Worst Case Scenario

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Note: Parody - Humorous or satirical mimicry. Please don't kill me.

If she had been gutsier.

The entire period, the beautiful stranger sat next to the girl without a word. Not only that, he placed himself as far away from the girl as possible without actually falling off his seat.

How he managed to stay on the chair with only one quarter of his taut, perfect buttocks still on it, is beyond her understanding. His hands (manicured fingernails, no doubt) were fisted on his left leg.

She decided that ignoring him would be the best course of action.

His glare at the undeserving girl moments before class ended was, however, the last straw.

'That's it!' she huffed, standing up and waltzing over to him. She prodded his sculptured chest with her forefinger, her face inches from his, 'what is your problem?!'

Freckle-less face stared back at hers in mild amusement.

'I've had it with your staring and glaring,' poke poke poke, 'and pretending I'm some sort of reeking scat!' poke poke poke poke.

'Oh, you think you're so hot and smart that you're above it all,' she snorted, 'well, guess what, porcelain head?' she placed her lips inches from his ear and breathed, 'fuck you.'

And with that, she sashayed out of the class, books in hand and a bewildered stranger on the edge of his sea-


seat, no longer.

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