A/N: SPOILER WARNING FOR SERIES FINALE! For those who will read, if you don't know or remember, Lily Catherine only speaks French

and Vietnamese, and she is around five, maybe six years old. This IS canon. Enjoy this Daddy-daughter moment. Those who agree that

Magnum isn't cut out for the domestic duties of fatherhood, but think that he'll do his damnedest, say, "Aye!"

Hugs and Kisses Your Author.

Magnum sighed contentedly. Lily Catherine had had a nightmare the night before. She had crawled into bed with him at three O'clock in the

morning, alternately calling out for her "Ma-ma" and "Pa-pa". It touched him to no end how quickly his little girl had taken to him. He was all that

she had left; there was no one else that she knew, and, then again, she barely even knew her own Daddy. Lily Catherine was asleep, her trusting

arms were wrapped around him, and her head was resting on his bare chest. She was breathing lightly, in and out; seemingly having not a care in

the world, feeling safe and at ease snuggled up with her father.

Magnum stroked her hair gently as she slept. At first the day he first saw her, he couldn't believe his eyes. It was his little girl! He had been right;

she had gotten out of the car before it exploded. She had escaped. There was no more comforting thought than that. But, if he suspected it and

was able to clarify it, then couldn't her mother's killers have done the same? Could his angelic, sleeping daughter be in danger? The mere thought

of it terrified Magnum to no end. If anything were to happen to Lily…If he were to loose her again… No. He, Thomas Magnum would be the best

father ever, watch out for and protect her from boys that would pull her hair and Orientals that wanted her dead, alike.

Thomas put an arm around Lily's sleeping form, holding her close, afraid to let her go. She was his life now. His 'wanderlust', as the Captain had so

aptly put it, had dissipated the moment he had first set eyes on Lily Catherine in the church that day. His beautiful little daughter, the one thing

that he loved selflessly, had been seemingly lost to him forever. To hold her in his arms after thinking, no accepting, however unhappily, her

death…Thomas Magnum knew deep in his heart that nothing else mattered anymore. That saying about having loved and lost - nothing could

match having lost, only to have found again.

"Pa-pa?" Lily had opened her sleep-glazed eyes and was looking questioningly up at her preoccupied father, who was still stroking her hair gently,

lost in his thoughts.

Magnum smoothed back the long, silky wisps of Lily's hair that were cascading across her face and kissed her gently on her forehead. "Daddy's

here, Baby Girl," he intoned soothingly, knowing that Lily would instinctively understand his comforting words and know that she was safe, loved

and cared for by him. "Daddy's here,"