Rating: M

Pairing: NaruHina

Author's Notes: Hey there everybody. It's the coolest writer straight out of the final frontier, the Naruto fan of the North, MR. ALASKA!! I decided to take on a little challenge, purposed by Angeus. Where Naruto has a complete personality change. In this story, Naruto is basically Hinata…. And Hinata is basically Naruto. You know? Naruto being shy, timid, attachment issues, nervousness, etc. And Hinata is loud, hard headed, annoying, hyperactive, etc. Here are the conditions of the challenge. This story starts right before the graduation.

Conditions: No yaoi, no good Sasuke, no Harem (he's going to have enough problems with one girl), no 'over-night' change for Naruto, no Naruto/older women (ex. Anko, Kurenai, or Tsunade), while I would prefer a Naruto/Temari, I won't insist.

Hope you all like this story, just like you liked all my other stories. Hartman out!

Chapter 1: The Beginning

It was a beautiful, sunny day in the village of Konohagakure. But for some soon to be shinobis, they will be spending the most of the day in class, finishing out their final day there.

"OK class…" Iruka sensei shouted over the chattering teens. "Settle down, so we can get started!" The entire class, in unison, let out a tired sigh. Ignoring the routine daily sigh, the scared face man began the lecture about various types of Jutsu.

Before starting, he surveyed the students he's been teaching for four years, remembering all the good times. Remembering all the fun he had teaching them, all the challenging Go matches he played against the unenthusiastic, yet brilliant Shikamaru Nara. But while scanning the happy and care free faces, he came across the only unhappy face. The face of the "Dead-last" ignored pariah Naruto Uzumaki.

The poor bland sat in the upper corner of the class, with no one behind him, and not in anyone's way. The boy was known as "The Demon Brat" or "The Unwanted Child" and any other nasty and spiteful name the villagers could think up. He had that name, because inside him was the most feared and most powerful demon to ever walk the earth…the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

12 years earlier, during Naruto's birth, the village of Konohagakure was attacked by the Nine-Tailed Fox, killing many of shinobi and villagers alike. Nothing could stop the mighty creature. The only way to stop him from attacking and destroying the village was the sacrifice of the 4th Hokage, Minato Namikaze…Naruto's father.

In sacrificing himself in a Kinjutsu, he was able to trap the dangerous monster inside the stomach of his newborn son. But in doing so, Minato lost his life, along with his wife Kushina Namikaze who died in giving birth to Naruto.

Minato's last wish was simple.

"Let it be known that on this day, I pass on my legacy onto this boy, Naruto. He shall be praised for the sacrifice he will make, for it will be far worse then mine. He will carry with him the dreaded Kyuubi no Kitsune from destroying Konohagakure, and killing all it's inhabitance. He shall be known as a hero from keeping the beast from seeing the light of day, and should not be shunned or hated. I chose this way for him…for this is the only way he will survive. My only regret…is that I will not be around to see him become a skilled and courageous shinobi…."

But despite his wishes, after the attack, the villagers were filled with the only elements that their beloved Hokage couldn't take with him in his sacrifice.

Sorrow and rage.

Many innocent people were killed in the seemingly unstoppable onslaught. Many of brave shinobi were slaughtered in the battle field, leaving behind sad stricken families and friends. And unfortunately, there was only one thing they could aim their emotions at…. Naruto.

Since the third Hokage, Sarutobi, came out of retirement and took the title of Hokage again, he made it a law not to harm the boy. He said the punishment of harming the boy, without reasonable cause was punishable by death or imprisonment for life. The message was clear, and no villager of vengeful shinobi attacked him.

But instead, they tortured him in indirect methods.

Naruto Uzumaki grew up in a orphanage, which was almost over crowded. Many of the orphans there WERE orphaned because their parents were killed in the Kyuubi attack. And while growing up, the people "Taking care of him" encouraged the other orphan children to hate and shun Naruto, for reasons they wouldn't say.

And after a life of being hated and despised, poor Naruto became constantly frightened. He became a popular target for bullies, who were coached by their parents to hate the boy, just as the other kids. He was always shy, timid…and nervous around other people. The people mistreating him always called him "Demon" or "Monster" and Naruto wasn't able to understand why.

All he knew was that he was different…but didn't know why.

When Naruto came to the academy, he never so much as spoke a word to anyone, not even Iruka sensei, who had absolutely nothing against him. He lost both parents in the attack of the Nine-Tailed Fox, but he never blamed Naruto for his suffering. Iruka blamed the Kyuubi Kitsune for taking his mother and father away, not it's container.

But neither the less, the boy stayed to himself for all the four years he'd been going to the academy. Sure, he ended up speaking every once in a while, but when he did, it came out as mumbles and stutters.

He wanted to help the boy…but didn't know how to go about it. So, he got be to reality, and focused more on his work.

However, while Iruka was writing on the blackboard, his razor sharp ears picked up the sound of a certain kunoichi whispering to someone. The alleged kunoichi, being well known for her constant antics and the heir to the Hyuuga clan, Hinata Hyuuga.

"Lady Hyuuga!" Iruka growled. "Will you please reframe from talking to Ino while class is in session? I know it's close to your graduation…but you need to start acting like the kunoichi you are." Hinata, along with her long time friend Ino Yamanaka giggled, but looked back at their sensei with a straight, and innocent look.

For being the daughter of one of the most respected clan leaders of Konohagakure, the girl was nothing like her fellow clan members.

She had a overactive imagination. Always pulling rude…but sometimes humorous pranks on the villagers, she was dubbed "The White Eyed Prankster" and lived up to it. From spray painting rude words and phrases on the sides of building, to desecrating the Hokage stone faces.

She wore a pair of dark blue slacks, with a Shuriken holster attached to her right thigh. The light brown heavy coat was also far from what the Hyuuga dress code. Normally, the famous Hyuuga clan would wear the clothes of a true ninja, with no hint of color to them.

"Oh come on, Iruka sensei." Hinata wined. "This should be our day to have fun. We've been coming her for four straight years! We DESERVE to goof off today, since tomorrow will be us meeting our team and new sensei's. give us at least that much." Many other Gennins agreed with the Hyuuga girl.

'Believe me…. I DESERVE a break….' Iruka thought bitterly, as he rubbed his temples at their demands for a free day. "Please Hinata…bare with me and this w….."

"That's LADY Hinata to you, sensei." Hinata corrected, causing the rest of the class to burst into laughter. Hinata was known for cracking jokes when it came down to how to be addressed. Some of the teachers found her sense of humor rather annoying, while other found it very refreshing…whatever that meant.

Normally, Iruka would scold anyone any one of his other students for talking to him in that manner. But he didn't with the Hyuuga heir. And the reason behind that wasn't because of the fact she was heir to the Hyuuga clan, or daughter of Hiashi Hyuuga, the current head of the Hyuuga clan.

No. the reason for that was because Hinata Hyuuga found a strange interest in Naruto. Iruka suspected it to be a crush of some sort, but with Hinata, he couldn't be sure.

Hinata was always confident and willing to stick her neck out…. Hugging the attention, in Iruka's book. But oddly enough, she is among the only students his age that will even speak to him…in a none threatening way. There hasn't been one day where Naruto's personal tormentor/bully, Sasuke Uchiha and his fan girls hadn't humiliated Naruto in one way or another.

They normally stuck to calling him "Orphan Uzumaki" or "Neglected Naruto" and any other nickname that referred to his unpleasant early life. But on some occasions, Hinata would come to his defense and stand up to his attackers. Iruka smiled when he suddenly remembered a very interesting incident that happened the year before.


It was during recess, when all the children were running around, enjoying themselves. Naruto, of course, stayed by himself, on the side where he was almost out of sight.

Almost, because he was eventually discovered by Sasuke and his little gang of followers. Mainly girls who thought he was "Their true love" and other bullies who also took pleasure in bullying the timid blond. Naruto sat behind a tree growing on the school grounds, eating his lunch, completely isolated from everyone else. The same thing every day…rice balls and tea. A lunch, similar to a vast majority of his fellow classmate's lunches. Naruto was so fixated on NOT sticking out, that he was willing to even eat the same food as everyone else.

But even so, that helped him very little when it came down to the vengeful Uchiha survivor. "Hey, Uzumaki!" The raven haired boy bellowed. Naruto's eyes popped open when he heard his name called by the boy who bullied him for so long. He hesitantly turned, and saw Sasuke, plus a group of girls walking his way.

"Wh…what is it, S…Sasuke?" The Jinchuuriki asked, in his whisper loud voice. Pretending that he didn't hear the blonde's response, Sasuke placed his hand behind his ear.

"I'm sorry…what was that, Homeless?" Evil snickers came from his little group. So Naruto repeated himself, a little louder then before…. Only for the same response from the cruel classmate. "Come on, Orphan…what was that? Speak up!" Then without warning, Sasuke kicked dirt and bits of grass in Naruto's face, and onto his half eaten lunch.

The whole time, the instructors that were SUPPOSED to be watching over the children purposely looked the other way when some kids decided to torture Naruto.

The other kids decided to join in and started kicking dirt on Naruto. Said boy pleaded and begged for them to stop. But his pleads fell on deaf ears, and only fueled their desire to gang up on him. By this time, Iruka's turn to look over the children came. He walked outside, and caught sight of what was going down. Right before he jumped in to stop….

Hinata beat him to it.

In a flash, the confident girl appeared out of nowhere and delivered a palm strike to Sasuke's chest. No chakra was being pumped out, but the contact still managed to send the Uchiha stumbling backwards. He stumbled and tripped, ultimately falling onto his following fan girls. And when Sasuke looked up, Hinata was standing over him, with her Byakugan activated.

"Hmm…. What kind of shinobi travels with overwhelming numbers to gang up on a innocent boy….? Oh, that's right…only a Uchiha would sink that low." She began in a matter-of-fact tone. "You know, it isn't wise to gang up on people. Because Karma has a funny way of turning around and biting you in the butt." The insult on his family's name caused Sasuke to bolt right up to his feet, and meeting Hinata's colorless eyes with his.

"Walk away, Hyuuga." Venom was literally dripping off every word as he spoke. "This doesn't concern you…why don't you just run along and…."


Another palm strike. This time, directly in the face. And the force of the chakra-less attack was enough to arouse a bloody nose on Sasuke's part. Sakura Haruno, also known as Sasuke's 1 fan girl ran to his side, turned and sent a glare aimed directly at Hinata.

"What's your problem, you white eyed freak?!" The pink haired girl demanded, helping Sasuke to his feet. Hinata looked at Sakura, and grinned devilishly.

"My Problem…is you stuck up boyfriend being a bully. Anyone who gangs up on one person, who WON'T fight back, is no better the trash. And the fact that he's an Uchiha only makes him that more worthless…" The Hyuuga and Uchiha clan had had a form of family feud for as long as they could remember. It is unknown as to what started it…but one thing was for sure.

The other was egger to END it, in one form or another.

Sasuke was about to counter, when Iruka sensei appeared. Sasuke tried to blame everything on Hinata…but Iruka said he saw everything. Iruka said she was defending Naruto, and HE and his friends were at fault. He then sent them to detention for the remainder of lunch, and ordered for them to stay afterwards. Iruka thanked Hinata, and walked off so that the other children wouldn't think he was playing Favorites.

Hinata then looked down and looked at Naruto. His clothes were covered in bits of grass and large clumps of dirt. His food was soiled, and inedible. But the weirdest thing was, Naruto's expression. His face was void of any emotion. He wore only a blank stare.

"Not much of a talker, are you?" The Hyuuga began in a joking tone. Her attempt at a joke was answered with nothing but a slow nod.

"S…sorry. I…I don't l…like t…talking…….. B…but thank you." He said in a quiet voice. And unlike everyone else, Hinata didn't have to have Naruto repeat himself.

"Welcome…Naruto-kun, right?" The part where the strange girl added '-kun' got Naruto's attention. The blond blushed a little, and looked away.

"Umm…yeah." Then the girl smiled brightly.

"The name is Hinata…Hinata Hyuuga." But before she could try to have a conversation with the quiet boy, the bell rang, signaling the end of recess. Hinata waited for Naruto to dust himself off, and they walked back in.


Every since then, Hinata has been trying to get Naruto to come out of his shell. And where as he's no where near as enthusiastic or confident as her, or any other person in the class, Naruto has improved…. But by very little.

He still reframes from making himself known, if possible. If no one talks to him, he doesn't even attempt to start one. But when he is drawn into a conversation, he participates. He still stutters, and rarely finishes a sentence…but Iruka considered the fact the timid boy was finally talking a blessing, and silently thanked the Hyuuga. She, along with a few of her own friends started joining Naruto when lunch came, ultimately smashing any cowardly attempt Sasuke had of tormenting him.

But when Iruka found himself losing focus in class, he shook his head, and continued the lesson plan for the day.


"Finally! No more school!!" Ino cried, as she, Hinata, Naruto, Chouji Akimichi and Kiba Inuzuka walked home together. Walking home together became a after school tradition for the five friends. They were also friendly towards the blond. None of their parents ever told them to frown down upon Naruto, or to treat him differently. They were friends with Hinata, and to them, any friend of Hinata was a friend of theirs.

"I know what you mean, man…" Kiba sighed, as he petted his little white puppy, Akamaru, who was sitting up on his head. "Iruka sensei has practically plowed me into the ground this year. Surprise pop-quizzes, extra homework, extra everything! It's like the man hates me!" Hinata, Chouji, and Ino turned and stared blankly at the feral boy.

"WE had to do all that stuff too, dude. And all of that was because YOU wouldn't stop pulling pranks on him!"

"For the last time…I. WASN'T. ME!! It was little Miss Prankster over here!" He snarled, pointing directly at Hinata. With a sly grin on her face, she replied in a calm voice.

"Me? Prank honorable Iruka sensei? How absurd…. And besides, you can't prove it." Ino and Chouji laughed, Kiba huffed, and Hinata could've sworn she saw Naruto stifling a laugh.

"Oh my GOD!" She pretended to sound shocked. "Orangey is laughing! He CAN laugh!" Naruto was called that for wearing his traditional orange and blue jumpsuit. One time, Hinata asked him why he wore such colors. He said it was his favorite color, and liked it. But that wasn't true. He received the oddly colored jumpsuit while growing up in the orphanage. He needed new clothes, and the people there wanted to get him something…un-ninja like. Something that isn't made for sneaky missions. And they hoped that a bright orange color would make Naruto's chances of dying while on a mission even more high.

"Umm…we st…still need t…to do the f…final examination…." Naruto reminded in a weak voice. Because of his severe lack of confidence, Naruto never could successfully perform a Jutsu. He would always second guess himself, and end up doing it wrong. And when that happened, either Sasuke of Sakura would shout something insulting aloud, embarrassing the Jinchuuriki even further. And the reason behind that just wasn't because of his lack of confidence. The main reason was his prisoner….

The seal Minato placed on Naruto didn't just imprison the beast. The seal also had to keep his regular chakra, and the Kyuubi's chakra in check. So that the Kyuubi's chakra doesn't leak out, the seal is there to keep it that way…. But it also had another side effect. Naruto's and the fox's chakra goes through his body at the same time. So the seal also suppresses some of his chakra as well. Thus, causing Naruto to have difficulties performing various types of Jutsu's.

Hinata raised her eyebrow, and walked up next to the shy shinobi in training. "Come on, Naruto-kun…. You'll do fine. All you have to do is believe in yourself." Her words were comforting…but not as effective as she hoped. Iruka and Hinata have been telling him that for so long, but Naruto continued to have troubles.

And you couldn't become a Gennin, unless you are able to pass the required tests.

"Would you like me to give you a few pointers?" Kiba asked. Naruto looked at him, and shook his head. But thanked him for offering. Hinata was about to offer to give him some advice, but then decided against it. She knew the boy was self-conscious, and knew that if everybody started to get him unwanted advice, it's only make his confidence level plummet.

So, she merely patted him on the back, and wished him luck, as she and her friends went their separate ways, and walked home.


At the academy, the sounds of excited new shinobi and kunoichi alike filled the classrooms. There wasn't a single person who hadn't passed the exiting examination. Hinata earned hers head protector, and wore it proudly on her forehead. Most kunoichis wore their protectors around their necks…

But then again…Hinata wasn't most kunoichis.

The white eyed girl was quite strange, in her own way. While she showed signs of being a major Tom-boy, she could be the sweetest girl. She had her own moments where she did, in fact, act like any other preteen you'd run into. She scanned the classroom, in search of her shy friend. But to her disappointment, he wasn't in sight.

She asked Iruka if he'd seen him earlier that morning, but he said no. she then turned to Ino, who just received her head protector. "Do you know where Naruto-kun is?"

"No…not yet. He should've been here…. Do you think he might've skipped?" Hinata let out a un-lady like snort of laughter.

"Naruto-kun wouldn't skip on graduation day…. Would he?" Her once confident smirk turned curious. She's noticed how unmotivated Naruto sounded yesterday. He, as everyone knew, wasn't good at surprise exercises that required using Jutsu's. And sometimes, when kids thought they'd just embarrass themselves if they came, WOULD skip. "I hope he doesn't……"

And as if on cue……

Naruto, still wearing his orange jumpsuit, slowly entered the classroom, with a uncertain look on his face. Sasuke and Sakura shot out their daily insults about him being a orphan and being unwanted. Naruto, as predicted, looked away…not wanting trouble.

"Naruto-kun! You came!" Hinata called, waving her hand. "We thought you weren't come…." He calls were interrupted when a instructor called out Naruto's name. it was Iruka, with a small smile on his face.

"Come on, Naruto." Without saying a word, the Jinchuuriki walked pass the other kids, and into the examination room.


"What is taking him so long?" Kiba asked. "It doesn't normally take someone this long to finish the exam. Are they giving him a different set of examinations then us?" He asked the question to not one person in particular…more to anyone who'd answer.

"Yeah…the "Dead-last" gets special exams." Sasuke answered coldly. This sparked a sudden anger in Hinata…as did to Kiba, Ino and Chouji. "He's probably being tested on his aim with Shuriken and Kunai…since that's the ONLY thing he's half decent at." Sakura giggled beside him.

"Yeah. Even if he does become a ninja…there's no way in hell he'll ever amount to anything. He's scared, timid, nervous all the time…" The pink haired kunoichi began naming off the negative qualities of Naruto. But she stopped, when she noticed that a certain Hyuuga heir had activated her Byakugan, and was glaring directly at her.

It's rare, by rumor, to cause a Hyuuga to activate their "All seeing eyes" without provoking them into a fight. They prided themselves in being as passive and as neutral as possible. Activating one's Byakugan, in it self, meant a challenge was purposed…and accepted.

And again, Hinata was NOT most Hyuugas.

Secretly, Hinata took much pleasure making other people fear her. Her enlarged colorless pupils and the throbbing veins around her eyes gave her a rather menacing look. This, in turn, caused anyone looking at her to instantly step back…even her own friends.

"Watch it, Haruno…." Kiba growled, as his puppy began growling. "Just because you have Sas-Gay guarding your ass, that doesn't mean he's able to take all of us." The threat was met with Sasuke shrugging, and walked off.

Then, finally, the examination door opened.


Hahaha! Hey there everybody! Me again, performing another Cliffhanger no Jutsu! I hope you all enjoyed reading the first chapter, because I'll be writing for this story for a while, for now on…. Or until I get more ideas for my other stories. So…whatcha think? Like I said before, Naruto is acting like Hinata, and Hinata is acting like Naruto in this story. And again, the emotional change will stay, and won't change until much, much later into the story. And I'm debating on who to put on Naruto's and Hinata's team. Whatcha think? Leave reviews and opinion.