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Claim: Paul/Seth/Jacob. Implied Seth/Edward.

Warnings: Slash. Threesome.

Musical Recommendation: Maria Mena - I'm Sorry.

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Bits of Hearts on the Floor

Vanilla in Wonderland's Productions

It's 4:03 and they're awake.

They've shared a bed before, but never like this. Seth's missing. And there had always been Seth there with them. Between or beside or just watching. Now it is just the two of them, pressing warm skin to warm skin, lying with their eyes open, hearing the rain pour outside.

With Seth, there was always something to be said- Teasing or laughing or biting retorts or childish competition or flirting or giggles or moans.

Without him, they are silent.

The door opens and closes, and the warm, familiar scent of Seth's floods the room. He's messy and dirty and fully drenched and he smells of forest and earth and rain and vampire and he knows they know.

Still, they don't say anything even as he climbs to the bed and makes himself comfortable between them. Jacob opens his mouth to say something, but is silenced by cold wet lips and sheepish grins. Warm hands travel to his hips and Seth moves his arm to press his hand against Paul's face, sighting silently as Jacob's mouth moves to his neck as he turns his head to kiss Paul, and he's at home.

He says, "I'm sorry."

I just poured my heart out,
there's bits of it on the floor
And I take what's left of it and rinse it under cold water

And call him up for more

And I say baby, yes I feel stupid to call you, but I'm lonely
And I don't think you meant it when you said you couldn't love me
And I thought maybe if I kissed the way you do, you'd feel it too

He said I'm sorry




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