Summary: Sequel to Jaded. Hell's gates prevented from opening, no deals made, Azazel is dead, two hunters souls hang on the line, and the search is on for a demon named Lilith. Four people…a new chaos…Livin' on the edge.

A/N: So here is the sequel to Jaded, and I am very excited to finally be able to move onto it. I have been planning this since somewhere in the 30's Chapters of Jaded. But now it is here. And I really shouldn't have been writing this or been on the computer at all posting this week because I have been home sick with the flu, but you know what happens when you have nothing to do but lay in bed watching television and your muse kicks in? Yeah. I caved. So without further a due, here is the first chapter of Livin' on the Edge. Enjoy! :)

It starts out small, building up within like a baby in the embryo. Forming, wiggling, a tiny spark of fire igniting as the assault continues without consent. Bigger it grows, unwilling to release, faster and then slower, a brick wall in the way of its ability to escape the confines it was birthed in. A trickle here, an arch there, bones snapping and a final blood-curdling scream, pent up and removed from the vocal chords and into the blistering heat surrounding the sound.

He sighed at the delight of hearing it, the first out of the many to come. His toy was going to be difficult to get through to, and with a jerk of the blade in his crimson soaked hands there is was again…another wail.

"NO!" A cry came to his ears, desperate, struggling, not anything pertaining to sadness, but not wanting to do what they didn't want…female.

She screamed, needing to get away as their grip was on her arms and dragging her away from the place that they had found her resting. Where she had entered. Her clothes were torn, the jeans that once were had been reduced to a shredded form of shorts, as was her shirt to the design of a crappy belly tank. The kicks she created were a pathetic and delicious attempt to the creatures, bony, covered in tangled black veins, nails sharpened and jagged, their faces sunken in with nothing but soulless hungry eyes staring down at her, and a mouth so crooked it would make the Grinch cower in his cave.

Guttural and animalistic, the cry came once more. Why was she here? She didn't do anything wrong, that was something else, something within that she couldn't get rid of even if she had tried. Shouldn't there have been a loophole out of that? No, Hell, she didn't do it; it wasn't her.

"NO! Get the fuck off!" she growled, a grunt mixing with a scream as they brought her through a door, one single door and lifted her body up onto the awaiting table made of blood and bones almost as if it were a ladder lain down.

The creatures, now registering as demons in her mind, stepped back quickly once she was there with no restraints even bothered to be placed, however, she wasn't so lucky as millions of arms sprout out from in between the gaps of bones. Arching her back and screaming to get away from them as the hands held her, roaming over the flesh that was exposed greedily while the demons laughed, their mouths turning into lustful grins. One of them, moving from the group and up to the vulnerable brunette, her blue orbs full of fright as his demonic body shifted to that of a human.

"Now, now there, we haven't even gotten to the fun part," it said, closer and closer it came in proximity to the point that she could see the bareness of skin from head to toe.

"Don't even think about it you sick bastard. Don't think about it! Stop. No. Stop! Please! Please!"

The hands reached for what was left of her clothes and with a ripping sound they were gone, off, leaving her completely visible to Hell and its minions. It set a hand on her hip bone, tracing the contour of the item underneath the flesh, trading off from his finger tip to it's nail forcing pressure till a bubble of red popped out, following the trail of its makeshift knife.

"One more time Alex. Please. Please. Please! Such a sweet melody to our ears…although it makes me curious what you say and how you beg when you have sex. But, ah, ah, ah, that is saved for later, and we sadly aren't even allowed to touch you close enough with our build up wants and needs when that time comes."

'Where are you, you son of a bitch? Come out!' she thought, hoping to find and provoke the thing inside her that she knew had always been there, this was different though. Not even an answer or sensation that it holed up within.

"That doesn't mean that we can't have our fun with you first though…besides…even if we did accidentally slip and let's say…" it paused, settling itself between her legs that were spread apart and contained, resting the head against her opening making her close her eyes while a tear slipped down her face. "The accident would be pardoned. Is that right boys?"

A laugh from the group confirmed the demon, making it smirk, thrusting its hips forwards slightly to touch the smooth, slick heat before it, never really truly delving inside.

"Oh fuck, during your stay here, let's just clarify that there will be a lot of accidents to be had," it finished, taking hold of her hips and thrusting hard into the woman, so hard that when it removed itself halfway there was blood coating the meat as it went in for more.

Alex had closed her eyes, screaming as the thing refused to stop, but when she opened them they were gone. Her clothes were back; there was no hands or arms holding her to the bones she was lying on. Quickly standing, she stumbled, her body aching as she crawled over to the wall nearby. Arms clasped around her brought up knees, head straight against the concrete behind her as she cautiously kept an eye on her surroundings. Touching her forehead to her arms, she breathed in and out slowly, trying to assess what was going on in this place. She figured that it was Hell; it only made sense because she knew that she was dead. This place was all too real to not be a dream and even though she desperately wanted out, she knew that she wasn't going to get the option of freedom.

"Alex, there you are," the voice that came was soft and sweet, sounding as if she were a mother that had just found her child.

Lip trembling, she glanced up to the woman, blond, wearing a button down white dress with a nametag clipped in the breast pocket. Janine Morgan. From what Alex could tell, this Janine was in the medical field. Maybe it was all a dream after all. Another quick check on the room she was in she noticed she hadn't been in a room but a busy hospital hallway with people being strolled along in wheelchairs or helped to walk.

"Where am I?"

"St. Leon's Mental Institution."

"Leon. No. He-he's dead."

"Yes…" Janine drew out slowly, a soft smile playing along her lips. "This place is dedicated just to him and his works of helping those like you with your problems."

"I don't have problems lady, I'm not some whacked out patient that you can talk to like they are ill minded."

"Here we go again."

"Leon is a psychotic sick and twisted bastard, he does not help people. You hear me? I want out of here!" Alex shouted the last few words to emphasize her point as she stood, moving from the wall and away from Janine as she pulled out a syringe.

"I think it's time for your appointment with Dr. Leon."

"What? You just said he's dead! How the hell can I have an appointment with---don't you fucking touch me!"

Janine's eyes turned hard, cold and black as she glared at the brunette before her. "Maybe so, but lest you forget that this is Hell darling. We can conjure up copies of just about anything."

Finally able to get a hold on Alex, she pinched a piece of skin on her arm, sinking the tip of the needle inside and injecting the liquid into her bloodstream. In seconds she had grabbed a wheelchair and placed it behind the female just in time as the medicine kicked in, knocking her unconscious. Janine nodded to the nurses and doctors passing her, casually strolling her patient down the hallway to their room.

Alistair shook his head from hearing and witnessing in his mind what was occurring to the other hunter. His attention snapped back to the sandy-blond haired male, eyes green and defiant as he snarled back at him. The demon smiled and continued his unfinished business he had begun.

"Ah, the wonderful music of a new soul being tortured, sweet and succulent just like yours Dean," he said, his voice nasally as the hunter arched from another twist of the blade, gripping the bindings around his wrists as he stared up at the hand now holding his spleen. "Who really needs this anyways?"

With a backwards toss the sound of teeth gnawing, barking and fighting of dogs came to Dean's ears. He wished he could pass out, not deal with the agonizing pain surging through every limb and multiple wounds, and there was no doubt about it that the screaming he had heard was from someone he knew. The problem was that he couldn't think of who it was for the life of him and only one name held meaning to him at this very moment.


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