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A/N: Okay, basically this is my version of what should have happened when Harry and Hermione went back in time to save Sirius in the Prisoner of Azkaban. So just remember everything from the previous years and what happens before the whole time travel thing is the same.

"Let's go." Harry told Hermione before running off past bushes on the tree line of the Forbidden Forest following himself from earlier that night.

Hermione followed after him as quickly as she could and stopped when Harry did.

They watched anxiously as the earlier Harry distracted Professor Lupin from Sirius, Harry stared at himself as he threw a rock at the angry werewolf as it prepared to strike his godfather with a death blow. The werewolf turned and roared at the Harry that threw the rock as it raised it's claws at him, "Awooo!" Harry stared around in confusion seeing Hermione grab Lupin's attention with the howl, Harry quickly grabbed her hands to stop her. "Hermione what're you doing?!" he hissed in a quiet tone, "Saving your life." Hermione responded and sent another howl in Lupin's direction. "Thanks." Harry whispered as Lupin turned his full attention to them and pounded in their direction. "Great, now he's coming for us." Harry stared at the werewolf, "Yeah, didn't think about that. Run!" Hermione called as she took off in the opposite direction into the forest, Harry took a moment to follow her. Lupin was almost on their heels as they ran, Harry tripped over an exposed root in the ground and fell to the dirt ground. Hermione helped him up and quickly started running again, they slipped in behind a large tree to hide. Harry tried to keep his breathing as low as possible as not to attract Lupin's attention as he slowly circled around the tree. Harry and Hermione slowly backed up to stay out of his sight but backed up too far revealing their hiding place, a low growl signaled that the werewolf was right behind them. Lupin reared up and Harry wrapped his arms around Hermione turning his back to Lupin to protect her from the blow, Buckbeak came running out of no where striking the werewolf with his talon.

Lupin fell outstretching his arm and raking his claws across Harry's back causing a cry of pain to sound from the teen. Harry fell from the impact of Lupin's claws hitting him and let go of Hermione before hitting the ground.

"Harry!" Hermione knelt down to her friend and tried to help him up but pulled her hand back feeling something warm and wet. Hermione looked at her hand and gasped, even in the dim moonlight she could tell that it was blood on her hand. Harry's blood. "Harry?!" she rolled Harry over to see if he was okay.

Harry blinked open his eyes to see blurry shapes moving around him. His vision slowly focused and his hearing came back to him as he looked up at Hermione above him. "Ugh...Hermione..?" Harry moaned moving his hand to his forehead.

Buckbeak had fended Lupin off by now and trotted back to them.

Hermione held a concerned expression on her face as she took off her jacket and wrapped it around her injured companion's back. She was especially concerned when she saw how deep the four long cuts were. They reached from Harry's right shoulder down to his left side, "Harry, we need to get you to Madam Pomfrey."

"N-No...Sirius.." Harry protested quietly as he pushed himself up cringing, he looked up seeing several dementors flying towards the lake and started running as fast as his battered back would allow.

Hermione followed him incase he needed help which she knew he would.

Harry saw that his earlier self and Sirius were about to die and he realized the person who saved them was actually himself. He ran out to the edge of the lake and shouted, "Expecto Patronum!!" A bright white light started glowing from the tip of his wand and defended his earlier self and Sirius from the dementors. Harry felt like his legs were turning to jello, as his earlier self passed out so did he hearing Hermione run up behind him to catch him as he did.

Hermione managed to get Harry onto Buckbeak's back and save Sirius sending him off with Buckbeak telling him she would take care of Harry til he got settled. Then started taking Harry to Madam Pomfrey, she ran as fast as she could to find the nurse before Harry lost much more blood.