Digimon Adventure: Thoughts

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Things you should know:The Wonderswan Digimon games in Japan were released around the same time as Digimon Adventure 01. They starred a boy known as Akiyama Ryo, who battled an evil Digimon called Milleniummon at the request of the Four Holy Beasts. Milleniummon was the Digimon seen in Ken's flashback in 02. Ryo was the boy with him.

This takes place during Brave Tamers, the latest Wonderswan game. Following Ryo's victory in the D1-Tournament, Moon=Milleniumon self-destructed and dragged Ryo with him to the past. To make matters worse, part of Ryo's memory has been lost...

Ryo's Thoughts

I'm coming for you Milleniumon. I don't know where I am, but I know you're here. I thought I was done with you when I sealed you in that crystal. Guess I was wrong.

The first time we met, I was terrified. You were something born of my worst nightmares, something that shouldn't exist. But I had to help Agumon and the others, so I fought anyway, hoping I'd be able to help them. Nobody was more surprised than me when we managed to defeat Dark Digimon after Dark Digimon and rescued the Chosen Children.

When I came home, I was happy, I felt on top of the world. Me, a nobody, managed to help save the world by beating you. I forgot about you for awhile...then, while I was visiting Ken, I saw it. Diablomon. I knew Taichi and his friends would be battling such a monster, but I was shocked at how strong he was. He beat back WarGreymon and MetalGarurumon single-handed...then Ken and I sent e-mails to help, to encourage them. When they merged into Omegamon..."whoa", I thought to myself , "I could've used somebody like that against you, Milleniummon!" One blow was all it took to defeat Diablomon, then Taichi appeared on screen to thank us and everybody else. It was good to see him again, even if it wasn't in person. Then V-mon appeared. My first instinct was to scream, but V-mon spoke first. Then I really wanted to scream. Another monster lose in the Digital World? Ken wasn't as freaked out as I was, he actually sounded pretty eager, so I thought, why not? Big Mistake.

It was Diablomon. I thought we were in trouble, then V-mon managed to beat him. Now THAT was a surprise. Then you showed up. I still remember you laughing at the expression on my face, before you started blowing up everything in sight. You thought you had me, didn't you? But I survived, even though you tried your best to kill me. You even froze Taichi when he came to help! I won't deny I had a sense of satisfaction after beating you again. When Stingmon and XV-mon jogressed for the first time, I realised how close Ken and I had become. I guess that's to be expected...Ken's the little brother I never had. But you couldn't let me be happy, could you? You tried to get me with those spores of yours, but you got Ken instead. He had nothing, NOTHING to do with it! I could just imagine you laughing while Ken collapsed.

Ken, Ken...I'm so sorry...If it weren't for me, that Spore would never have hit you! If only I'd been a little faster, a little smarter...I felt so helpless while you were sick. What would've Osamu done? Would he forgive me for letting you get hurt? Then you showed me that questionnaire on the computer. I should've guessed something was wrong when Zhuqiaomon appeared and took me back to the Digital World for that D1 Tournament...I should have known!

The tournament felt great, though that girl Mimi was kind of...odd. Cute, but odd. No worries, I just had to defeat the other competitors. No fate of the world hanging over my head, no disasters...no Milleniummon. Taichi, Agumon, V-mon and Wormmon...It was great to see them all again. I should have known it was too good to be true. When I won...it was the best I had ever felt!

Then...then everything else is a blank. I can't remember how I got here or where 'here' is...I just know you're behind it somehow. But sometimes...at night...I hear you...taunting me.

"Ryo, we are shadow and light, one cannot exist without the other. Do you understand? Ryo, this means that my defeat is your defeat. If I die, I take you with me!"

I don't know what you mean, Milleniumon, but I don't care. I'll stop you, whatever it takes. There won't be any peace until that's done. You may be powerful, Milleniumon, but as long as I have friends...as long as I have faith...you won't beat me. With Monodramon at my side, I don't care if you revive all those villians again. Because I'll win, Milleniumon. I HAVE to...even if I have to die trying.

Watch out, Milleniumon. I'm coming for you.

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