I hope you liked the summary; I tried my best to make it good. This is my first fanfic EVER, seriously, and please be nice, any suggestions are welcome.

OK lets make this quick, this is inspired by another fanfic (As mentioned in the title), this is NOT based on it OR a copy, you will see that as this story progresses. I chose to do this because I'm having trouble writing other fanfics so far and I figure that I can do this without too much trouble.

Before I start, let me say that, every symptom you read is REAL, I have Aspergers and just about every symptom is based on one I have. Only the symptoms and some reactions are based on me, Bella's personality is the same (It might be hard to tell though, as this is written like the mind of an Autistic). This is entirely in Bella's P.O.V. because I can do an Autistic P.O.V. perfectly, but I should warn you that A.S. Bella won't notice a lot of things (Objects and actions mostly) due to A.S.

If you don't understand something (A common reaction for a non A.S. person in an A.S. conversation), please ask me, I can explain, I'll try at least, I can't promise that you will understand ME.

Disclaimer: I own nothing, except the minor details not worth mentioning. This will not be repeated in any chapter.

Chapter One

The Arrival

A sudden wave of anxiety came over me.

My name is Bella Swan and the plane I've boarded just took off, I'm not used to going anywhere alone and now I'm stuck here.

What if I'm on the wrong plane? What if I miss my queue and don't get off? What if dad's not there to get me? There are too many people! These questions flow through my mind, only fueling my anxiety; I can now hear and greatly feel my own heart beat.

This was a bad idea. Why did I ever agree to do this? This is the stupidest thing I've ever agreed to do. But I have no choice, let me explain a little; my mom remarried and he's a minor league baseball player, so he has to travel, that didn't used to be a problem but this time it's a really special occasion and great job opportunity and mom has to go with him, but the officials won't let me go too. So now I'm moving to Forks to live with my dad for a few years.

You see, I really don't cope well with change, I have Asperger syndrome, a form of Autism. I'm also not used to not having a guide, I'm very good at doing things, but sometimes I need (detailed) instructions in order to do them. That's why I never go anywhere alone, I can get lost very easily.

The red light came on and the voice said "Now landing in 'Port Angeles'". 'Port Angeles?'... 'Port Angeles?'... That's my stop! I must have spaced out again. The plane slowly made it's decent. I tried to focus, trying to avoid spacing out and missing my chance to get off.

The plane landed better then I thought, I didn't know that I would have so much time to get off. Now just as we practiced. I told my self; mom and I have practiced the process for days (I hate practicing and studying things). I went through the whole ordeal perfectly. Now I need to get to the place where I can get picked up, I forget what it's called. That could be a problem.

I just wandered around trying to remember what it was called. Think you fat, ugly drunk! I'm not fat, ugly or drunk, but I call everyone that in my mind, I don't mean anything of it; it's more like a habit then an insult. I never ask for help, I always wait for it to come to me. And so happens it did.

"Can I help you miss" a security officer asked me. I didn't respond at first, waiting to see if he was talking to me. "Miss?" he asked again.

"Yes, can you take me to the place where I can meet my dad for a ride out?" I stammered. I'm not used to communicating with people like this. Damnit, I meant "Can you show me where?" Not "Take me to", you idiot!

"Of coarse, this way please" He said, walking off in a direction. Am I supposed to follow? Thank goodness he didn't take that as an offense. I followed anyways.

"Here it is miss" He said.

"Thank you" I said, just remembering. I usually forget to say please and thank you. He walked off.

I scanned the room until I saw my dad. He had a sign that said 'Isabella Swan' just to make sure I find him.

"Bella!" He called. Walking over. I approached him, meeting him half way, or I would've if I didn't walk fast.

"Hi daddy." I greeted him. (AN: She would have never have stopped addressing her parents as 'mommy' or 'daddy', just so you don't wonder)

"Wow you've gotten bigger" He noted.

"Not big enough" I commented, noting that he was still more then a head taller then me. I wanted to be really, really tall, I was already a forehead taller then mom, I was so proud when I first became taller then her, I was the tallest in the house until Phil turned up.

We ended the conversation there, dad was never much of a talker, mom thinks he has Asperger syndrome too but he was never tested for it.

I was a bit of a drive home, but it was silent. I normally love silent days, I hate loud noises because of my highly sensitive ears, but I had talkative moments too, sometimes I can talk for hours as long as the subject interests me.

We pulled into the driveway of a house I haven't been to in a while.

"Here we are" dad said, getting out of the cruiser. Anxiety came through me, but a small wave this time. I hesitated at first but got out; getting my bags out with me (I kept them right with me in the front seat so I wouldn't have to put them in the back).

We went inside the (mostly) white house and dad gave me a tour around the place so I know where to go before he showed me to my room where I set my bags down.

"I'll leave unpacking to you, if you need anything just ask" dad said before leaving the room. Dad always gives me my space, I like that about him, he's a good person.

I never noticed before but it's been raining since I got here, I'm not used to rain. Forks, I am really not going to like it here am I? I asked myself before unpacking.

I spent the rest of the day getting used to the house.

While doing this I found out that dad had barely any food in the house. What happens if I want a snack? I asked myself, I usually do have a snack daily, I can't last on bacon and eggs alone! A massive surge of anxiety came through me unexpectedly. I need brown-bread toast with honey for breakfast (Problems, you know), a custom salad for lunch and pasta for dinner!! I NEED to eat like this! This is my routine! Never mess with my routine! I was getting angry now. What day is it anyway? ...Sunday... It's alright, I can stock up on food tomorrow, hell maybe today, it's only 4:06 PM. I calmed down at that thought. Alright, I'll do it. I confirmed my self.

Dad and I spent the rest of the afternoon getting the supplies I need. I was going to cook it, that wouldn't be a problem; I've been cooking since I was 8. Dad doesn't mind a bit, I like that very much.

We got home at 7:03 PM, I know because I check a clock 47 times a minute. I made us dinner soon after, dad was hesitant at first, probably remembering mom's cooking *Shudders* if I ever have to eat that again I'll kill myself.

"That was good Bells" dad said after dinner, he appeared to be relived so I knew he was telling the truth. I cleaned the dishes while dad watched TV, I don't know what it was, Football or baseball? I wasn't paying attention, besides; I hate sports with a burning passion. It's not because I'm clumsy, I am, it's because I'm lazy, very, very lazy.

I spent the rest of the night reading an Anne Rice book of mine, I have a few obsessions, you might get to see a few later but one of my favourite is vampires, I love them to the bone, they're so cool, I'd love to be one, I practically am really; I'm pale, I hate bright light and heat, for heaven's sake I could kill a man and wouldn't care, sometimes when I'm mad I just wish I could so much.

I checked the clock after, it said 11:36 PM, most people would be shocked or unsettled if they realised that they stayed up so late on the night of their first day of school but I always stay up really late and get up really early, and I always have more then enough energy for the next day and function to my full potential, if anything 11:36 is a bit early to my, I'm more of a 12:45 AM person, but I guess I should get to bed soon, I take a while to fall asleep anyways.

As I lay in bed I think of vampires and erotic thoughts until I fall asleep.


Alright that turned out very well, better then I expected, it was longer but I had to cut out fluff to make it interesting.

If you ask me I had a few lapses of quality in a few parts. I'll try avoid that later.

I wish it was longer but that's all I can include now.

One last thing, please point out any spelling/grammar mistakes to me; I would love to fix them.

OK one more thing, 'Autism and Me' is a very great documentary, and quite accurate since it was made by an Autistic boy, watching it could help you understand Autism in itself.

Very important note: Remember this: Autism is not a disease, it does not need a cure, if anything normalcy needs a cure, everyone should be Autistic, then the world will be perfect, filled with intellect and quiet people, but still dangerous though since like everyone, Autistic people can be murderers and thieves.