A Syfy's Alice General/Humour Fanfic

Wonderland and our world are different. We have fruits they don't have. They have fruit we don't have. And the Hatter has fruits of his own.

Rated K for nothing to bump it up.

Disclaimer: Alice and its characters belong to Syfy, as well as about three points for a good film. Strawberries belong to any Oyster who buys them, and dinglefruit belong to me or the Hatter, depending on the situation in question.

A/N: I thought of this story while making myself a peanut-butter strawberry jelly sandwich last night for lunch today. I basically planned the dialogue last night, but didn't write it until today, and didn't put it up until just now (obviously).

This doesn't actually require knowing the plot of Alice, just understand that there is a place called Wonderland which is different from our world, there is Alice from our world, and the Hatter from Wonderland who has come to our world.

(130 words)

"Go get me some strawberries," she tells him. He looks at her, and the look of utter confusion, with his question, makes her laugh.

"What are strawberries?"

"They're a type of fruit. Don't you have them in Wonderland?"

"Not that I know of."



"That's so strange. It's like... I don't know, I can't imagine not having strawberries!"

"I imagine it's similar to you, for example, not having dinglefruit."


"They're round, like oranges, but three feet across and bring green when they're ripe, and neon yellow on the inside, and they taste like a cross between a potato and a cantaloupe." She stares at his perfectly serious face, trying to decide whether or not he's lying.

Suddenly, he laughs. "You didn't think I was serious, did you?"