He wrestles her to the ground, tearing at clothes and kissing skin. She writhes underneath him, whispering his name between throaty moans and he cannot quite believe that she is his, that he could ever be so lucky as to -

"Alistair?" she asks, with a voice not her own. He blinks as she becomes fuzzy, the voice stronger, clearer..

"Alistair?" Zevran repeats. The Grey Warden jerks awake, blinking owlishly.


"I am here to relieve you of your watch duties." The elf smirks, a habit that Alistair is already getting irritated with.

"Hmf. Of course." He pulls himself to his feet, ruffling his hair. "Just don't kill us in our sleep or anything stupid like that."

"Do you truly believe that I would?" In return, the Warden raises an eyebrow.

"You tried to kill us TODAY."

"That is in the past."

"It was TODAY."

"And, thus, in the past, no?"

"Well, no, not for me. Today is still today."

"Your fellow Warden has seen fit to grant me her trust. Why can you not do the same?"

"Oh, she may say she trusts you, but I doubt she really trusts you yet." The elf peers at him, assessing the man.


"You tried to kill her today. TODAY. How are you not getting this concept?"

"You place too much importance on what a man has done."

"Do I. Do I really." Alistair rolls his eyes.

"What your lady Warden sees is what a man WILL do. And that, dear Alistair, is far more important." The elf smirks again. "You see, I am a man of action, in many ways. She sees me, and she knows that I am the kind of man who will bed her in the future." The Warden splutters.


"She sees a man who is confident enough to come up to her, grab her slender hips and whisk her into pleasures she has never dreamed of. The fact that I tried to take her life bears no meaning on this, you see."

"What in the name of the Maker are you implying? That she's keeping you for – for bedsport?!"

"Oh, no no no. It will be far more meaningful than that."

"Are you serious? Are you actually serious?"

"Of course. She needs a man willing to take the lead. You are obviously not up to the task. You lack the confidence to even kiss her, am I right?"

"W-w-what are you even talking about?!"

"I thought so." He slinks off into the woods, leaving Alistair blustering to the night.

The next day, he corners her.

"So I fooled you, did I?" He grins. "Good to know.."