Worst Case Scenario

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Note: Satire - Witty language used to convey insults or scorn.

If she doesn't believe.

She had been curious by all the mysterious happenings around her. As well as to her. Had she been really, really honest to herself, she would admit that it frightened her. She was a strong believer in God, the almighty, as well as science.

On the other hand, she also believed in miracles, fate, and freak happenings.

The car incident had been nothing short of a miracle and her savior had her whole and sincere gratitude. It had also made her curious as to his habits and behavior.

After much research and information gathering, she had come to one final conclusion.

However, in order to prove it's veraciousness, she had to hear it from him. She would coerce the truth out of him if it's the last thing she does!

Hence, she started dropping garli- I mean - hints when talking to the said savior. In order not to be too conspicuous, she told her friends to 'leave him alone' when they start one of their gossips about him, never mind that they think she has an uber huge crush on him.

Her friends noticed that she had been hanging around the counselors' office more often than healthy. And so did the eerily attractive family.

He was forced to confront her to prevent exposure.

'I'm a vampire,' he admitted outright, staring her down with those urine-colore- I mean, golden eyes of his.

She gasped in surprise, even though she had her suspicions, this was worse than she had ever imagined. Her voice was gentle when she spoke, 'it's okay,' she soothed, placing a lithe hand to his arm. He flinched on contact. She frowned, then replaced it with a encouraging grin, 'I spoke to the counselor. She knows someone who can help,' she offered. 'Here,' she forced a card into his hand, 'you should see him,' a pause, 'you and your family.'

She gave him a final look filled with pity and compassion, 'good luck.'

Confused, he looked the name card over…

Dr. James Smith

Ph.D. on Psychological Disorder

(Asperger's syndrome, delusional disorder, folie a deux, personality disorder, etc etc)