a/n; This is a spin off of Zack is late. You don't have to read that to read this since this occurs BEFORE that story. I originally intended for this to be a one-shot but I think I'll make it into a series of chapters. I know this one is short, sorry.

Warning; I'm rating this T right now, but I might change it to M later for content. Disclaimer: H.H.'s brilliance.

"Zack," Angela pipped up, while clutching a metal tray with a skull waiting to be identified on it, "do you drink?"

The young genius glanced up. His expression mixing to confusion at her question. His brows pushed together, and wondered about her strange assumption of him not drinking. "Why yes, I do drink. Drinking is a natural part mammal habits, instinct in fact. Our bodies are made of-"

Angela, realizing he had misinterpreted her question, interrupted, "yes seventy-five percent, right? But what I was asking was do you drink, you know, alcohol."

Zack pretended Angela had not interrupted him and continued his lecture, setting down a bone to point accordingly to her, "not exactly. Seventy-five percent is the highest amount that an infant would be born with. We, as adults, loose a significant amount. Males are an average of sixty percent and females fifty-five. The lowest, that is still okay, is forty-five percent. Most surprisingly our bones contain 22 percent, and our skin-"

"Please, Zack!" Angela said wishing to cover her ears - but had the tray still at hand, "I honestly don't care." He obeyed and became silent, looking a little at a loss - like a puppy in training. She smiled at the image that appeared in her head, and nodded approvingly at the young man. "Good. Now, I was asking if you ever drank alcohol."

His lost expression disappeared, and now he looked like the Zack she was used to. A blank, stare was all she got, and then finally he shrugged. "No, I've never seen the point. With all the effects it has on the mind, and body I don't see why people do."

"Yes, Zack, I'm sure you'd have to worry about loosing a few braincells," she rolled her eyes. It would be most interesting to see him drunk, "It's fun. Hodgins and I are going out later. Why don't you come along, after all, you like to experiment."

He shrugged his shoulders yet again. His attention cast away on the bones before him. He hadn't really paid attention to Angela's last part, so just nodded. It seemed to be the most effective way to get her to leave him to his work.