So I haven't touched this story in a long time, about 1 year and a half. I have lost the document that I had started to write for the next chapter many months back and I keep coming back to this story re-reading it to get more inspiration and maybe write but each time I do I keep thinking of Alex in my other story that I have that is played with my friend Wynter on my RPG site that I converted into chapters…well just our thread. But anyways, it is kind of difficult to get back into thinking of Alex in this story plot when I really do like how I hashed out her character in Feel So Numb and the sequel with Donnie in The Space In Between.

There will be a sequel to that where I get to hash out more of how I wanted Alex's time in Hell and after that to be than I got to really do here. I apologize for the wait and I won't take the story down but I am sad to say that I really have lost all inspiration for this story. Personally the RPG site that I run where I am playing Alex and other characters I have grown in my writing her and Alex is way different than how you have come to know her through Jaded and this sequel. Not different in a bad way because you know she is still a bitch and very tug-o-war emotional and all that lovely stuff that you like about Alex.

She is definitely more defined though and in my head she really can't bring herself to come back to the way she was previously written. Jaded was my start with her and I have grown so much in my writing and adventure with trying to get a hold on who Alex really is, how to really play her and finally got the hang of it after starting Feel So Numb with my friend. So I have decided to leave this story as is, I still like to believe that I CAN still come back to this and maybe write it again. I've wanted to write it for you fans after I realized what I did but I can't even do that much to push myself and my character.

Apologies and if you readers do still like Alex, Leon, Donnie…then I suggest you read Feel So Numb series, we are currently working on The Space In Between and will be moving onto Watercolour the sequel to Space in about two months we like to hope with our busy schedules. Please enjoy the Alex Tatiani that I have created, the Donnie St. Lewis that I have found a grasp on as well and my adorable homicidal teddy bear Leon in that series along with my friend's own characters that I have come to love just as much. In Numb I don't write Dean, which another thing that I have found I have had to delete a lot of my stories because I write Sam and Castiel better than I do Dean.

Again apologies, but please don't give up on the characters. They have moved onward and though this is abandoned, they will still be in commission. Thanks for reading, favoriting, alerting and reviewing. I love that you all love my characters so much and that you loved this story while it was going. Really made me happy to know that I had such awesome fans.

-Tori (Gypsywoman1)