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Running Wolf

Kurai means "dark," that is why the others are scared of her. That is why she is sitting in her room with her knees curled up to her chest, trying so desperately to remember where she came from.

Now let me start from the beginning…

Billowing blackness seems to stretch out endlessly in front of her, yet she feels very confined by it, like she is trapped. Terrified, she flails her arms around trying to grasp onto something, anything; there is nothing here, just darkness. Her shaky breathing is getting heavy; she feels like she might pass out. The darkness seems to be closing in on her; she fights against it clawing at the intangible cloud that is impossibly crushing her. She is slowly slipping out of consciences, losing to the darkness; soon she is gone.

"Hmm, hm, hm hmm…" a young girl with messy brown hair and small, charcoal colored wings hums as she sweeps a hallway on the second floor of the abandoned school she calls home. She spies a small puddle on the floor in front of her and is puzzled for a moment before being hit by a big drop of water that quickly builds into a small stream cascading from a crack in the ceiling. One stream of water turns in to two and then four and the girl is soon soaked and baffled. The water pools onto the ground and seeps through the floor boards. Moments later she hears, "Rakkaaaaa!" a disgruntled women yells from the floor below her, "What did you do!?" The girl hurries down to the first floor to explain. She finds a very unhappy woman with long, soaking-wet, black hair and a soggy cigarette loosely hanging from her mouth waiting for her. "Wha'd ya do spill your cleaning bucket, 'cause I swear if this is mop water in my hair…"

" It wasn't me, Reki! The ceiling is leaking. There must be a hole in the roof."

"It's not raining!… Uuhg… no this is much worse than a leak. We missed another cacoon…damnit!" Explains Reki clasping a hand over her face in frustration.

"But we check all the rooms everyday."

"Yeah, but not the attic. Well, we better go up there." Reki says looking annoyed.

The pair climb staircase after staircase, each new floor is wetter and wetter; until finally they reach the trap door in the ceiling of the top floor. The door swells and creeks as water pours out of it's cracks. "Okay, Rakka, open it," orders Reki.

"What? Why me? You open it, it's your job to greet New Borns!" Rakka protests.

"Uugh, fine… I have to do everything around here," Reki grumbles. She reachs up and pulls open the soggy door; a burst water dumps out with the old wooden stairs and completely drenches her, extinguishing yet another cigarette. "Well," Reki says pulling her drenched locks from in front of her face and spitting out the limp cigarette, "let's go." Rakka climbs the moist stairs and pokes her head into the attic; sure enough an unconscious girl lays sprawled out on the floor of the musty room. "Whadda' ya see?" Reki impatiently calls up to her.

"Yep, there's a newborn up here--a girl my age." Rakka pulls herself up into the attic and Reki soon follows. The girls hair is wet but it appears to be brown, it falls just above her shoulders and seems to have some wave to it. Her slender frame is long and lanky with a flat chest and square shoulders.

"She looks tall, doesn't she look tall to you?"

"I...I don't know. She's lying down. I can't tell."

"We better get'er dried off and in bed; who knows how long she's been here."

"Yeah." Rakka can't seem to stop staring at this strangely enchanting girl. An odd feeling overcomes her but she can't quite put her finger on it; there is something very different about this girl.

Navy blue eyes jump open and frantically scan the unfamiliar room. Realizing she has no idea where she is, the girl begins to panic and wrestle out of the bed that is not hers. She sees a door and starts towards it, but it swings open before she reaches it and in steps a women with long black hair. "Hey, whadda' ya doin' outa' bed? Aren't you exhausted, most people are you know, being born is pretty tiring."

"I'm not tired."

"Well aren't you a strange one," Reki knows she must be lying.

" Who are you? Where am I? What's go.."

"Whoa, whoa, hold your horses, just calm down. I'll explain everything as soon as you get back in bed, you need rest."

"I'm not tired." the new girl bites out, frustrated she's being treated like a child or a mental patient…oh, God, what if she is a mental patient! "Fine." She sits back down on the bed.

" Now let's start from the beginning; tell me about your dream." Reki begins, sitting in a wooden chair next to the bed.

"What?" The girl narrows her eyes looking confused. Reki simply raises her eyebrows and waits for her to remember. "You…you mean that nightmare I had?"

"Well, I've never heard it called that, but yeah…what was it about; what do you remember?" Reki looks almost concerned now.

"It was…there was nothing…" She closes her eyes, pain and fear on her face. "It was about nothing, just…" Clearly disturbed she furrows her brow in sadness and worry and after a few tense moments finally says, "…darkness. All I remember is darkness. It was so, so dark." She curls her knees to her flat chest and opens her navy blue eyes to shyly stare at the black haired women. Reki stares back into eyes so dark they barley have a color; she is flustered for a moment, never having seen eyes like this before. She feels caught as she stares into the girls eyes that seem to get deeper and deeper every passing moment. She feels as if the girls eyes are telling her some long lost, tragic story. But before she can decipher the sad tale the door swings open again, and Reki is snapped out of her gaze. In walks the other haibane eager to meet the new feather and help her understand this world that was new and strange to them once when they were just where she was now.

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