How cruel it could be.

It was as if he was being taken for a ride, plunging into the endless depth of silence, forced not to acknowledge the obvious consequence that would cost him even more than his life.

If I was born differently…

He closed his eyes, avoiding the green eyes that seemed to pierce his soul.

She was sitting on his stomach, running her delicate fingers through his hair. He felt the fingers creep up to his cheeks, and felt them caress his face. Gingerly, softly. He let his mind let go of everything except her feather-like touch, concentrating on the warmth and the feel and the waking of his cells where she touched.

He felt her lock of hair fall on to his face as she lowered hers, placing a kiss on his forehead. Her particular scent of flowers, ones that bloom in the oasis in the midst of deserts, registered through him. He could almost feel the scent.

Her lips softly ran down his cheek until it met his lips. Her hands found his and she held them tightly.


Falling and falling, into eternal darkness that swallowed him whole, drowning him in his own misery.

He dared not say her name, her sacred name, the name of an angel who had rescued him whom he now must abandon.

She rolled down from being on top of him and lied down beside him, using his arm as a pillow. He felt her breathing on his bare chest. She slowly crept closer to him, and placed her head on his chest, listening for his heartbeat. He brought his arms around her, savoring the feeling of warmth as their bodies touched, sheltering each other from the frigid wind.

He felt her fingers now tracing the muscles of his stomach, and around his nipples. She placed kisses on them both, and he felt his hands involuntarily slip under her shirt.

Living a life that was planned. The tickling clock like a bomb about to go off, haunting him even in the seconds of pure bliss.

He stopped his wandering hands when he felt a sudden wetness on his chest, with her frail body softly shaking. He lifted her head and saw tears streaming down.

How merciless is destiny?

He wiped the tears with his thumb and stared into the emerald gaze, melting the very core of his being. He kissed her softly, and pulled her closer into a tight embrace, letting her cry. He would too if he was capable. He was the only one who could feel this way and not shed a single tear.

He placed his chin on top of her head, stroking her back and whispering to her as the sobs got more violent, ripping her fragile body. Her fingers dug into his chest in order to get closer to him, just a bit more closer, hoping that there was a reason for them to live, that the ending wasn't going to be utterly tragic.

As she swallowed her sobs and gulped air in order to calm down, Sephiroth closed his eyes. He found himself wondering, that if fate had been more merciful, that he'd met her before his soul was claimed from his body, if all this could've changed.

Author's Note: It's a prologue or a teaser… What I mean is that this piece is located somewhere along my fic, not the beginning. Should I continue this fic or not? I want to, cuz I already got the storyline… well, the ending at least, figured out. If someone wants me to, I'll write it. Oh, this will be kind of like my "Take My Hand" but with more… um… intimacy. By the way, how's the "intimacy" scenes I write? Too awkward? Too weird? Too inexperienced? Probably. I'll get better though. ^_ Please leave reviews!