Demon of Wutai


Summary: Sephiroth earned his title with the blood and deaths of his enemies. Those same enemies would never know how close he came to fighting by their side.

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Even secluded in the darkest depths of the Wutain jungles they dare not say his name, lest they somehow summon the man himself.

If the creature could be a man.

Sephiroth was like no other. Not even the SOLDIERS. He was taller, with long silver hair and eyes so bright that the Lifestream itself must be flowing through his veins. One or two, those lucky to escape an encounter with him alive, said his eyes are slitted like a cat's.

The Demon of Wutai.

He has earned the title with the blood and deaths of his enemies and the legendary Masamune, a Nodachi that was almost as infamous and dreaded as its wielder. In Wutain its name meant "the divine sword." To those who fought against him it was the sword of death.

Single-handedly he has devastated their armies. Truly, he has earned hit title. And somehow they know they will not win. Their tactics are nothing to someone who knows them like the back of his hand; their numbers are nothing to a demon that fights with such fire within him, as though they are responsible for the horrors of his life.

He came into battle like death incarnate, dressed in steel and leather—the elements of death. He came on massive black wings; the dread of every enemy warrior. Movements revealed a lifetime of honing to perfection, slicing through the enemy as the Grim Reaper. And behind it all was the spirit of vengeance burning bright in his soul.

From the start it was a hopeless fight. He was stronger than the strongest of theirs. Faster than their fastest. Better than their best. A perfect combination of scientific advancement and fighting tradition that knew their every tactic like the back of his hand.

And so their best fell. Their strongest faltered. Their swiftest retreated before the hard eyed army lead by a determined silver demon. The army crumbled and fled and peace was taken at the point of the sword.

Because of one man.

They would never know how close he came to fighting by their side; being a weapon for them instead of against. But he knew, he knew what his fate would have been at their hands. A taste of it in his childhood, courtesy of Hojo, gave him the infamous hatred that made even the most hardened tremble.

For duty he fought. For his country he fought. For his people and family he fought. Against the fate that could have—would have if not for his father—been his, he killed.

Shinra flees.

And Wutai celebrates its demon.


I read a story about Vincent attempting to escape Shinra with a pregnant Lucrecia to Wutai and I wondered…what if Sephiroth had been raised in Wutai instead?