you join me?" Xemnas asked in a deep voice. Demyx? Was that his name? No, it couldn't be. But poor Demyx didn't even remember his real name.

"I… Uh…" Demyx was not sure what to say. He tried to form sentences, but they were not coming out the way he wanted them too. He was not sure who this man was or what he wanted with him. Eventually he just nodded to Xemnas, signaling he could be brought away to wherever the man wanted to bring him.

Demyx was brought to a huge castle in what seemed like another world. Xemnas had brought him through a portal, and now all he could see was darkness, and the huge white castle.

"Come, Demyx. There is a room waiting for you," Xemnas said in a monotone voice. They walked in through the castle's huge doors, and Demyx was nearly blinded by the continuous burning white light inside.

Each member of the Organization had their own room. It was often that the members would go hang out in each other's quarters, and it was very common for them to stay the night there. After being left to wait in an area Xemnas called "The grey area" which was like a lobby/recreation room with sofas and a big window, Demyx was brought to his new room by an interesting man who introduced himself as Axel, number VIII of the organization. Axel's figure was quite interesting for a man. He was very thin and tall with a physique that looked delicate, but Axel's aura was dangerous. He had upside down tear drop tattoos under his green catlike eyes, and to top it all off, the spikiest red hair Demyx had ever seen. Over all, Axel's look gave off a don't-fuck-with-me-just-because-I'm-a-twig kind of message. Demyx found Axel intriguing, and strangely handsome in a unique way.

"So you're the new kid? Welcome to the Orgy- I mean, Organization." Axel laughed to himself.

'Wow. A jokester.' Demyx thought. Demyx did not open his mouth in response to Axel's crude joke. The blonde teen was being led down a long corridor that had rooms on each side, some with doors open and some with doors closed. He swore he could hear heavy breathing and moans coming from behind some of the closed doors. What the hell was this place? Demyx was convinced that he was dreaming, and he would wake up from the peculiar nightmare soon.

"I'm sure you have no clue what's going on right now. But that's what all the new members go through. You'll be clued in soon enough," Axel stated. Demyx caught a glimpse of some other strange looking members as he walked by. One guy who looked about his age had strange blue hair that covered one eye, and the other eye was a depressing cobalt color. Another guy was big and buff with strange dread locks styled in a weird bun with ugly sideburns. Demyx felt like he stuck out. He had normal blonde hair in a normal hairstyle with normal clothes and normal everything. He looked like a human. Wasn't he still human?

Axel kicked open a door to a vacant room. It was as small as a dorm room, with a simple twin bed up against the wall near the door. There was a lamp at the foot of the bed along with a bed side table. A black jacket was neatly folded on the bed next to a pillow. The walls were a pale blue, different from the blinding white that colored the rest of the castle.

"This is your room, Blondie. That jacket there if for you. You must wear it whenever you are outside this room. I know there isn't much in here but you might acquire a few treasures along the way." Axel scratched his head.

"That's all I got for you. If you need me I'm in the room next door. Just holla'," the redhead said with a wave as he exited the through the door. Demyx sat down on the bed and took a few minutes to let everything process in his head.

"Is this for real?" Demyx wondered aloud to himself. He looked around the small room. It was so blank. So lifeless. Demyx shook his head. "There is no way this could be real." He laughed to himself.

Demyx decided to lie down and attempt sleep. Maybe when he woke up he would be back and his own world like nothing happened. It wouldn't be like this strange fairy tale land. He closed his eyes and began to sink into a deep rest. He began dreaming of his home and the band he played in. His band was called "AquaEmber" and he was the lead guitarist and one of the vocalists. He was playing an awesome guitar solo in the dream, looking out into the crowd where all the beautiful girls were. He had his eye on one in particular that was front row, center seat. She had straight black shiny hair and seductive eyes. Demyx felt himself start to perspire due to the intensity. After he finished playing, he confidently went to talk to the girl.

"Hey cutie, what brings you to my show?" He said in a cocky fashion.

"I heard your band was good. And it isn't half bad, really." She said raising an eyebrow in a flirty fashion. Demyx smirked.

"Not half bad? Does that mean half good?" He teased. The girl giggled.

She introduced herself as Scarlett, but told Demyx he could call her whatever he wanted to.

"Do you ugh… wanna get out of here?" Demyx purred in her ear. Scarlett nodded, and the two of them headed toward the back of the building. Once they were in the back alley, the two began kissing intensely. Demyx's tongue forcefully dug into her mouth and he briefly bit her hard on the neck.

"Oooh… I like it rough," Scarlett cooed as she gripped his shirt, pulling him closer.

Demyx began to feel her up starting at her mid drift, and right as he was about to go up her shirt to touch her lovely set of double D's, he heard a man's voice.

"I want first crack at him," it said.

"As if. This kid is mine," said another voice.

Demyx abruptly awoke from the pleasurable dream and found two men standing at his bed side. One had black and gray hair slicked back in a pony tail. He wore an eye patch and also the signature black coat. The other man had short blonde hair and a blonde beard. He was also wearing the coat.

"Shit. You woke him up," said the eye patched man.

"Fuck you, Xigbar. Luck is on my side this time," the blonde man said, and with that, he hoisted himself on top of Demyx, pinning the honey headed teen down. Demyx wanted to scream but forgot how. What was going on?

"Hey, Demyx. I heard you're new. The name's Luxord and this is Xigbar. I'm here to give you a little initiation," the blonde said. Demyx shuddered under the man. Luxord began feeling Demyx's lower half, running his hands sensually over certain areas. He lightly stroked a place that made Demyx want to throw up.

"Ahh… Yes… I'm going to be lucky tonight," Luxord said hoarsely. Demyx was frozen. The air was suffocating him, and he could not move.

"Hurry up, fag. I get the kid next," Xigbar said.

"Fine," Luxord said, annoyed. And with that, he forced his mouth onto Demyx's neck, sucking on it in order to form a bright red hickey.

"What the fuck?" Demyx choked.

"Yeah. We are going to fuck. I'm gonna fuck you real hard. And then Xiggy will get a turn. You'll learn this is all we do for fun in this damn castle," said Luxord, unbuttoning his coat.

Demyx was scared now. He was about to be raped by two of the creepiest people he'd ever seen. His hands began shaking, and he knew he had to do something.

"Get off of me," Demyx said in a stern voice.

"Not in a thousand years, kid," said Luxord. He began to loosen Demyx's belt. Demyx instinctively pushed Luxord off of him with all of his might. Luxord's expression went from horny to furious. He pushed Demyx back down with help from Xigbar, and had him pinned to the bed yet again.

'I have to do something,' Demyx thought. His mind shifted to Axel, the only guy who had actually been semi normal since he had arrived at the castle.

"AXEL!!!"Demyx screamed at the top of his lungs. Xigbar began unzipping Demyx's jeans as Axel burst through the door.

"What the hell? Xigbar, Luxord, get the fuck out of here before I tell the superior. You know the rules," Axel said threateningly. Luxord and Xigbar looked at each other for a moment, disappointment and disgust filling their eyes. They got up from Demyx's bed, setting him free.

"Fine, but we get him after Xemnas is done with him," said Xigbar. Axel rolled his eyes and shooed the two Organization members out the door.

Demyx sat on his bed holding his knees to his chest. He had almost been raped. Could things get any more bizarre?

"Sorry about them. They don't know how to be polite," said Axel, taking a seat next to Demyx. Demyx immediately scooted away from the red head out of fear. His teeth began to chatter slightly.

"Demyx, why are you moving away? I won't hurt you!" Axel said sincerely.

"Why am I here? Who are you people? Are you like that too? Are you going to rape me? Is everyone here….Gay?!?!" Demyx cried. The poor boy looked on the verge of tears. Axel bit his lip. He took a couple of breaths and looked at Demyx.

"Technically, we're not gay. We don't have a particular sexuality. After being here a while, you don't have a sexual preference anymore," Axel said. Demyx's eyes widened.

"Are you straight?" Axel asked out of curiosity.

"Of course."

"Not for long. A month from now you won't care if it's a dick, ass hole, vagina, mouth, whatever. You'll just want anything you can get," Axel explained.

"That is so freaking weird. Please, Axel, how do I get out of here? I want to go home!" Demyx cried. Axel shook his head.

"You're a nobody now, Demyx," he said with a sad look in his eyes.

"What the heck is a nobody?"

"You don't have a heart anymore," Axel said.


"That thing that attacked you was called a heartless. It turned your original self into a heartless. You're all that's left. Basically, you're the same, just with no heart. No blood."

"So I'm a zombie?!" Demyx shouted hysterically.


Demyx shook his head and covered his face with his hands. How did this happen?

"And what's this about Xemnas? What is he going to do to me?" Demyx asked, beginning to sob lightly out of fear.

Axel's face looked pained. He hated watching the poor boy suffer. He put his arm soothingly around Demyx, who flinched when he felt Axel's touch.

"He's going to induct you officially into the organization," Axel said quietly.

"What's he going to do?" Demyx repeated. Axel gulped.

"You'll spend the night with him."

Author's note: So this was just an idea I had after a sleepover with my friend one night. We stayed up watching Demyx time on YouTube its pretty funny. Anyway, I hope you guys like this concept. Please review and give me feedback. If I don't get a lot of feedback I'll reconsider this multi-chaptered fic. So anyway, thanks for reading! :D