"Teagan." Eamon's voice is leaden with sorrow. "Find him." Nodding, the younger Guerrein brother heads out into Redcliffe to find the erstwhile child.

It was a difficult situation, he thinks. The boy was both nuisance and angel, hated and adored by all the staff, depending on what antics he had been up to this week. The young arl would have kept him in any room other than the small room just off from the stables if opinion was not important – and really, it wasn't, but to everyone else, the whisperers of rumours and the cowards who hid behind words, it was everything. The boy could have been a son, but for the properness of the kingdom. And now the lady who would be Arlessa.. Isolde, he corrects himself. She had never quite seen eye to eye with the boy, but she meant well enough. He needs direction, she had said. A proper education, she had said. Well, a life in the Chantry would certainly give him that, but Teagan very much doubted that the child would understand as much. He's ten, he thinks. Ten year-old boys don't agree with grown-ups. And now it fell to him to break the boy's heart.

He stops. Not thirty yards away, two of the arl's knights are manhandling a walking pile of mud. A very specific pile of mud that is shouting and screaming. Oh, Maker..

"Alistair, how? How did you get so.. so like this?" he inquires, putting hands on waist and sighing. The boy grins, pulling away from the grip of the soldiers and running up to his would-be uncle.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you!"

"Try me." He cannot help but smile.

"I found a hole! It's not even really a hole, it's a pit – a pit with no bottom and it's filled with mud! I wasn't even trying to find it, just sort of stumbled, and I was up to my head, but I got out on my own okay. I don't reckon that Miss Isolde is going to like me much for it, though," he adds, grinning anyway. Teagan covers his face with his hand – anything that Alistair did seemed to frustrate the woman who was to be his sister-in-law, but this really would tip the scales. Making a snap decision, he motions to the guards, who pick up the boy. Ignoring his yelps, he points to the lake, and they laugh, throwing him in. With a cry of surprise and joy, Alistair flails mid-air before sinking into the water, a haze of mud surrounding him. He resurfaces, grinning, before taking Teagan's hand and scrambling out.

"Can we do that again?"

"Not right now, the arl wants to see you." Remembering why he has been sent to find him, Teagan's heart sinks. "And he is serious, so you might want to quickly get changed." Alistair nods, running off to investigate. At his retreating back, Teagan prays for forgiveness. This will not be easy for him, he thinks sadly, and I fear that he will hate us all for the decision.